The Iranian Oghab (Eagle) missile is an unguided 230 mm (9 in) artillery rocket with a range of 34-45 km (20-28 mi). It is spin-stabilized in flight but has a proven circular error probable in excess of 500 m (1500 ft), making it a highly inaccurate weapon. It carries a 70 kg (150 lb) high explosive fragmentation warhead, though it may also be able to carry chemical warheads. According to US sources, a modified version has been developed that could be carried and fired from Iranian Air Force F-14 Tomcat and F-4 Phantom II aircraft. The launcher is an elevatable triple-rail launcher assembly fitted to a Mercedes-Benz LA 911B 4x4 truck chassis.
The missile was developed from the Chinese Type-83 artillery rocket during the Iran-Iraq war, with the assistance of the People's Republic of China under an agreement signed in 1985. It entered service in 1986 and was immediately used in combat in an attack on the Iraqi city of Basra in December 1986. Around 260-270 Oghabs were reportedly fired during the war, though their effectiveness was limited. The missile's short range confined its use to attacks on Iraqi border cities and its lack of accuracy meant that Oghab attacks were far less effective than artillery barrages.
The Oghab is used by the Iranian Army and the Revolutionary Guards. It is not known to have been exported outside of Iran.

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The Iranian Oghab (Eagle) missile is an unguided 230 mm (9 in) artillery rocket with a range of 34-45 km (20-28 mi). It is spin-stabilized in flight but has a proven ...
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High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! The Iranian Oghab (Eagle) missile is an unguided 230 mm (9 in) artillery rocket with a range of 34-45 km (20-28 mi).
China and Iran: Ancient Partners in a Post-Imperial World
China and Iran: Ancient Partners in a Post-Imperial World
John W. Garver, 2006
An Iranian Oghab factory went into operation at Seman, 175 kilometers east of Tehran, in 1987 with an output of up to one thousand of the rockets per year. By December 1986 Iranian forces began using the Oghab on the battlefield against  ...
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