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The R33 class of British rigid airships were built for the Royal Naval Air Service during the First World War, but were not completed until after the end of hostilities, by which time the RNAS had become part of the Royal Air Force. The lead ship, R33, went on to serve successfully for ten years and survived one of the most alarming and heroic incidents in airship history when she was torn from her mooring mast in a gale. She was called a "Pulham Pig" by the locals, as the blimps based there had been, and is immortalised in the village sign for Pulham St Mary. The only other airship in the class, R34, became the first aircraft to make an east to west crossing of the Atlantic Ocean in July 1919, and was decommissioned two years later after being damaged during a storm. The crew nicknamed her "Tiny".

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R34. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jump to: navigation, search ... R34 (airship) - British airship that made the first East-West crossing of the Atlantic by ...
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R34[edit]. R34 made her first flight on 14 March 1919 and was delivered to her service base at East Fortune on 30 May of the same year.
Airshipsonline : Airships : R34
To the members of her crew, His Majesty's Airship R34 was known as 'Tiny' - inevitably. The ship was enormous: as big as a contemporary 'Dreadnought' ...
R34 Airship - National Museums Scotland
The R.34 Airship made the first return crossing of the Atlantic by air and you can find out more the jouney at National Museum of Flight, East Fortune.
British Airship R-34 | R34 Arrival in America - Airships
Jul 6, 2009 ... Today is the 90th anniversary of the arrival of the British airship R34 in America on July 6, 1919, after its historic transatlantic crossing.
R34 - Airshipedia
The R34 was One of the many British constructed Airships and a Memorable one in airship...
R34 airship makes first trans-Atlantic return | In-depth | The Engineer
Jul 12, 2010 ... At the beginning of the First World War, Britain commissioned a series of airships for military use. Among these was the R34, spanning the ...
The R34 Airship - Shortstown heritage
Shortstown in Bedfordshire historic heritage site.
R33-class airship - Wikipedia, the free…
Development . Substantially larger than the preceding R31 class, the R33 class was in the design stage in 1916 when a German Zeppelin, production number LZ 76 (and ...
Rosebud's WWI and Early Aviation Image…
Marriott Airship Avitor Hermes, Jr. San Francisco 1869; Stevens Airship №1 - Pegasus 1902; Greth Airship California ...
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Airship R34 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
Nov 11, 2009 ... Photographic print entitled 'Airship R34', from a William Beardmore & Co ... Follow University of Glasgow Library University of Glasgow Library ...
Kate O'Hara :: Weblog :: Airship R34 at Beardmore airship sheds ...
Apr 26, 2007 ... Airship R34 at Beardmore airship sheds, Inchinnan in 1919 · Airship R34 at Beardmore ... I stumbled on some airship pictures on Scran and had to share. Isn' t that picture ... Image is © Glasgow University Archives. Licensor ...
Scran ::: Airship R34 at Beardmore airship sheds, Inchinnan in 1919
Airship R34 at Beardmore airship sheds, Inchinnan in 1919. Postcard of Airship R34 at ... Resource Rights Holder: Glasgow University Archives. Scran ID ...
List of British airships - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Airship development in the United Kingdom lagged behind that of Germany and France. The first .... Scrapped March 1928: R34 - first flight, 14 March 1919.
Airship R34 - University of Glasgow
Photograph print, entitled "Airship R34", from a William Beardmore & Co Ltd Photographic print entitled 'Airship R34', from a William Beardmore & Co Ltd ...
Rigid Airship H.M.A. R34 Airships - CardCow Vintage Postcards
The British Airship R34, was the first aircraft to make a round-trip crossing of the Atlantic Ocean, departing east for Tune, Scotland on July 2, 1919 and arriving at  ...
No. 2571: Intercity Dirigible Service - University of Houston
Alcock and Brown flew a plane from Newfoundland to Ireland, but the British flew their R34 dirigible a lot further and against the Westerlies, all the way from ...
1919 Dirigible R34 - SummertownPrints
1919 Zeppelin R34 see detail of this image below ... Detail from "1919 Navy Zeppelin R34 " panorama ... 1911 Iowa State University (College) · 1914 Iroquois  ...
[PDF]airships - School of Mechanical Engineering - University of Adelaide
Oct 10, 2006 ... This report presents the results of research into airship technology. Airships are ...... The R34 airship completed the first crossing of the Atlantic ...
AIRSHIP > LTA United Kingdom - Colorado
Feb 24, 2003 ... The revolutionary experiments carried out using the R33 airship. How the R34, after her successful Trans-Atlantic flight was destroyed at ...
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Putnam Aeronautical Review
Putnam Aeronautical Review
John Motum, 1990
The Putnam Aeronautical Review is devoted to the design, development and service history of the world's aircraft.
Airship Technology
Airship Technology
Gabriel Alexander Khoury, 2012
On arrival in the United States, there being no hangar large enough to accommodate it, the R34 spent several days ... of cables was secured by ground anchors; it was the best-proven mooring system available for large airships at the time.
Rough Rigid Airship Log: Flying Log H.M.A. R34
Rough Rigid Airship Log: Flying Log H.M.A. R34
Great Britain. Royal Air Force, G. Herbert Scott, 1919
Includes: 2 charts of the North Atlantic ocean with route of airship plotted in pencil; manuscript statement and two typescript copies of the history of the logbook written by Major G. Herbert Scott, 9 July 1930; and manuscript description ...
Flight: The Complete History
Flight: The Complete History
R. G. Grant, 2007
Produced in association with the Smithsonian Institution's National Air and Space Museum, this volume of capsule histories and archival images traces the history of flight with all the sepia-toned authority of a public broadcasting documentary. Offering thumbnail profiles of aviation heroes and inventors and a plethora of diagrams and photos, ...
Aeronautics Vol XX No 377
Aeronautics Vol XX No 377
The above results show the necessity of using pin or ball joints in the future airship. A light type of ... In an airship of the size of R34 a. tube of about 4 in. external diameter would be required in place of the existing triangular girder.
Aircraft Journal
Aircraft Journal
Trial Flights Of the British Rigid Airships The R33 Performed Satisfactorily, Carrying Thirty Persons——Her Sister Ship, the R34, Remained in the Air Continuously for Nineteen Hours British Rigid Airship, R 33; Hp., 1250; speed, 70 m.p.h.; leng ...
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British Airship R-34 | R34 Arrival in America
Today is the 90th anniversary of the arrival of the British airship R34 in America on July 6, 1919, after its historic transatlantic crossing. At approximately 9:00 AM on July 6, 1919, R34 arrived at Mineola, New York after crossing
R34 AIRSHIP | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
Taken from "The Great War" - May 24th 1919. R34 Airship, 670ft long and 1250hp, launched at Inchinnan, near Glasgow, March 14th 1919.
British Airship R34 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
In a recent clearout of my parent’s house, I was reacquainted with these old encyclopaedias, which my grandfather had bought as a set in 1919, just after World War One. Not surprisingly, much of the content relates to military advances made during the so-called Great War. I remember seeing these encyclopaedias as a child, my father having brought them home from his father's in the late 1950s. I can't recall him referring to them very often, but no doubt these dusty old volume’s would have been a much treasured items during the post-war period. This book fell open at this page, showing a superbly detailed drawing of British built airship R.34. The airship, one of the largest and most advanced of its time was built between 1917 and 1918. More about R.34 here: www.airshipsonline.com/airships/r34/index.html
Stafford family come forward after appeal | Staff Newsletter
THE Stafford family of the world's first aerial stowaway who hid in a giant airship more than 90 years ago have come forward. William Ballantyne hid in the rigging of the giant R34 airship, which...
BRITISH AIRSHIPS | IMechE Archive and Library
The Bournemouth, pictured here, was built by the English Airship Club for the Festival of Britain in 1951. It was the first built in Britain after the disastrous loss of the R101 in 1930, and since the closure of the British Airship programme (1932). At 109 feet long and 27 feet in diameter, it was…
Airship Weekends | Diss Community Partnership
R34 Adv Nwsltr 3 There will be an airship weekend on 10-11 May 2014, as a tourism initiative between Diss Museum and the Pulham Pennoyer Centre. Pulham will be putting events on all that weekend. So you can just go there if you wish. Or you can come to the Park Hotel in Diss for…
PTA Transit Authority: R34 Rigid Airship
The design for the R34 Rigid Airship. .
blimps.... airships.... dirigibiles
According to Defination Aviation is the design, development, production, operation, and use of aircraft, especially heavier-than-air aircraft. Since...
That was the headline on 6 July, 1919, after the British R34 airship - a craft twice the length of a soccer pitch - successfully completed a 108-hour flight to land safely on Long Island, US. The R34 was a military machine, built to carry more than two tonnes of bombs.
Our Gallery: Airship is Dieselpunk | Dieselpunk Encyclopedia
A symbol, a trope, a hallmark, a cliché - call it by any other name, the airship is inseparable from Dieselpunk. Our alternative skies are full of dirigibles, real and unreal, peaceful transports and dangerous battleships. These giants can be seen as the ultimate expression of Diesel Era spirit and, at the same time, of…