A portative organ (portatif organ, portativ organ, or simply portative, portatif, or portativ) (from the Latin verb portare, "to carry") is a small pipe organ that consists of one rank of flue pipes, sometimes arranged in two rows, to be played while strapped to the performer at a right angle. The performer manipulates the bellows with one hand and fingers the keys with the other. The portative organ lacks a reservoir to retain a supply of wind, thus it will only produce sound while the bellows are being operated. The instrument was commonly used in secular music from the twelfth to the sixteenth centuries.

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Portative Technologies
1995 Allison Lane, Suite 100. Corydon, In 47112. Phone: (812)-738-7007. Fax: ( 812)-738-1510. E-mail: contact@Portative.com. We require that all subscribers ...
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A Portative organ (portatif organ, portativ organ, or simply Portative, portatif, or portativ) (from the Latin verb portare, "to carry") is a small pipe organ that consists ...
portative - definition of portative by the Free Online Dictionary ...
por·ta·tive (pôr t -t v, p r -). adj. 1. Portable. 2. Capable of or used in carrying. [ Middle English portatif, from Old French, from Latin port re, to carry; see per-2 in ...
Portative - Merriam-Webster Online
Middle English portatif, from Middle French, from Latin portatus, past participle of portare. First Known Use: 14th century. Rhymes with Portative. hortative ...
Portative | Define Portative at Dictionary.com
having or pertaining to the power or function of carrying. noun. 3. Also called Portative organ. a small portable pipe organ used especially during the Middle ...
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adjective. of or having the power of carrying; portable. Origin: ME < OFr portatif, lit ., that is carried < L portatus, pp. of portare, to carry (see fare) + OFr -if, -ive ...
The web page of Portative Pipe Organ builder, Sean Koreski.
Modern Firearms - Hotchkiss Portative
Hotchkiss Portative / Hotchkiss .303 Portable Mk.I machine gun / Benet-Mercie machine rifle M1909 (France / UK / USA) The Hotchkiss Portative is a ...
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Duke University | Music: Our Steinmeyer Portative Organ
May 30, 2013 ... One of the many instruments in DUMIC's collection is a small Portative organ, made by Georg Steinmeyer in the early 1950s. John Santoianni ...
Portative Organ, Opus 1 :: Ball State University School of Music ...
Portative Organ, Opus 1 ... Anderson University (Anderson, Ind.). ... Archival Collection, Ball State University School of Music Concert and Event Programs ...
UVM Four-Stop Portative Organ Travels around the ... - Relationsmith
The concerts featured the organs in each concert venue, as well as the university's four-stop Portative pipe organ. Neiweem joined the organist at each of the ...
Harpsichord/Portative Organ Room-MUS 223 - Music Production ...
Harpsichord/Portative Organ Room-MUS 223. Contact. School of Music University of South Florida 4202 East Fowler Ave., MUS 101. Tampa, FL 33620 ...
Portative organ - Digital Collections - University at Buffalo
Repository: State University of New York at Buffalo. ... Depicts an angel playing a Portative organ, a detail of Christ surrounded by singing and playing angels.
Portative organ - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A historical-style Portative organ built in Germany in 1979. A depiction of a woman playing a .... Britannica 22 (11th ed.). Cambridge University Press. p. 111.
Masterful music with University Organist Timothy Albrecht - The Post ...
Aug 27, 2012 ... Since the organ's installation in 2005, Emory University. ... (The Graves Memorial Portative Organ was installed on August 20 and will be ...
Organ Series Opens Sept. 9 with Bach Live!
Aug 13, 2012 ... The new Portative organ by Jaeckel debuts Sept. 9. Emory University announces its 2012-2013 University Organist Recital Series. Now in its ...
Bibliothèque portative des écrivains françois : Moysant, François ...
Anonymous User (login or join us). Upload · Ebook and Texts Archive > Canadian Libraries > University of Ottawa > Bibliothèque Portative des écrivains françois ...
Vade Mecum du professeur de Français, encyclopédie portative de ...
Vade Mecum du professeur de Français, encyclopédie Portative de connaissances et d'exercices utiles à ... Book contributor: Robarts - University of Toronto ...
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