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In materials science and fatigue, the Goodman relation is an equation used to quantify the interaction of mean and alternating stresses on the fatigue life of a material.
A Goodman diagram, sometimes called a Haigh diagram or a Haigh-Soderberg diagram, is a graph of (linear) mean stress vs. (linear) alternating stress, showing when the material fails at some given number of cycles.
A scatterplot of experimental data shown on such a plot can often be approximated by a parabola known as the Gerber line, which can in turn be (conservatively) approximated by a straight line called the Goodman line.

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Goodman relation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A Goodman diagram, sometimes called a Haigh diagram or a Haigh-Soderberg diagram, is a graph of (linear) mean stress vs. (linear) alternating stress ...
This tool solves Haigh diagram using different criteria that permit to convert the medium and alternated stress to an equivalent alternated stress. From this point ...
Haigh diagram I
σUTS. σY. λκδσFL. σFLP. Loaded volume δ. Surface roughness κ. Size of raw material λ. Haigh diagram I. σY. σY. Haigh diagram. Reduced Haigh diagram ...
Fatigue safety factor general formula proposition for ... - iMechanica
This approach has been more than hundred years based on the concept of Goodman (straight) line [1] in Haigh diagram and corresponding fatigue safety factor.
High cycle fatigue ¬ initiation
yield limit, are needed to create the diagram. The diagram is valid for different R- ratios. The diagram is only valid for uniaxial loading. The Haigh diagram ...
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[PDF]Fatigue of metals
Suranaree University of Technology. May-Aug 2007. Haig-Solderberg diagram. Haig-Solderberg diagram. • In Haig-Solderberg diagram is a plot of alternating ...
Exercise on Haigh diagram pdf free ebook download
... EXERCISE ON Haigh diagram PDF documents from www.solid.iei.liu.se. ... of Architecture, The Ohio State University Diagramming Exercise A diagram is a ...
[PDF]A Method to Determine the Safety Coefficient in ... - Purdue e-Pubs
Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, USA- July 25-28, 2000. 429 ... admissible endurance area in the Haigh diagram, based on the original formulation coming.
[PDF]Notches (pdf) - eFatigue
Ali Fatemi - University of Toledo All Rights Reserved Chapter 7 – Notches and Their Effects. 1 ..... Mean Stress Effects and Haigh diagrams. ▫ Example of Life ...
[PDF]Computation of a modified Haigh–Goodman diagram for damage ...
1Chair of Mechanical Engineering, University of Leoben, Leoben, Austria. 2Christian ... In reference [4], flaw size dependent Haigh diagrams for infinite life are ...
Title: A SYNTHETIC Haigh diagram FOR SINTERED STRUCTURAL STEELS. ... Materials Applications in Mechanical Engineering, RWTH Aachen University, ...
[PDF]Fatigue safety factor general formula proposition for ... - iMechanica
University of Split-FESB. R. Boškovića b.b. ... Key words: Haigh diagram, mean stress, static prestress, load line, fatigue strength amplitude. 1. Introduction.
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Fatigue and Fracture Mechanics
Fatigue and Fracture Mechanics
T. L. Panontin, S.D. Sheppard, 1999
David C Maxwell' and Theodore Nicholas2 A RAPID METHOD FOR GENERATION OF A Haigh diagram FOR HIGH CYCLE FATIGUE REFERENCE: Maxwell, D. C. and Nicholas, T., "A Rapid Method for Generation of a Haigh diagram for ...
Metal Fatigue in Engineering
Metal Fatigue in Engineering
Classic, comprehensive, and up-to-dateMetal Fatigue in EngineeringSecond EditionFor twenty years, Metal Fatigue in Engineering has served as an important textbook and reference for students and practicing engineers concerned with the design, development, and failure analysis of components, structures, and vehicles subjected to repeated loading.Now ...
Fatigue Damage
Fatigue Damage
Christi Lalanne, 2002
In this volume, which is devoted to the calculation of fatigue damage, the author explores the hypotheses adopted to describe the behavior of material suffering fatigue and the laws of fatigue accumulation.
Fundamentals of Machine Elements, Third Edition
Fundamentals of Machine Elements, Third Edition
Steven R. Schmid, 2013
Fundamentals of Machine Elements, Third Edition offers an in-depth understanding of both the theory and application of machine elements. Design synthesis is carefully balanced with design analysis, an approach developed through the use of case studies, worked examples, and chapter problems that address all levels of learning taxonomies. Machine des...
Handbook of Residual Stress and Deformation of Steel
Handbook of Residual Stress and Deformation of Steel
George E. Totten, 2002
From these relationships, it is expected that the residual stress sensitivity of notched specimens is less than that of smooth specimens. Application to a High- Strength Steel. Figure 59 shows Haigh diagrams for smooth and notched specimens ...
Fatigue of Materials (Cambridge Solid State Science Series) Second Edition
Fatigue of Materials (Cambridge Solid State Science Series) Second Edition
S. Suresh, 1998
This revised and updated second edition of a highly successful book provides an authoritative, comprehensive and unified treatment of the mechanics and micromechanisms of fatigue in metals, nonmetals and composites. The author, a leading researcher in the field, discusses the principles of cyclic deformation, crack initiation and crack growth by fa...
Mechanical Behaviour of Engineering Materials: Metals, ...
Mechanical Behaviour of Engineering Materials: Metals, ...
Joachim Rösler, Harald Harders, Martin Bäker, 2007
In this case, the fatigue strength diagrams after Smith and Haigh can be used. Smith's fatigue strength diagram To draw a Smith's fatigue strength diagram, the stress amplitude at the fatigue limit σE is measured for different values ...
Gears and Gear Drives
Gears and Gear Drives
Understanding how gears are formed and how they interact or ‘mesh’ with each other is essential when designing equipment that uses gears or gear trains. The way in which gear teeth are formed and how they mesh is determined by their geometry and kinematics, which is the topic of this book. Gears and Gear Drives provides the reader with comprehensiv...
Biaxial/Multiaxial Fatigue and Fracture
Biaxial/Multiaxial Fatigue and Fracture
Andrea Carpinteri, Manuel De Freitas, Andrea Spagnoli, 2003
Fatigue limit of a tempering steel ( ° = tension/compression, 900 = shear). Not only the fatigue limit can be specified as function of 6, but also other fatigue material parameters like S/N-curves for lifetime prediction or Haigh-diagrams to take into ...
Mechanical Behaviour of Engineering Materials: Metals, Ceramics, Polymers, and Composites
Mechanical Behaviour of Engineering Materials: Metals, Ceramics, Polymers, and Composites
How do engineering materials deform when bearing mechanical loads? To answer this crucial question, the book bridges the gap between continuum mechanics and materials science. The different kinds of material deformation are explained in detail. The book also discusses the physical processes occurring during the deformation of all classes of enginee...
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