Ovambo, also known as Wambo or Ambo, is a dialect cluster in Angola and northern Namibia, of which the written standards are Kwanyama and Ndonga.
The native name is Oshiwambo, which is also used specifically for the Kwanyama and Ndonga dialects. Over half of the people in Namibia speak Oshiwambo, particularly the Ovambo people.
The language is closely related to that of the Hereros and Himba, Otjiherero. An obvious sign of proximity is the prefix used for language and dialect names, Proto-Bantu *ki- (class 7, as in Ki-Swahili), which in Herero has evolved to Otji- and in Ovambo further to Oshi-.

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Glossary of Oshiwambo - Serasphere
Glossary of Oshiwambo. meme = mother or woman or miss/Mrs. (pronounced MAY-may) tate = father or man or sir/Mr. (pronounced TAH-tay) Cuca shop = small shop selling ...
Ovambo language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The native name is Oshiwambo, which is also used specifically for the Kwanyama and Ndonga dialects. Over half of the people in Namibia speak Oshiwambo, ...
OshiWambo alphabet, prounciation and language - Omniglot
Oshiwambo is a Bantu language spoken by about 680,000 people in Namibia and Angola. Major dialects include Kwanyama (OshiKwanyama), which is spoken ...
Oshiwambo - The Namibian
Oshiwambo | 2013-12-12. Mboka ya kalela aavu yawo poshipangelo shaShakati taya nyenyeta. OOMEME ya kalela aavu yawo mboka taya pangwa ...
Oshiwambo | Ethnologue
Cuanhama, Humba, Kuanjama, Kwancama, Kwanjama, Kwanyama, Ochikwanyama, Oshikuanjama, Oshikwanyama, Oshiwambo Ndonga, Ovambo,  ...
OSHIWAMBO - Ondangwa, Namibia - Company | Facebook
Oshiwambo, Ondangwa, Namibia. 165 likes · 5 talking about this · 60 were here . ELOC Printing Press.
Oshiwambo Beginners For - Namtranslations - iway
Acknowledgements. 7. Introduction. 8. Map 1: Four Northern Regions and Their Constituencies. 8. Map 2: Map of the Dialects of Oshiwambo. 10. 1. GREETINGS.
Oshiwambo Swear Words - YouSwear.com
How to Swear in Oshiwambo - Ongobe ilai - Stupid cow (common insult)
Translation of Oshiwambo in English
Translation of Oshiwambo in English. Translate Oshiwambo in English online and download now our free translator to use any time at no charge.
Ovambo language - Wikipedia, the free…
Ovambo, also known as Wambo or Ambo, is a dialect cluster in Angola and northern Namibia, of which the written standards are Kwanyama and Ndonga. The native name is ...
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Mr Petrus Angula Mbenzi - University of Namibia
BAHONS (Honours Bachelor of Arts in Literature), University of Namibia, Windhoek, ... He has been involved in teaching of Oshiwambo for the past 16 years.
Learn Oshiwambo - Namtranslations
Oshiwambo for beginners. 978-99945-71-80-2 ... LEARN Oshiwambo ... MA ( Literature), University of Kwazulu-Natal, Pretoria, South Africa, 2000. BA HONS ...
Oshiwambo past question papers at unam - free ebook downloads
View/Open - UNAM Digital Collections - University of Namibia ... It there was no equivalent in Otjiherero, Damara/Nama and Oshiwambo ... links, the young and ...
Iinamwenyo/Animals: Learning Oshiwambo Is Fun: Helvi Itenge ...
Learning numbers 1-20 in Oshiwambo and English and interesting facts about ... Degree in Education with a concentration in E-Learning, at the University of ...
Omayeletumbulo Gomoshiwambo(Oshiwambo Proverbs) | Facebook
... yOshiwambo. Strictly put your comment or post in Oshiwambo. ... Like · Comment. Likes. University Of Namibia - Katima Mulilo Campus. University ...
Book Launch & Storytelling: Learning Oshiwambo is fun! at Franco ...
Author Helvi Itenge wants to show that learning Oshiwambo can be both easy and fun. ... She also did a Master's Degree in Education at the University of Illinois, ...
Oshikwanyama/Oshiwambo - Hamar dialekt- og mållag
My name is Linus N Shifidi, I am a Namibian Master of Adapted Education student at Hedmark University college Campus Hamar. I will write a little bit about my ...
[PDF]OSHIVAMBO - National African Language Resource Center
Oshivambo? Although the Oshivambo language is mostly spoken in ... This means that knowledge of Oshivambo qualifies ... University of Wisconsin- Madison.
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Iinamwenyo/Animals: Learning Oshiwambo Is Fun
Iinamwenyo/Animals: Learning Oshiwambo Is Fun
Helvi Itenge Wheeler, Ambrosius Amutenja, Tamko Niilo and P Muchiri, 2010
Yambeka Children Media was founded in Columbus Ohio (USA) by Helvi Itenge-Wheeler a Namibian American who moved to the United States in 2001 to complete her higher education. Yambeka is a term which literally means " Blessed " in the Oshiwambo language, spoken by the Ovambo people in the southern African country of Namibia. Yambeka Childr...
Aawambo Kingdoms, History and Cultural Change: Perspectives ...
Aawambo Kingdoms, History and Cultural Change: Perspectives ...
Lovisa T. Nampala, 2006
Although Aawambo do share a common historical background, cultural heritage, traditions, language and objects of potent cultural value, it can be argued that similarities in the language, 'Oshiwambo' (the language spoken by the Aawambo ), ...
Iinamwenyo/Animals: Learning Oshiwambo Is Fun
Iinamwenyo/Animals: Learning Oshiwambo Is Fun
Helvi (CRT) Itenge-wheeler, Ambrosius Amutenja, Tamko Niilo, 2010
Learning Oshiwambo is fun! "Iinamwenyo/Animals" is a remarkable bilingual picture book using names of common animals in Oshiwambo and English. Bonus!
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Traditional Oshiwambo Wedding Festivities | Emily's African Adventures
One of the teachers at my school is getting married next Saturday. Unfortunately I won't be around for the wedding, but this past Friday one of the other teachers at school told me that there would be some kind of pre-wedding activity (as best I understood it) at the church service on Sunday and that…
Nakale ya Nakale on oshiwambo radio speaks about Kandeshi tendencies | Quiet Working Mouse No. 79
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Shiimbi appointed head of Okathima Kanangolo village
Xwama Cultural Village: Learn Oshiwambo Fast
Have you ever thought of surprising an Oshiwambo speaking person just by saying something in Oshiwambo? It is so unfortunate that Google translate can not translate Oshiwambo into English. Here are some of the words one should know if you like surrounding your self with Wambo’s.
News Opinions Sport Business Entertainment Oshiwambo Archive Top Revs ... - Namibian - iNamibia
Namibia Latest News | Local News stories making headlines in Namibia, from iNamibia
Oshiwambo 1. 1. Classification / Classification 2. 2. Where Spoken / Localisation géographique 3. 3. Number of Speakers / Nombre de locuteurs 4. 4. Dialect Survey / Enquête de dialecte 5. 5. Usage / Utilisation 6. 6. Orthography / Orthographe
Dana in Namibia: First Oshiwambo Church Service
This Sunday I went to my first Namibian church service. Namibia is a Christian country, with 95% of the population identifying as Christian.
Oshiwambo Name Meanings: Why this blog...why
The Oshiwambo Traditional Chicken Dish | Namibian Days – continued 2013 in Zambia
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