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"Circumorbital" redirects here. This may also refer to the area surrounding the eye sockets in other animals.
In scaled reptiles, the ocular scales are those forming the margin of the eye. The name originates from the term oculus which is Latin for "eye" and, in the broadest sense, refers to a scale associated with the eye. The numbers of these scales present, and sometimes the shapes and sizes, are some of many characteristics used to differentiate species from one another.
Prefixes are usually included to indicate the positions or locations of the individual scales:
- Preocular scales, or preoculars, are those lying directly in front of and in contact with the eye.
- Postocular scales, or postoculars, are those lying directly behind and in contact with the eye.
- Supraocular scales, or supraoculars, are enlarged scales on the crown immediately above the eye.
- Subocular scales, or suboculars, are those lying directly below and in contact with the eye.
Collectively these scales are referred to as circumorbital scales, circumorbitals, or a circumorbital ring.
Occasionally, the term ocular scale is used without a prefix, in which case it specifically refers to the brille, also known as the spectacle or eyecap. This is a transparent scale that covers and protects the eye. It is formed in embryonic snakes when the transparent upper and lower eyelids fuse together. Once hatched, a snake does not possess eyelids and the brille carries out some of these functions.

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"Circumorbital" redirects here. This may also refer to the area surrounding the eye sockets in other animals. In scaled reptiles, the ocular scales are those ...
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Fundamentals Of Histology
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Measurements are made with one stage micrometer and one ocular micrometer. The stage micrometer is a glass slide having an etched scale on its centre. The scale is 1 mm divisible into 10 major divisions, each (0.lmm) of which is further ...
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The Guild Handbook of Scientific Illustration
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This ocular micrometer consists of a disc of glass with a scale engraved on it. Unscrew the top lens of the ocular and place the disc (so that the number on it can be read) on the stop or diaphragm present in the eyepiece, moving the stop up or ...
Quality Control Methods for Medicinal Plant Materials
Quality Control Methods for Medicinal Plant Materials
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Measurement of specimens Equipment Use a microscope with an ocular micrometer to measure the size of small objects. The scales should be calibrated using a stage micrometer, consisting of a glass slide of usual size, upon which a scale ...
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