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The Taittiriya Shakha is a notable shakha ("rescension") of the Krishna Yajurveda. The Vishnu Purana attributes it to a pupil of Yaska named Tittiri. It is most prevalent in south India. The shakha consists of:
- The Taittiriya Samhita— (TS) which consists of 8 books or kaandas, subdivided in chapters or prapathakas, further subdivided into individual hymns. Some individual hymns in this Samhita have gained particular importance in Hinduism; e.g. TS 4.5 and TS 4.7 constitute the Shri Rudram Chamakam, while 1.8.6.i is the Shaivaite Tryambakam mantra.
- The Taittiriya Brahmana (having three kaandas). Part of kathaka shakha brahmana is also included in this shakha.
- the Taittiriya Aranyaka (having seven prashnas)
The Taittiriya Upanishad (having three prashnas or vallis - Sheeksha valli, Ananda valli and Bhrigu valli)
The Mahanarayana Upanishad
The Nakṣatra Sūktam comes from kāṇḍa 3, prapāṭhakaḥ 5, Anuvākaḥ 1 of the Taittirīya Saṃhitāḥ
- The Apastamba Shrautasutra/The Bodhayana Shrautasutra/The Vaikhanasa Shrautasutra/The Hiranyakeshi Shrautasutra
The Taittiriya Upanishad and Mahanarayana Upanishad are considered to be the seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth prashnas of the Taittiriya Aaranyaka. The words prapaathaka and kaanda (meaning sections) are interchangeably used in the Vedic literature. Prashna and valli refer to sections of the Aaranyaka.

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The Taittiriya Shakha is a notable shakha ("rescension") of the Black Yajurveda. The Vishnu Purana attributes it to a pupil of Yaska named Tittiri. It is most ...
Yajurveda - Taittiriya Samhita, Brahmana, Aranyaka etc.
"Taittiriya Brahmana", 3 vols., edited by Hari Narayana Apte, 1898 ( AnandAshram Publishers) ... The Taittiriya Brahmana consists of three voluminous books:
TITUS Texts: Black Yajur-Veda: Taittiriya-Brahmana: Frame
TITUS: Texts: Black Yajur-Veda: Taittiriya-Brahmana: Frame>: Index>
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Texts relating to the taittiriya shakha of the krishna yajur veda. 1) Taittirya Samhita ... 3) Taittiriya Brahmana with the commentary of Bhatta Bhaskara ( complete).
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Taittiriya Brahmana. 13 likes · 0 talking about this. The Taittiriya Shakha is a notable shakha ("rescension") of the Black Yajurveda. The Vishnu Purana attributes ...
Brahmana & Aranyaka - Arsha Bodha Center
Mantra and Brahmana portions are intermixed. • Taittiriya Samhita- Mantras scattered with Brahmana. • Taittiriya Brahmana - Mantras & Brahmana passages.
Reflections on The Taittiriya Brahmana - Exotic India
Preface We are pleased to bring out this book 'Reflections on the Taittiriya Brahmana', a collection of research papers related to the Taittiriya Brahmana. Vaidika ...
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Taittiriya Brahmana. ... Taittiriya Brahmana (Original Sanskrit Text) ...... Home | Religion | Culture | Learn Online | Digital Library | Audio | Videos | Books | Articles  ...
Taittiriya Upanishad - A Contemporary…
Transcending dualities is the central theme of Hindu spirituality. It is said that duality is the cause of all sorrows. The duality that plagues Indian society today ...
Vedic Samhitas and Brahmanas
Taittiriya Brahmana of Krishna Yajurveda: The Brahmana comprises of 3 kandas, which are divided into 8, 8 and 12 adhyayas respectively.
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[PDF]Taittiriya Brahmana - Maharishi University of Management
v;/;y ) b[˜vcRsI .vit ) mu%' v; EtdOtUn;m( 11 y√sNt" ) yo vsNt;…¶m;/ˇe ) mu:y Ev .vit ) aqo yoinmNtmevwn'. [Taittir´ya] b[;˜,m(. 2. (2). MAHARISHI UNIVERSITY OF ...
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Information about Taittiriya Aranyaka in the free online English dictionary and ... at the University of Utrecht, is an extensively annotated translation of Taittiriya ...
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Language of The Taittiriya Brahmana. by Lowe, Ramesh. Published by : Indo- Vision (Ghaziabad) Year: 1987. Tags from this library: No tags from this library for  ...
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The Taittiriya Brahmana, with the commentary of Bhattabhaskaramisra . ... Note: At head of title of v.2: University of Mysore. Oriental library publications. Sanskrit ...
Louisiana State University ... likely to have been known at the time of Taittiriya Samhitri itself. A ...... the Jaiminiya Brahmana, University of Chicago Press.
taittiriya Brahmana. - Digital Library of India
Taittiriya Brahmana. Author1. Bhatta Bhaskara Misra. Author2. Subject. Literature. Language. sanskrit. Barcode. 1990010088003. Year. 1921. BookReader-1.
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Sanskrit net, National Sanskrit University at Tirupati Another Great collection. ..... Taittiriya Brahmana (edited by Subramania Sarma, Chennai 2004-2005) ...
[PDF]The Agnihotra (Or Fire-God Oblation) in the Taittirīya-Brāhmaṇa - Jstor
Professor of Sanskrit and Indology, Johns Hopkins University. PREFATORY NOTE. The Taittiriya-Samhita does not deal with the. Agnihotra, the Fire-God ...
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Ásura- in Early Vedic Religion
Ásura- in Early Vedic Religion
Wash Edward Hale, 1986
"The Horse-Sacrifice in the Taittiriya-Brahmana: The Eighth and Ninth Prapathakas of the Third Kanda of the Taittiriya Brahmana with Translation." Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society 92 (1948): 447-503. . "The Special Kinds of ...
Textual Sources for the Study of Hinduism
Textual Sources for the Study of Hinduism
Wendy Doniger, 1988
Shatapatha Brahmana Compare the parallel texts: Shatapatha Brahmana;; Taittiriya Aranyaka 1.23. 1-9; Taittiriya Brahmana 2.2. 9.1; Brihadaranyaka Upanishad 1.4.1-6. See the discussion in my Hindu Myths, pp.
Reflections on Resemblance, Ritual, and Religion
Reflections on Resemblance, Ritual, and Religion
Brian K. Smith, 1998
"The Horse-Sacrifice in the Taittiriya-Brahmana: The Eighth and Ninth Prapathakas of the Third Kanda of the Taittiriya-Brahmana with Translation." Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society 92 (1948): 447- 503. . "The Human ...
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