Gorge (mythology)
In Greek mythology, the name Gorge may refer to:
- Gorge, a daughter of Oeneus and Althaea, and wife of Andraemon. Artemis changed her sisters into birds because of their constant mourning over the death of their brother Meleager, but spared Gorge and her sister Deianeira.Apollodorus says that according to Pisander, she was the mother of Tydeus by her father Oeneus, because "Zeus willed it that Oeneus should fall in love with his own daughter". Her son Thoas led the Aetolian contingent for the Greeks in the Trojan War.
- Gorge, one of the Danaides. She married and murdered Hippothous, son of Aegyptus.
- Gorge, a woman of Lemnos who slew Elymus the night Lemnian women killed their men.
- Gorge, a Maenad in the retinue of Dionysus during his Indian campaign.

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Gorge (mythology) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In Greek mythology, the name Gorge may refer to: Gorge, a daughter of Oeneus and Althaea, and wife of Andraemon. Artemis changed her sisters into birds ...
GORGE, Greek Mythology Index
A daughter of Oeneus and Althaea, and the wife of Andraemon. When Artemis metamorphosed her sisters into birds, on account of their unceasing lamentations ...
A Dictionary of Greek and Roman biography and mythology, Gorge
Gorge. (Γόργη), a daughter of Oeneus and Althaea, and the wife of Andraemon. When Artemis metamorphosed her sisters into birds, on account of their ...
The Avon Gorge in medieval mythology - National Trust
The formation of the Avon Gorge is the subject of medieval mythology. The myths tell tales of two giant brothers, Goram and Vincent, who constructed the gorge.
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Oeneus (Greek mythology) -- Encyclopedia Britannica
In Greek legend, king of Calydon in Aetolia, husband of Althaea, and father of Meleager, Deianeira, and Gorge. (In some ... Meleager (Greek mythology) · myth.
Storywalk/Avon Gorge Mythology | joshuabwakley
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The term mythology can refer either to the study of myths (e.g., comparative mythology), or to a body or collection of myths (a mythos, e.g., Inca mythology). In ...
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Christian mythology is the body of myths associated with Christianity. In ancient Greek, muthos, from which the English word "myth" derives, meant "story, narrative ...
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Saint George - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
According to myth, St. George was cut into 365 pieces after he fell in battle and .... Voragine, Jacobus (1995), The Golden Legend, Princeton University Press, p.
Georges Dumézil - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
George Dumezil.jpg. Georges Dumézil .... Trans. Alf Hiltebeitel. Chicago: Chicago University Press, 1973; The Fate of the Warrior. Trans. Alf Hiltebeitel. Chicago: ...
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He studied at the University of Glasgow and Trinity College, Cambridge, ... Frazer was the first scholar to describe in detail the relations between myths and ...
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The Mythology of the Aryan Nations Part Two
The Mythology of the Aryan Nations Part Two
George W. Cox, 2004
George W. Cox. THE MARATHONIAN AND CRETAN BULLS. 49 The light god is angry because he had thus laid hands on ... In the myth of the Augeian stables Herakles plays the part of Indra, when he lets loose the waters imprisoned by the  ...
Short Dictionary of Mythology
Short Dictionary of Mythology
Percival George Woodcock, 2009
Percival George Woodcock. 1 05 Oenomaus faithful ally to Rome, giving great offence to ... Odin, god of the universe in Scandinavian mythology, and reputed father of the Scandinavian kings. His wife was Friga, who bore him Thor and Balder.
Handbook of Native American Mythology
Handbook of Native American Mythology
Dawn Dawn Elaine Bastian, Judy K. Mitchell, 2004
One myth about cannibal dwarfs depicted them as being about three feet tall, with dark skin, large stomachs, and a ... The Indians surrounded the dwarfs, who were trapped in the bottom of a gorge, and set the brush on the canyon walls on fire.
Library of Congress Subject Headings
Library of Congress Subject Headings
Library of Congress. Office for Subject Cataloging Policy, 1992
Ohio NT Raven Rocks (Ohio) — Ontario NT Brookbanks Ravine (Ont) — Oregon NT Columbia River Gorge (Or. and Wash ... G7] UF Gorgons BT Monsters Mythology, Greek Gorgons (Greek mythology) in art (Not Subd Geog) UF Gorgons in art ...
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Gorge (mythology)
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Gorge was the daughter of Oeneus and Althaea, and she grew up to be the wife of Andraemon, king of Calydon. As with the Gorgons, her name means 'grim' (gorgos), which seems an unlikely name for an apparently blameless daughter and mother (of Thoas).
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