Génépi or genepy (in French) or genepì (in Italian ) is a liqueur or aperitif, similar in makeup to absinthe; Chartreuse is an augmented form of génépi concocted in the early 18th century. The word is also used to refer to alpine plants of the genus Artemisia (commonly called wormwood) that provide the liqueur's flavor, color and effect.
Capitalized, Genepi can also refer to the region in Franco-Italic Savoy adjacent to the Aosta Valley where the plants grow and where the beverage originated, as well as a mountain, a town, a stream and numerous other features in that region.
Like many European herbal liqueurs, especially those used as digestifs, génépi can be an acquired taste. It is less sweet than many digestifs, and the flavor imparted by the herbs is reminiscent of chamomile or feverfew. It is naturally pale gold in color, but some varieties have a final maceration of the wormwood which yields a light green color. A few commercial products are made bright green through the addition of food coloring.
Because génépi is produced by steeping the aromatic wormwood flower heads in a strong, clear alcohol such as vodka or pure grain alcohol, it cannot be considered an equivalent to Spanish aguardiente, French eau-de-vie or German Branntwein because all of these require their plant ingredients and flavorings be distilled with the alcohol, or, in a few cases, fermented. Further separating it is its added sugar content, which clearly marks it as liqueur rather than spirits.

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Génépi - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Génépi or genepy (in French) or genepì (in Italian ) is a liqueur or aperitif, similar in makeup to absinthe; Chartreuse is an augmented form of génépi concocted ...
Dolin Véritable Génépy (Génépi) Des Alpes Liqueur 750ml - SKU ...
The elusive Génépy (Génépi) from Dolin is a type of liqueur that has long been sought-after, but only recently become available in the US. Its character is ...
genepi - Yndella
In the dialect of many of the people of the Western Alps "Génépy" is the name, probably of Celtic origin, of the mountain herb Artemisia glacialis: a plant that ...
Herbetet Genepy Alpe - Yndella
Herbetet Genepy is a fine high quality liqueur deriving from the infusion and distillation of the Artemisia Genipi herb, also called masculine Genepy. This herb  ...
The Génépy | Aosta Valley - Valle d'Aosta
May 23, 2012 ... In Valle d'Aosta the production of mountain herb distillates recalls ancient traditions. The Alpine herbs which blossom at high altitudes and are ...
Il génépy | Valle d'Aosta
Questo pregiato “elisir” si ottiene facendo macerare in alcool, per diversi giorni, la parte migliore delle erbe essiccate. Il Génépy ha un sapore unico, tipicamente ...
www.genepy.eu. Distilleria Alpe s.r.l. - Via Stazione, 28 Hone 11020 AO - Tel. 0125.803145 - info@genepy.eu · Herbetet Genepy · Herbetet Reserve.
Gusto Raro: The génépy - Traditional digestive Valle d'Aosta liquor ...
These herbs are the basic components of the Génépy (or also genepì), the famous Valle d'Aosta liquor, known for its digestive properties and for the ...
Hotel Le Genepy
Hôtel Le Genepy is a homey rustic chalet-style hotel with a friendly international atmosphere. The hotel is located in the picturesque village of Tignes-les-typical ...
Génépi is a French herbal liqueur…
Génépi is a French aromatic herbal liqueur similar to absinthe. It is often spelled Génépy. It includes wormwood, the hallucinogenic ingredient that led to the ...
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Dolin Genepy Des Alps 750ML - University Liquor Store
Dolin Genepy Des Alps 750ML. Availability: In stock. Free. Qty: Add to Cart. Quick Overview. Dolin Genepy Des Alps 750ML. Dolin Genepy Des Alps 750ML ...
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[PDF]Anti-Inflammatory Sesquiterpene Lactones from Genepy (Artemisia ...
1Dept. of Life Sciences, University of Trieste, Trieste, Italy. 2Dept. of ... Lam. is an Alpine plant used to prepare the bitter liqueur 'genepy', granted a Geographical.
PANGAEA - Statistics
Pedigree Analysis for Genetics. (and Epidemiological Attributes). IMPORTANT NOTICE: MARCH 2005 Consequent on UW's decision to cease Anonymous FTP  ...
GENEPI Personnel - Statistics
Dr Andrew George, 2000-2002, University of Queensland (from 2006). Dr. Liping Tong, 2004-2007, Loyola University, Chicago. Dr. Chaozhi Zheng, 2010-2012 ...
University Medical Centre Göttingen - Welcome to the Department of ...
37073 Göttingen Chair Prof. Dr. Heike Bickeböller Secretary: Anja Sapara TEL: + 49 551 39-14020. FAX: +49 551 39-14094. E-Mail: genepi@uni-goettingen.de ...
Genepy - Oxford Reference
John Ayto. Publisher: Oxford University Press ... Genepy, or génépi, is a herbal liqueur of the western Alps, which takes its name from its main ingredient, an .
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Mont Blanc Walks: 50 Walks and 4 Short Treks
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On the alcoholic front any evening meal should be followed by a Génépy, a digestif available in France and Italy, made from the Génépy flowers found on the highest slopes. Any alpine cheese will be worth trying, especially when you come  ...
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Stage 3: REFUGE DE PLAN SEC TO REFUGE DE L'ARPONT Ref de l'Arpont Dôme de Chasseforêt 3586m Glacier de l'Arpont Lac de l'Arpont Dôme 2309m D o r o n d e T e r m ig n o n Glacier du Ch St-Laurent de l'Arpont 3599m Génépy ...
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Walking in the Alps: A comprehensive guide to walking and ...
Walking in the Alps: A comprehensive guide to walking and ...
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Here the trail rises into the Cirque du Génépy topped by the Dôme de l'Arpont and with the Glacier du Génépy draped below it. The way continues to climb, then eases along a belvedere trail known as the Sentier Balcon d'Ariande. Joined by ...
Ski de randonnée Savoie
Ski de randonnée Savoie
Emmanuel Cabau, 2010
Descente W du Génépy sur le bord S du vallon de Rosoire (AD–, sous la pointe Chevrière, versant ombragé): grosses crevasses mais pas de barres rocheuses. ◇◇ Descente du Génépy par l'itinéraire de montée (AD+, un peu plus exposé): ...
Walking the Alpine Parks of France & Northwest Italy
Walking the Alpine Parks of France & Northwest Italy
Marcia Lieberman, 1994
Genepy. Rating: moderate Total climb: 700 m Distance loop trip: 14.5 km Time: 2 hours 15 minutes up, 1 hour High point: 2,449 m 30 minutes down This is a splendid circuit with some of the best views in the region, climbing to the broad cirque ...
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Genepy is famous as the primary alpine herb used to create the legendary Chartreuse. Traditionally bottled on its own by a few select producers, Chez Dolin offers this classic example dating back from their 1821 recipe. Pale Green/Yellow in color, the nose is dominated by the concentrated, pungent, herbaceous nature of the herb with a…
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