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A hybrid striped bass, also known as a wiper or whiterock bass, is a hybrid between the striped bass (Morone saxatilis) and the white bass (M. chrysops). It can be distinguished from the striped bass by broken rather than solid horizontal stripes on the body. Wipers are considered better suited for culture in ponds than either parent species because they are more resilient to extremes of temperature and to low dissolved oxygen.
Wipers became part of aquaculture in the United States in the late 1980s. Most producers purchase the fish young (as fry or fingerlings) and raise them in freshwater ponds. Currently about 10 million pounds (4.5 million kg) are produced annually in the United States. Wipers are used both as a gamefish and a food fish.
Most wipers are produced by fertilizing eggs from white bass with sperm from striped bass; the resulting fish are also called "sunshine bass" or "cherokee bass".

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Hybrid striped bass - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A Hybrid striped bass, also known as a wiper or whiterock bass, is a hybrid between the striped bass (Morone saxatilis) and the white bass (M. chrysops).
Hybrid Striped Bass: Biology and Life History
Aquaculture. Center. Hybrid striped bass. Biology and Life History. Ronald G. Hodson*. Hybrid striped bass generally refers to a cross between striped bass.
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Click Here for The Striper Forums Rockfish, Striper, Linesider. A fishing site dedicated to your favorite fish, the Striped Bass and it's hybrid - the Wiper
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Jan 29, 2014 ... Striped bass hybrid fishing information from the NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife.
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By Dan Burden, content specialist, AgMRC, Iowa State University, djburden@iastate.edu. Revised June 2012. Overview Hybrid striped bass are a laboratory cross between ...
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Hybrid striped bass in Indiana, including food habits, family life, habitat and population.
Bass Identification — Texas Parks & Wildlife Department
... of the eye when mouth is closed. C: Spots on scales form "rows" of stripes on whitish belly area. ... Hybrid striped bass. Hybrid striped bass. Also known as ...
U.S. farmed hybrid striped bass and its sustainability
U.S. farmed Hybrid striped bass is well-loved by chefs, who appreciate its mild texture, delicate flavor and incredible adaptability. Hybrid striped bass are a cross  ...
Hybrid Striped Bass (Morone hybrid)…
Hybrid striped bass (Morone hybrid) Other Common Names. hybrid, hybrid striper. Identification. This is a striped bass x white bass cross, with a body shape between ...
Hybrid Striped Bass - Missouri Department of Conservation
Hybrid striped bass (Wiper). Morone chrysops x M. saxatilis. Family: Moronidae ( temperate basses) in the order Perciformes (perch-like fishes). Description:.
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[PDF]Hybrid Striped Bass: Hatchery Phase - SRAC Fact Sheets
1). To our knowl- edge, North Carolina State University is the sole provider of domesticated white bass and striped bass to pri- vate industry at this time. Methods.
Hybrid Striped Bass Production | Texas A&M AgriLife Extension ...
Hybrid striped bass production is a rapidly expanding aquaculture enterprise in the United States and other countries, including ... University of North Carolina.
Hybrid Striped Bass - Agricultural Marketing Resource Center
By Dan Burden, content specialist, AgMRC, Iowa State University, djburden@ iastate.edu. Revised June 2012. Overview Hybrid striped bass are a laboratory ...
Hybrid Striped Bass: Publications - NCRAC
A publication on the culture of Hybrid striped bass has recently been published by the North Central ... Hybrid striped bass Website at Purdue University ...
[PDF]Effluents From Hybrid Striped Bass Ponds
Hybrid striped bass farming in North Carolina ... Carolina has more Hybrid striped bass producers than ... university researchers are looking at ways to reduce.
NCSU CALS NCARS -Pamlico Aquaculture Field Laboratory
The PAFL is the primary NCSU facility supporting the Hybrid striped bass farming ... the USDA, NCSU, and several other government and university laboratories.
aquaculture hybrid striped bass
Aquaculture. Hybrid striped bass.
Department of Zoology, Campus Box 7617, North Carolina State University, ... Most commercial Hybrid striped bass (HSB) farms rear sunshine bass produced by ...
[PDF]Improving Feeds for Hybrid Striped Bass
State University determined the. VI. PR. April 1998. SRAC Publication No. 304. Improving Feeds for Hybrid striped bass. The Southern Regional Aquaculture.
[PDF]Hybrid Striped Bass: Pond Production of Foodfish
The Hybrid striped bass has become a highly desirable substitute for the declining striped bass seafood in- dustry ... *North Carolina State University and Univer-.
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Characterization of Compensatory Growth in Hybrid Striped ...
Characterization of Compensatory Growth in Hybrid Striped ...
Matthew Eugene Picha, 2007
Compensatory growth (CG) is a period of growth acceleration that exceeds normal rates after animals are alleviated of certain growth-stunting conditions.
A Fishing Guide to Kentucky's Major Lakes
A Fishing Guide to Kentucky's Major Lakes
Arthur Lander, 1998
Hybrid. Striped. Bass. Barren River Lake •«•«•«•« Herrington Lake * Dewey Lake •« •« Rough River Lake Fishtrap Lake •«•«•«•« Taylorsville Lake q The Hybrid striped bass is Kentucky's newest predator fish. Called the "Sunshine Bass" in ...
Changes in Brain Biochemistry and Feeding Behavior in Hybrid ...
Changes in Brain Biochemistry and Feeding Behavior in Hybrid ...
Kristen M. Gaworecki, 2008
A 27-day chronic exposure to fluoxetine was also conducted at lower exposure concentrations (0.08 +/- 0.02, 0.87 +/- 0.12, 9.44 +/- 0.82 mug/l) than the acute exposure.
Four Fish: The Future of the Last Wild Food
Four Fish: The Future of the Last Wild Food
Paul Greenberg, 2011
Paul Greenberg on Four Fish: Fix the Farm, Not the Salmon When the New York Times reported in June of 2010 that the US Food and Drug Administration was “seriously considering” approving a genetically modified Atlantic salmon for American consumption the cries from environmentalists and food reformers were, predictably, almost audible on the streets...
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Hybrid striped bass
Hybrid Striped Bass - Agricultural Marketing Resource Center
Hybrid Striped Bass | FishChoice
Hybrid striped bass has a milder flavor than wild bass. It has pink, firm flesh, a sweet smell, bright red gills, and the skin is edible. They can also be distinguished by their disjointed stripes. A limited supply of Hybrid striped bass is available year-round, although production is heaviest in the fall. A pond facility where the water quality is not monitored may produce an off flavor. Bass raised in closed-circulating systems can be more expensive than those raised in ponds due to production costs, according to some buyers.
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