In music, alternate bass is a performance technique on many instruments where the bass alternates between two notes, most often the root and the fifth of a triad or chord.
On the guitar and bass guitar this is accomplished with the right hand alternating between two or more strings, often the bottom two on the guitar. In the following example in the C major chord C is located on the fifth string while G is located on the adjacent sixth (lowest) string and in the F major chord F is located on the adjacent fourth string:
On a Stradella bass system accordion this is accomplished on the left-hand manual on bass-note buttons which are arranged according to the circle of fifths with the counterbass displaced by a major third, placing the bass button for the fifth directly above and counterbass button for the fifth three below the bass button for the root.

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In music, alternate bass is a performance technique on many instruments where the bass alternates between two notes, most often the root and the fifth of a triad ...
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In music, alternate bass is a performance technique on many instruments where the bass alternates between two notes, most often the root and the fifth of a triad or ...
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The Mighty Accordion
The Mighty Accordion
David DiGiuseppe, Yates, Stanley, 2010
David DiGiuseppe, Yates, Stanley. Alternating Bclss Pcltterns Introducing the Alternate Bass A common pattern played on the accordion's bass side uses the ALTERNATE BASS played with the fundamental bass and chord. The alternate bass ...
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The New Guitar Course
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Alfred's Basic Guitar Theory 1 & 2
Alfred's Basic Guitar Theory 1 & 2
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Go back to page 43 and, using the diagrams printed there, mark where the alternate bass notes of each chord can be found. You can use "ABN" to indicate the alternate bass notes. *The seventh is rarely used in the bass. 2 trip- let 3 4 trip - let ...
The Rockmaster System: Relating Ongoing Chords to the Keyboard - Rock
The Rockmaster System: Relating Ongoing Chords to the Keyboard - Rock
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It's good to realize that the bass doesn't always have to be the root note of the chord, because repeating the same bass note can get monotonous. For variety, alternate between the root note and the 5th of the chord. The 5th of the chord is the ...
Guitar Theory
Guitar Theory
Morton Manus, Ron Manus, 1996
As you have learned, the root of a Alternate Bass Notes (ABN). ln \, An alternate bass note can be any chord can substitute for the full this might be Root-chord- ABN- low note that is part of the chord, chord when creating an chord. ln \ time, ...
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