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A legislature is a decision-making organization, usually associated with national government, that has the power to enact, amend and repeal laws. Legislatures observe and steer governing actions and usually have exclusive authority to amend the budget or budgets involved in the process. The most common names for national legislatures are "parliament" and "congress", although these terms have more specific meanings.

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Legislature - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A legislature is a kind of deliberative assembly with the power to pass, amend, and repeal laws. The law created by a legislature is called legislation or statutory  ...
legislative body - The Free Dictionary
Definition of legislative body in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of legislative body . Pronunciation of legislative body. Translations of legislative body. legislative ...
Legislative bodies - Legal Dictionary - The Free Dictionary
Legislature. A representative assembly of persons that makes statutory laws for a municipality, state, or nation. A legislature is the embodiment of the doctrine of ...
Legislative bodies - The Free Dictionary
leg·is·la·ture (l j -sl ch r). n. An officially elected or otherwise selected body of people vested with the responsibility and power to make laws for a political unit, ...
Refworld | National Legislative Bodies
Results 1 - 10 of 4094 ... Refworld is the leading source of information necessary for taking quality decisions on refugee status. Refworld contains a vast collection ...
legislative body - Wiktionary
Under unicameral constitutions the Legislative bodies are single assemblies, in the bicameral Westminster model the legislative body is a parliament comprising  ...
legislative body - Dictionary Definition : Vocabulary.com
Definition of legislative body : ... legislative body. DEFINITIONS OF: legislative body. 1. n persons who make or amend or repeal laws. Synonyms: general ...
The legislative bodies in the law making process - Nato
The Legislative bodies and the problem of the constitutional control ... (more flexible), while in the Legislative bodies the process is regulated partly by the ...
Legislative body Synonyms, Legislative body Antonyms | Thesaurus ...
Synonyms for legislative body at Thesaurus.com with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Dictionary and Word of the Day.
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[PDF]Legislative Bodies - Organization - University Policy Library
50.1.9 ORGANIZATION OF THE Legislative bodies. A. The Dean of each college, school, or Faculty shall be the presiding officer at the meetings of.
Legislative Student Organizations - Office of the Dean of Students
Comprised of an executive, legislative and judicial branch, as well as numerous ... body of the The University of Texas' approximately 12,000 graduate students.
The weakness of university legislative bodies: the cases of France ...
Should additional roles be given to the existing Legislative bodies, those of supervisor and evaluator, supported by the power to sanction using a form of ' censure ...
Government of the Student Body | Iowa State University
The Government of the Student Body (GSB) is the sole student organization on the ... The legislative branch, which is made up of the senate, debates student ...
Responding to Legislative Interference in University Governance ...
While the creation of new schools by Legislative bodies is not new (Legislative bodies regularly create new colleges and universities through legislation), the ...
About the Senate | Student Government | NCSU Student Government
LEGISLATIVE BRANCH ... The Student Senate is a body of students elected to represent their colleges ... To act as an advocacy body, addressing the concerns of the student body, and bringing these concerns to the attention of the University.
The Legislature : USG - Undergraduate Student Government at The ...
The Ohio State University ... The Legislative Branch consists of a unicameral Senate of elected representatives from each living area, academic college, and ...
Bylaws — Legislative Branch | Clemson University, South Carolina
Legislative Branch. The Legislative Branch shall perform the legislative function of Student Government by debating and enacting legislation concerning matters  ...
[PDF]Appearances Before the Legislature and Other Public Bodies
Nov 10, 2006 ... (University) employees before the Minnesota Legislature (legislature) and other public bodies. Subd. 2. Definition. Public bodies shall mean ...
Legislative Branch | University of Kentucky Student Government
The Legislative Branch is comprised of forty-six (46) Senators. This governing body allocates funds, approves presidential appointments, facilitates legislative ...
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Legislative bodies (Continued) — Soviet Union — United States UF United States— Legislative bodies Legislative bodies (Canon law) ВТ Canon law Legislative bodies as courts UF Judicial functions of Legislative bodies ВТ Courts Judicial ...
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Legislative bodies
Grits for Breakfast: Fifth Circuit: Legislative bodies, not courts should decide if warrant needed for cell-phone location data
Well, now Texas really needs to pass legislation requiring warrants for cell-phone location data. While Grits was on vacation, a 5th Circuit panel issued a 2-1 decision which Orin Kerr called a "thorough and comprehensive endorsement of DOJ’s position" that no warrant should ever be required for the government to access historical cell-phone location data.
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WASHINGTON (RNS) The Supreme Court struggled Wednesday (Nov. six) with a scenario that asks whether federal government
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The Kazakhstan Parliament and Chinese Congress signed a historical memorandum of understanding. This is a big step for bilateral cooperation between the two countries that will help with government issues and open more up for trade.
Unintended Consequences | Practically Historical
The Senate of the United States was designed... to give equal representation to the States- a more disciplined, stable, and experienced legislative body. Madison saw the dangers in the popularly elected House, for people were often, "subject to the [periodic] infection of violent passions... that such an institution may be sometimes necessary as a defense…
Persons in custody cannot contest polls in legislative bodies: Supreme Court | Firstpost
In another pathbreaking verdict to prevent criminal elements from entering Parliament and state assemblies, the apex court ruled that only an "elector" can contest the polls and he/she ceases the right to cast vote due to confinement in prison or being in custody of police.
Supreme Court debates church-state dispute over public prayers | MyFOX8.com
WASHINGTON -- A divided Supreme Court, debating Wednesday whether public prayers at a New York town's board meetings are permissible, looked at the country's history of religious acknowledgment in the legislature and the court's own traditions.
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Editor's Note: The following was submitted to the Idaho State Journal by former professor Leonard Hitchcock. It appears here with his permission.
Supreme Court tests limits of prayer at official government meetings - U.S. News
WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court, testing the wall between church and state in a sensitive case, wrestled Wednesday with how far government bodies can go in offering prayers at the start of official meetings. It seemed certain, after courtroom arguments in a case brought by …