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Population decline can refer to the decline in population of any organism, but this article refers to population decline in humans. It is a term usually used to describe any great reduction in a human population. It can be used to refer to long-term demographic trends, as in urban decay or rural flight, but it is also commonly employed to describe large reductions in population due to violence, disease, or other catastrophes.

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What factors would cause a population to…
If a Population decreases it could be because of a disease epidemic, shortage of food, or a decrease in reproduction for example in china they have the one child policy.
Population decline - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Population decline can refer to the decline in population of any organism, but this article refers to population decline in humans. It is a term usually used to ...
Human population control - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Human population control is the practice of artificially altering the rate of growth ..... Sachs is also a heavy proponent of decreasing the effects of overpopulation.
Baby Bust: Is the World's Population Actually Declining? | TIME.com
Jan 11, 2013 ... But nine years before that milestone, it looks as if the world's population could actually be starting to decline. The number of people on the ...
Population Decline main reason for…
People Statistics > Population decline > Main reason for decrease (most recent) by country
Japan's population suffers biggest fall in history - Telegraph
Apr 17, 2013 ... Japan's rapidly ageing population has suffered its biggest decrease since records began in the 1950s, according to new figures.
About That Overpopulation Problem - Slate Magazine
Jan 9, 2013 ... But population decline is a very familiar concept in the rest of the developed world, where fertility has long since fallen far below the 2.1 live ...
The Coming Global Population Decline - Diplomatic Courier
Oct 5, 2012 ... In most emerging economic, political, and social conflicts, the topic of depopulation is one of the underlying latent factors.
Population Decline in Russia - Geography - About.com
May 31, 2006 ... Russia faces a serious decline in population over the next few decades. What are the causes and what are the solutions? Your About.com ...
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Synonyms for Population decrease at Thesaurus.com with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Dictionary and Word of the Day.
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EUROPE: Impact of sharp population decline - University World News
Sep 14, 2008 ... European academics are preparing to gather at a high-level conference to discuss the problems caused to higher education by a sharp decline ...
Fertility rates and population decline - University of Oxford
Apr 24, 2013 ... On May 15: A new book which explores the far reaching implications of the dramatic decline in fertility rates across the world will be launched at ...
[PDF]Forces Affecting City Population Growth or Decline - American ...
Cleveland State University and a professor of economic development. ... The purpose of this chapter is to analyze the causes of population decline in large U.S. ...
Study to find solutions to population decline: University of Waikato
Jan 27, 2012 ... Professor Natalie Jackson from Waikato University's National Institute ... student Dave Greenslade to examine the triggers for population decline.
Tracking the Causes of Sharp Decline of the Monarch Butterfly
Apr 1, 2013 ... University of Kansas insect ecologist Orley R. “Chip” Taylor has been observing the fragile populations of monarch butterflies for decades, but ...
Population decline in St. Louis to have minimal effects on WU grads ...
Mar 4, 2011 ... Although Washington University students are unlikely to feel the economic effects of population decline, the state will see political effects.
Koala populations continue to decline - University of Queensland
May 5, 2011 ... A delegation of scientists from The Koala Research Network (KRN) presented sombre evidence on the fate of the Koala to a senate inquiry in ...
[PDF]Identifying causes for population decline of the brown hare (Lepus ...
AARHUS UNIVERSITY. AU. Identifying causes for population decline o f the bro wn hare (Lepus europaeus ) in agricultural landscapes in. Denmark. phD Thesis ...
Causes of Decline among Southern Resident Killer Whales | The ...
They experienced an unexplained 20.4% population decline between .... *The Washington Sea Grant, University of Washington, pursuant to NOAA Award No.
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Policy Responses to Population Decline and Ageing
Policy Responses to Population Decline and Ageing
UN. Population Division, 2004
Consequences of Population decrease Population decline is one of the serious challenges facing the Russian Federation on the verge of the twenty-first century. Of course, there are no indisputable arguments in favour of population increase ...
1992 Economic Census: Geographic reference manual
1992 Economic Census: Geographic reference manual
1987 geocodes Place County Reason State County Place NEW JERSEY Gibbsboro borough Camden 34 007 1930 Population decrease New Hanover township (S) Burlington 34 005 2915 Population decrease Riverdale borough Morris 34 ...
Population, family, and welfare: a comparative survey of European ...
Population, family, and welfare: a comparative survey of European ...
Hein G. Moors, Rossella Palomba, 1998
All the projections concerning the countries of the UN, ECE, EU, or the Council of Europe contain a variant, very likely to occur, which forecasts a Population decrease after the turn of the millennium. Nevertheless, they do not attach great ...
Slave Populations of the British Caribbean, 1807-1834
Slave Populations of the British Caribbean, 1807-1834
B. W. Higman, 1995
THE PERIOD 1807-34 WAS UNIQUE IN THE HISTORY OF THE BRITISH Caribbean slave population, being marked by continuous absolute decline. In the first phase of population development, during the second half of the seventeenth ...
Youth Policy in Romania: Report by an International Group of ...
Youth Policy in Romania: Report by an International Group of ...
Population decrease The population of Romania has been decreasing over the last decade. This reduction in the population is the result, amongst other things, of the decriminalisation of abortion and the liberalisation of contraception as from ...
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After Huge Decrease, Pittsburgh Population On The Rise « CBS Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh has finally stemmed its long-running population slide - but it was close.
Census: Erie's population continues to decline | GoErie.com/Erie Times-News
New estimates released Thursday by the U.S. Census Bureau show most of the nation's largest cities surging in population growth. The same boast cannot be made by Erie. The city's population, on the decline for several decades, continues to slide, with a new count marking the lowest population total for Erie in 92 years. Erie's population on July 1, 2012, was 101,047, according to new data released Thursday by the bureau.
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Political, economical and social news about Ukraine.
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According to the FBI’s Preliminary Annual Uniform Crime Report, the nation experienced a 1.2 percent increase in the number of violent crimes and a 0.8 per
Population Declines for 20th Straight Year | News | The Moscow Times
The government reported on Wednesday that there were around 2,500 more deaths than births in Russia last year, representing a steep decline in the natural population loss but also a 20th straight year of natural decrease in the country.
The Real Experiment That Is Being Carried Out In Japan | A Fistful Of Euros
Posted on May 14, 2013 by Edward Hugh.
The Rocky Mountain Wolf Population Declined After Losing Endangered Species Protection | Motherboard
801 wolves were killed last year.
Population Estimates Increase for Dallas County, Decrease in Greene and Guthrie - Raccoon Valley Radio
The Iowa State Data Center recently released population estimates for counties across the state. The information is based on census data and shows total estimates of residents of all ages. According to the report, Dallas County is estimated to have increased in population by 8.8% between the 2010 census and July 1st of 2012, with an estimated 71,967 residents. Greene County’s estimate decreased by 2% during the same time frame, with an estimated 9,153 residents. And Guthrie County saw an [...]
Villages boom continues while prison numbers decrease Bradford population | WUFT News