Llanite is a hypabyssally intruded rhyolite with phenocrysts of microcline and euhedral quartz. The quartz crystals are blue hexagonal bipyramids. The unusual blue coloration of the quartz is thought to be due to ilmenite inclusions. It is named after Llano County, Texas, the only place where it is found (according to locals; however, geologists have identified other locations where this rock may be found, according to Robert Reed. A dike of llanite crops out on Texas State Highway 16 about 9 miles north of the town of Llano. An outcrop of llanite can be found at 30°53'25.77"N 98°39'30.57"W.
Llanite is very strong, with a crushing strength of 37,800 lb/in2 or 26,577,180 kg/m2.
Modal mineralogy of llanite mode:
- quartz - 34.6%
- microcline - 27.8%
- plagioclase - 27.9%
- biotite - 8.6%
- fluorite - 1.1%
- apatite - 0.14%
- magnetite - trace
- ilmenite - trace
- zircon - trace
A large piece of polished llanite can be seen at the Badu House, a historic bed and breakfast in Llano, Texas.

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Llanite - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Llanite is a hypabyssally intruded rhyolite with phenocrysts of microcline and euhedral quartz. The quartz crystals are blue hexagonal bipyramids. The unusual  ...
Llanite Dike
Hypabyssal rhyolite porphyry dike (Llanite) is on the left, In the lower right is a medium-grained Llano granite with faintly blue quartz. Coin is 17 mm in diameter
llanite - Mineralogical Society of America
Blue quartz phenocrysts from the Llano rhyolite (Llanite), Llano County, Texas, ... The total amount of ilmenite in the Llanite blue quartz is calculated to be -0.02.
Llanite Lapidary Rough Rock
Llanite Lapidary Rough Rock Rough Rock Thumbnail Image Page Unpolished rough rock samples of Llanite, named for the Texas city and county from which it comes, Llano.
Llanite. This is the oddest rhyolite rock I've come across. This is Llanite ( sometimes spelled “llanoite”). It's a porphyritic rhyolite with distinctive phenocrysts of ...
Llano Llanite - The Texas Road Runners
Additional Notes : Hwy 16 can get pretty busy, so pull over as far as you can. There are other Llanite outcropping in this immediate area, unfortunately, they are ...
Llanite Llanoite Blue quartz in Rhyolite Texas by FenderMinerals
Trade Show Days - Shipping Delays No Shipping November 7-11 *** Llanite or Llanoite Oval Stone Cabochon from Central Texas This Rhyolite from.
Llanite Dike - Wikimapia
Llanite Dike is the only source of the rock Llanite, and this road cut is the only public access to Llanite Dike. Llanite is a rhyolite that contains blue quartz. It looks ...
Llanite - YourGemologist.com
Source: Only one place on the earth, and that is nine miles north of Llano, Texas, in a road cut by Texas Highway 16. Chemical: Granite rock. Combination of ...
Llanolite / Llanite in Llano, Texas!
I am not certain of the spelling on this , which is either Llanolite or Llanite. In either case it is found in Llano, Texas and boy, how ! I am not sure ...
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[PDF]llanite - Mineralogical Society of America
Geology Department, Michigan Technological University, Houghton, Michigan ... The total amount of ilmenite in the Llanite blue quartz is calculated to be -0.02.
Llanite in Africa?
rhyolite porphyry with blue quartz shown below is NOT Texas Llanite. It's not even from the ... (images courtesy of Rogan Roth, University of Natal). Before any ...
Boerne Rock Shop and Studio
Boerne Rock Shop now has mine-run Llanite available. ... According to the University of Texas, “Llanite is very strong with a crushing strength of 37,800 lbs per ...
llanite : definition of llanite and synonyms of llanite (English)
Definitions of Llanite, synonyms, antonyms, derivatives of Llanite, analogical ... to Dr. Robert Reed , a geology professor at The University of Texas at Austin).
Llanite#1798 - Community - Diablo III - Battle.net
Dec 18, 2012 ... Llanite #1798 ... Llanite. 60 Wizard. Noctune 166 Elite Kills 20 ... Search for Jobs · Candidate Profile · University Relations · Job Site Support ...
[PDF]The Precambrian of Central Texas.pdf - Rockfractureandstress.com
Virgil E. Barnes, Bureau of Economic Geology, University of Texas at Austin, University Station, Box X, Austin, Texas 78713- .... (1904) gave the name Llanite.
GemologyOnline.com • View topic - A new one for me...Llanite
Antique Jewelry University · Complete Collection Of Gems & Gemology .... 8) hi, mr. brad, i like the Llanite, that's one beautiful rock!
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Llanite is on Rediff pages, ,Follow Llanite to get latest updates from Llanite. ... be found according to , a geology professor at The University of Texas at Austin).
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Scenic Driving Texas, 3rd
Scenic Driving Texas, 3rd
Laurence Parent, 2011
One interesting mineral, Llanite, is unique to the area and was named, appropriately enough, for the town and county. The rock is a striking form of granite with crystals of pink feldspar and bluish quartz floating in a dark background matrix.
South-Central Section of the Geological Society of America: ...
South-Central Section of the Geological Society of America: ...
O.T. Hayward, 1988
Quartz-Feldspar Porphyry (Llanite) Dikes Locality 8 (Fig. 9) (98°39'30"W.; 30°53' 26''N., Cherokee 71⁄2-minute Quadrangle) is in a cut at the crest of a sharp boulderstrewn ridge crossing Texas 16 east of Babyhead Mountain, Llano County ...
Gems and minerals
Gems and minerals
Fig. 16. A view of the famed Llanite dike in the road cut on Highway 16, north of Llano, Texas. In this cut the dike is about 150 feet wide and intrudes the Valley Spring gneiss. Bast in, E. S. (1910), GEOLOGY OF THE PEGMATITES AND.
Rockhounding Texas
Rockhounding Texas
Melinda Crow, 1998
SITE 44 Llanite, NO PLACE BUT LLANO COUNTY Land type: Rolling hills. Elevation: 1,029 feet. Best season: Late summer. Land manager: Texas Department of Transportation. Material: Llanite. Tools: Chisels, hammer, gads, safety ...
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