Old One (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
Old One is also a term used in numerous fantasy and horror series.
In the Buffyverse, the Old Ones are the extremely powerful, pure-breed demons that once dominated Earth before humankind appeared. Illyria is one of these demons (though its real form was revealed only in an illustration) while it's more than likely that Jasmin (The Beastmaster from season 4) and her kind (The Powers That Be) ascended to their higher plane because of the growing malevolence of these warring demons. It's also possible that the Powers that Be were part of the same race but shared a different philosophy than the other Old Ones.

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B1 - B3 - A5 - A6 - B8 - A&F1 - B9 "The Old Ones were demons pure. They warred as we would...
Old Ones (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)…
In the Buffyverse, the Old Ones are the extremely powerful, pure-breed demons that once dominated Earth before humankind appeared. Illyria is one of these demons ...
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Sins of the Father
Sins of the Father
Christopher Golden, 2002
Stone-Cold Killer One night while on patrol, the Slayer and her friends are outnumbered and receive aid from a totally unexpected source: Buffy's old flame, Pike.
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