Lobotomia is a Brazilian hardcore/crossover band. They started off as a straightforward punk band, and later went to a more thrash metal and crossover thrash style. They were one of the key and most well-known bands of the 1980s hardcore punk scene in Brazil, and played with other famous bands such as Korzus, Ratos de Porão, and Executer.
The lobotomy was born in 1984, playing a sound quite hardcore. His original training had Caio the voice, the guitars Adherbal Billy Argel, Greek and Alfredo in the battery down. The Punk movement was in high, places like Napalm, Carbon 14, Paulistana Lira, Madame Satan, acid and other Plastics opened its doors to receive the bands style.
At the end of 1985, the lobotomy involved the collection Sound Attack, the independent seal frontal attack, this album is already a visible change in the style of banda music, the search for a new sound and the beginning of fusion with other styles of sound heavy . Along with the bands: Cólera, Garotos Podres, Ratos de Porão, Armagedom, Virus 27, Grinders, Rioters, Auschwitz, the album became an icon in the history of Brazilian punk.
In 1986, Caio in voice, Billy Adherbal Algiers on guitars, drums and Greek in the lower Zezé are preparing to record what would be the first disc of "metalpunk" Brazil, the precursor of the style we know today as a crossover. The lobotomy LP, vinyl was recorded and produced by the band, the New Face Records co-pressing and looked after the distribution in 1987. This album is to feature the clash, dark, innovative, different from what you hear in punk then in Brazil. In this study we found a rewrite of Faces of Death as well as classics of the band, only the dead do not complain and indigent of Tomorrow, with lyrics of Billy and Caio.
This disc was marked by the fact that even with a heavy sound and completely out of any standard commercial for the 80s, one of his tracks, only the dead do not complain, was running for several months in the normal programming 89 FM, issuing that in the 80's is called Radio Rock. Iconcebivel at that time was the implementation of this kind of music, even the broadcast with a profile more alternative. At that stage the lobotomy have another change for the live shows were called Paul, a friend of the singer that Caio took the second guitar. With this training occurred several underground concerts in São Paulo and the interior.
In 1988, Zezé and Caio Flavinho leaving for input on the vocal down and Guba. This phase would consist of songs most of the next album, many of the letters were written by vocalist then Guba. With its output which is now the voice is Marco. With this training into studio in Belo Horizonte and the record label Mushroom records in 1989 the LP Nothing As It Seems, the sound was a far more cohesive in the mixture of styles, sound headbanger, but without the label of Crossover. After the end of the banda gravções contains a cycle and end teporariamente its activities after a few shows.
In 2002 the band (Marco, Billy, Paul, Grego and Pica-Pau) meets to a show with Agnosticism Front.
In 2003 it launched in Japan the first cd of the album, lobotomy, the record speed States.
In 2004 The band returns to active just now with one of the original training, the Grego drummer. Joze is on guitar (ex-Kangaroos In Tilt), bass Fralda (Ratos de Porão ex) and the voice Marco. Several presentations were made by Brazil with this formção.
With the departure of Joe the band returns with the formation of the disk Nothing is as it seems, except for Flavinho in his diaper that even later would be replaced by Carlos "Carlitos".
In January, 2008 Grego, Billy, Paul, Marco and Carlos came into studio to record another album entitled Extinction - the album has 13 songs that fuse various styles and pass the most rugged hard core, punk to pure thrash metal.
The lobotomy is a banda de hardcore / crossover thrash, which marked the 80s and still a benchmark for many bands in style.

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But in 1935, Carlyle Jacobsen of Yale University tried frontal and prefrontal lobotomies on chimps, and found them to be calmer afterwards. His colleague at  ...
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