Oksana or Oxana (Ukrainian: Оксана; Russian: Оксана, Belarusian: Аксана), sometimes transliterated as Aksana, is a popular female given name of Ukrainian origin. The closest equivalent is the Russian name Kseniya (Russian: Ксения) but the two names coexist in use in both countries and are not a shortening of each other. Both names derive from the Greek Xenia.
It may refer to:
- Oksana Akinshina, Russian actress
- Oksana Wilhelmsson (born 1984 as Oksana Andersson), Soviet Union-born Swedish model
- Oksana Andrusina-Mert (born 1973), Turkish discus thrower of Russian origin
- Oksana Baiul (born 1977), Ukrainian Olympic and world champion figure skater
- Oksana Bilozir, Ukrainian singer and stateswoman
- Oksana Chusovitina, Uzbekistani gymnast
- Oksana Domnina, Russian ice dancer
- Oksana Dyka (born 1978), Ukrainian opera singer
- Oksana Esipchuk (born 1976), Russian discus thrower
- Oksana Fadeeva (née Kushch) (born 1975), Russian table tennis player
- Oxana Fedorova, former Miss Universe from Russia
- Oksana Gozeva (born 1989), Russian figure skater
- Oksana Grigorieva (born 1970), Russian musician
- Oksana Grishina (born 1968), Russian Olympic track cyclist
- Oksana Grishina (born 1978), Russian former gymnast and current professional fitness competitor
- Oksana Grishuk, Russian figure skater
- Oksana Hatamkhanova (born 1990), Olympic swimmer from Azerbaijan
- Oksana Ilyushkina née Kochetkova (born 1974), retired Ukrainian athlete
- Oksana Kalashnikova, Georgian professional tennis player
- Oksana Kazakova, Russian figure skater
- Oksana Khvostenko (born 1977), Ukrainian biathlete
- Oksana Klimova (born 1992), Russian ice dancer
- Oksana Kolesnikova, Russian-American concert pianist
- Oksana Kondratyeva (born 1985), Russian hammer thrower
- Oksana Krechunyak (born 1981), paralympic athlete from Ukraine
- Oksana Lada, Ukrainian actress and model (also known as 'Oksana Babiy')
- Oksana Lyapina, Russian gymnast
- Oksana Makar, Ukrainian murder victim
- Oxana Malaya, Ukrainian feral child
- Oksana Masters (born 1989), Ukrainian-born American Paralympic rower
- Oksana Okuneva (born 1990), Ukrainian high jumper
- Oksana Omelianchik, former Soviet gymnast
- Oksana Parkhomenko (born 1984), Azerbaijani volleyball player
- Oksana Pochepa, Russian pop singer
- Oksana Potdykova (born 1979), former competitive Russian ice dancer
- Oksana Ryabinicheva, Russian football defender
- Oksana Rogova, Russian triple jumper
- Oksana Shcherbak née Holodkova (born 1982), Ukrainian sprint athlete
- Oksana Serikova (born 1985), Ukrainian swimmer
- Oxana Skaldina, Ukrainian rhythmic gymnast
- Oksana Slivenko (born 1986), Russian weightlifter
- Oksana Udmurtova, Russian athlete
- Oksana Vashchuk (born 1989), Ukrainian freestyle wrestler
- Oksana Yarygina (born 1972), Russian javelin thrower
- Oksana Yermakova (born 1973), Russian épée fencer
- Oksana Zabuzhko, Ukrainian writer and poet
- Oksana Zbrozhek (born 1978), Russian middle-distance runner
- Oksana Zubkovska, Ukrainian Paralympian athlete

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Oxana Gennadyevna Fedorova (married name: Оксана Геннадьевна Бородина, Oksana Gennad'yevna Borodina ; born December 17, 1977) is a Russian ...
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Comparative Politics, post-Communist region. Associate Professor Ph.D., Harvard University, 2003. Biography. Professor Shevel's research and teaching focus ...
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Oxana Golynker was appointed Lecturer in Law at Leicester in 2006. ... Later, she carried out doctoral research at the University of Leicester. Her PhD project ...
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Oksana Leukhina - University of Washington
Contact Information: Office: 335 Savery Hall. tel. (206) 543-9928. fax (206) 685- 7477. E-mail: oml at uw dot edu. Mailing Address: Department of Economics.
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Oxana's Pit
Oxana's Pit
Ariion Kathleen Brindley, 2009
When he discovers Oxana's pit on a satellite photo, Tosh goes to investigate and is captured by Oxana's thugs. One of Tosh's employees, and also his lover, Amber Bravant, organizes a search for him. She is also taken prisoner by Oxana.
Backache McKenzie reduces the dislocation
Backache McKenzie reduces the dislocation
Dr Zenko Bilas and Oxana Bilas, 2013
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Handbook of Less-Common Nanostructures
Handbook of Less-Common Nanostructures
Boris I. Kharisov, Oxana Vasilievna Kharissova, Ubaldo Ortiz-Mendez, 2012
A small nanotechnological encyclopedia, this book: Describes a range of little-known nanostructures Offers a unifying vision of the synthesis of nanostructures and the generalization of rare nanoforms Includes a CD-ROM with color versions ...
Keine Angst mehr (German Edition)
Keine Angst mehr (German Edition)
Oxana Zornow, 2013
A very helpful book on the subject : anxiety and depression. In everyday life, in addition to the academic qualifications like a social skills and certain personality characteristics are required . But what is this: anxiety and depression? How can you get into it in a person's personality ? What is under the issue of anxiety and emotions ? Doe...
Mummy, Come Home: A Brutal Kidnapping - A Terrified Prisoner ...
Mummy, Come Home: A Brutal Kidnapping - A Terrified Prisoner ...
Oxana Kalemi, 2009
Waking up bleary-eyed and beaten, Oxana wondered how she had got there. Then she remembered: her abusive husband, the dream of a better life, the 'job' that turned into a nightmare….
Umbr(a): Technology
Umbr(a): Technology
Paul-Laurent Assoun, Levi R. Bryant, Russell Grigg and Bernard Stiegler, 2012
PAUL-LAURENT ASSOUN is a psychoanalyst and professor at the Université Paris Diderot in Paris, France. He is the founder of the Fédération de Recherches Sciences de la Ville and the director of Philosophie d aujourd hui, a collection of Presses Universitaires de France. He has written extensively on psychoanalysis and philosophy in numerous journal...
Ubiquitous Citizens of Europe: The Paradigm of Partial Migration
Ubiquitous Citizens of Europe: The Paradigm of Partial Migration
Oxana Golynker, 2006
This book provides the first systematic analysis of the rights of partial migrants in the European Union by bringing this topic within the discourse mof Union citizenship.
The Shining Citadel - The Light Beyond the Storm Chronicles Book II
The Shining Citadel - The Light Beyond the Storm Chronicles Book II
Alexandra Butcher and Oxana Mazur, 2013
In a dark world where magic is illegal and elves live as slaves, a desperate elf and her human companion seek aid from the mysterious sorcerer, Archos and his lady, the sorceress Dii’Athella. Hoping to unearth the secrets of the Shining Citadel, lost for centuries in the mists of magic and time, they begin a dangerous and arduous journey. Could the...
Migration, Refugee Policy, and State Building in ...
Migration, Refugee Policy, and State Building in ...
Oxana Shevel, 2011
This book is the first systematic comparative analysis explaining why similar postcommunist states vary in their receptivity to refugees.
The Light Beyond the Storm Chronicles- Book 1
The Light Beyond the Storm Chronicles- Book 1
Alexandra Butcher and Oxana Mazur, 2012
A beautiful young elven sorceress flees for her life in a dark world where magic is forbidden and elves live as slaves. Watching her are the Order of Witch-Hunters; the corrupt organisation that rule by fear and ignorance and a mysterious wealthy nobleman, lord of an idyllic valley who is not all he seems. As the slavers roll across the lands steal...
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In the last few decades there has been a shift from thinking less about teaching and more about learning. Such a paradigm shift from teacher-centered to student-centered instruction requires students to think about their own learning and to monitor their own learning development and language achievement. Researchers have identified goal setting and self-regulated learning as crucial factors that affect academic achievement. Goal setting improves student performance and enhances achievement by allocating attention, activating effort, increasing persistence and motivation which in turn leads to the development of self-regulation skills. With this belief, LinguaFolio was integrated into foreign language classrooms to support language learners in setting and achieving goals for learning languages and implementing self-regulated learning strategies. The purpose of this study designed as an ex post facto examination of the relationship between goal setting and achievement was to determine whether foreign language study that included LinguaFolio participation led to increased student capacity for self-regulated learning that resulted in a difference in student academic achievement. This quantitative group comparison attempted to identify whether students who experienced LinguaFolio as an intervention in their second language classrooms had higher achievement and performed better in other subject content areas in comparison to students who were not exposed to LinguaFolio. The population of the study included 618 students (LinguaFolio students = 454 and non-LinguaFolio students = 164) who graduated from three Nebraska high schools between 2006 and 2010. The performance of the students was measured by ACT scores (English, reading, math, science) and graduating GPA. All statistical analyses were conducted via SPSS IBM version 21 software. Four statistical procedures were used to analyze the data. The overall effect of foreign language study that included LinguaFolio participation was students’ improved performance as measured by ACT scores and graduating GPA. Multivariate analysis of variance (MANOVA) and analysis of variance (ANOVA) revealed that LinguaFolio students had significantly higher GPA and ACT scores in math, science, English, and reading. Multivariate regression and simple linear regression analyses indicated that with each additional year of participation in LinguaFolio students’ graduating GPA and ACT scores were increasing. In addition, these findings supported the conclusion that foreign language study that included LinguaFolio goal setting intervention promoted the development of students’ self-regulation skills. Adviser: Aleidine J. Moeller
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Oxana Yuryeva, founder of the creative association Y&S ARCHITECTURE – INTERIOR DESIGN, has designed this gorgeous penthouse for a family of four at Gilyarovskogo Street in Moscow, Russia. The residence features a loft style with a mixture of minimalism. Marble slabs make the floors look awesome. The ceilings and walls are filled with decorative plasters while the bathrooms are elegantly designed with porcelain tiles.
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