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The R-14 Chusovaya (Russian: Чусовая) was a theatre ballistic missile developed by the Soviet Union during the Cold War. It was given the NATO reporting name SS-5 Skean and was known by GRAU index 8K65. It was designed by Mikhail Kuzmich Yangel. Chusovaya is the name of a river in Russia. Line production was undertaken by Facility No. 1001 in Krasnoyarsk.
R-14 tests began in September 1959. The missile was the basis of the Kosmos-3 launch vehicle family. In 1964, the R-14 was equipped with a smaller second stage to create the 65S3 booster and eight were flown over the next year from LC-41 at Baikonur. By 1966, the fully operational 11K65 booster was in use, but it was flown only four times before being succeeded by the definitive 11K65M launcher, used for assorted light civilian and military satellites. This vehicle is still in use by the Russian Federation today, with most being launched from Plesetsk (a very few have also been flown from Kapustin Yar).
The missile was gradually replaced by RSD-10 Pioneers, and by the mid 1980s most had been taken out of service. The last missiles were scrapped on August 9, 1989.

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R-14 Chusovaya - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A right side view of two vehicle-mounted Soviet R-14 missiles (SS-5 Skean) IRBMs (1977). ... Used by, Strategic Rocket Forces. Wars, Cold War. Production ...
Kosmos (rocket family) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Kosmos (also spelled Cosmos, Russian: Ко́смос) rockets are a series of Soviet and subsequently Russian rockets, derived from the R-12 and R14 missiles, ...
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The R-14 extended range and accuracy of its predecessors -- the R-11 and R-12 -- which both also used storable propellants. The rocket was developed at ...
R-14 - Encyclopedia Astronautica
In parallel with this the new rocket was being secretly deployed to Cuba. Two regiments with 16 R-14 launchers joined 3 regiments of R-12's on the island.
R-14 / SS-5 SKEAN - Russian / Soviet Nuclear Forces
Unlike the previous single-stage rockets, the R-14 used an efficient system of draining the propellant tanks to reduce required propellant mass. The R-14 marked ...
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History of Russian space launchers by Anatoly Zak. ... RUSSIA'S SPACE ROCKET FLEET: To magnify click with the right button (PC) or control click (Mac)
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Cosmos-1, 3, 3M and 3MU | SL-8 | C-1 - Russian Space Web
The R-14 ballistic missile served as the first stage of the future launcher. ..... Ncube-2, 1, 100x100x100, Universities of Norway, Andoya Rocket Range, Norway ...
Robert H. Goddard - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Goddard and his team launched 34 rockets between 1926 and 1941, achieving ... [14] :64 Goddard's father further encouraged Robert's scientific interest by .... Goddard received his M.A. degree in physics from Clark University in 1910, and ...
V-2 rocket - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Commonly referred to as the V-2 rocket, the liquid-propellant rocket was the world's ... to initiate the funding of university research to solve rocket problems. : 40 ..... The setup may look similar to the R-7 launch procedure but in the case of the ...
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R-PHS Rocket News. February 14, 2012 ... She plans to attend either Michigan State University or the University of Michigan to major in chemistry and later to ...
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R-16 - Encyclopedia Astronautica
R-16 space launch vehicle rocket. ... A 13 May 1959 decree authorised Yangel to begin work on the R-14 MRBM and R-16 ICBM, and Korolev to start .... Siddiqi, Asif A, The Soviet Space Race With Apollo, University Press of Florida, 2003.
Dropbox - Great Space Race!
13, University of Toronto, 9,177, 24,931 points. 14, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 10,936, 24,766 points. 15, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya ...
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The V2 and the German, Russian and American Rocket Program
The V2 and the German, Russian and American Rocket Program
C. Reuter
The V2 and the Russian and American Rocket Program longitudinal axis. To control the rocket in flight the main engine of the R-14 could be gimbaled by pneumatic or hydraulic means. Like all other early Soviet projects the R-14 was ...
Military Technologies of the World
Military Technologies of the World
T.W. Lee, 2008
... 186 Quebec-class submarines, 338 R-series missiles, 199 R-1 rocket, 71 R-5M rocket, 71 R-5 rocket, 71 R-7 rocket, ... 72 R-12 rocket, 72 R-14 rocket, 72 R-1820 -97 Cyclone engine, 38 radar cross-section (RCS), 9 radar technology, 151, ...
Rockets and People: Creating a Rocket Industry
Rockets and People: Creating a Rocket Industry
Boris Chertok, 2006
Creating a Rocket Industry Boris Chertok ... The R-14 was designed for a maximum range of 4,500 kilometers. ... Al though Yangel's high-boiling component R-12 and R-14 missiles were capable of destroying all the United States' NATO allies ...
The Soyuz Launch Vehicle: The Two Lives of an Engineering ...
The Soyuz Launch Vehicle: The Two Lives of an Engineering ...
On September 24, 1963, the 348th R-14 rocket division arrived in Plesetsk (Y. E. Suslov). An R-14U launch platform was built at Medvejny-Gory (Zone 131) to test elements of the Aldan missile system. The first flight took place on July 18, 1969,  ...
History of Liquid Propellant Rocket Engines
History of Liquid Propellant Rocket Engines
George Paul Sutton, 2006
867 France. 792. 793 Soviet Union R-l. R-2. R-5. R-7; R-9A. R-12. R-14. R-16, R- 36 (Energomash), 589-591 R-16. RS-20B. RS-20V ... 653 booster rocket engines for multi-stage flight vehicles (examples) Apollo/Saturn SLV. 16. 425. see F-l ...
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