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The Open Brethren, sometimes called Christian Brethren or "Plymouth Brethren", are a group of Protestant Evangelical Christian churches that arose in the late 1820s as part of the Assembly Movement. They originated in England and Ireland and now have many assemblies worldwide.
The Open Brethren form independent, autonomous assemblies and the name, "Open," is given to them to distinguish them from "Exclusive Brethren," with whom they share historical roots. The division of the Plymouth Brethren into the Open Brethren and Exclusive Brethren took place in 1848 and has been well documented. The Open Brethren are committed to missionary work and hold that the Holy Bible is the first authority in matters of faith and practice. Each assembly (or congregation) is independent of the others in doctrinal matters; yet there is a high degree of communication and cooperation between those who share similar doctrine and practice. Open Brethren assemblies vary from tight gatherings which only extend fellowship to those who have first left the denominations to very loose gatherings which receive any stranger without question into fellowship.
The buildings associated with the open brethren are usually called, "Gospel Chapel," "Gospel Hall," "Bible Chapel," "Christian Assembly," or other similar terms. A sub-set of the Open Brethren are the Gospel Hall Brethren with whom, theologically, they have a lot in common.

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Dallas Gospel Chapel
2013 Gospel chapel Worship Songs from Soundcloud: [soundcloud... I Feel Something A Way Down In My Soul – Cheryl Neptune 2005: Worship Leader Cheryl ...
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Gospel chapel is a conservative ministry Christian teaching the glory of God through our free books, daily devotion, and on-line sermons.
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Gospel chapel is Dedicated to reaching people for Christ; people from every generation, every race and every culture...
Nashville Gospel Chapel
A new study will begin April 7th during the Family Bible Hour. Join us for indepth look at the Teachings of Jesus. The Gospels will be studied in chronological ...
Asheville Gospel Chapel
Asheville Gospel chapel - meeting together in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Kenilworth Gospel Chapel - a non-denominational, Christ honoring ...
Kenilworth Gospel chapel is a non-denominational, Christ honoring, bible centered, ministry focused church that has been preaching, teaching, and applying ...
Grace Gospel Chapel - Home - Jersey City
Grace Gospel chapel. For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God, not of works, lest anyone should boast.
Grace Gospel Chapel - Allentown
Welcome. Grace Gospel chapel is an assembly of believers gathered to the name of the Lord Jesus Christ in Allentown, PA. "Every scripture is divinely inspired, ...
Curtis Gospel Chapel - Home
Curtis Gospel chapel. Home · Meetings · What We Believe · Messages · Links and Literature · Location · Affiliations · Special Events · History and Heritage ...
Grace Gospel Chapel
Located in Ballard, includes events, photos and directions.
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Choirs - Andrew Rankin Memorial Chapel - Howard University
Howard University Chapel Choir serves as the resident choir for Sunday Chapel ... classical, operatic, anthems, spirituals, gospel and contemporary traditions.
Inner Strength Gospel Choir » Marsh Chapel | Boston University
Inner Strength Gospel Choir. Herbert S. Jones, Director. Concerts. innerstrength. All concerts begin at 7:30 pm and are held in the nave of Marsh Chapel.
Music » Marsh Chapel | Boston University
Our principle organizations are the Inner Strength Gospel Choir directed by Herb Jones ... That I Should Gain, July 28, 2013 Marsh Chapel, Boston University.
Howard Gospel Choir of Howard University | Facebook
To connect with Howard Gospel Choir of Howard University, sign up for Facebook ... RANKIN MEMORIAL CHAPEL on the main campus of Howard University.
University Worship - Emory Zen Group - Emory University
University Worship convenes each Sunday at 11:00 a.m. in Cannon Chapel during ... The Cannon Chapel Choir and the Voices of Inner Strength Gospel Choir.
Find A Religious Home – Religious Life - Princeton University
Jun 19, 2013 ... Princeton University Gospel Ensemble ... University Chapel - Our Ecumenical Christian Worship Service draws students, faculty and staff, ...
Chapel - Seattle Pacific University
gather (Tuesday morning Chapel) & gospel (nights of worship) ... is a collaborative partnership between the staff of University Ministries / Center for Worship, and ...
Singing, swaying with the SLU Community Gospel Choir | News ...
Canton, NY, Mar 01, 2013 — The sweet sounds of the St. Lawrence University Community Gospel Choir filled Gunnison Chapel in Canton this morning during ...
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