"The Cage" is the first pilot episode of the Star Trek: The Original Series. It was completed in early 1965 (with a copyright date of 1964), but not broadcast on television in its complete form until late 1988. The episode was written by Gene Roddenberry and directed by Robert Butler. It was rejected by NBC in February 1965, and the network ordered another pilot episode, which became "Where No Man Has Gone Before". Much original footage from "The Cage" was later incorporated into the first season two-parter, "The Menagerie".

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Talosian - Memory Alpha, the Star Trek Wiki
The Talosians were an aged, cerebral, sentient, humanoid species native to Talos IV in the...
Star Trek Talosians
Planet: Talos IV. Humanoids dependent upon illusion; their civilization was nearly wiped out by war thousands of centuries ago. They are only now beginning to ...
Talosian - Memory Beta, non-canon Star Trek Wiki
For the mirror universe counterpart, see Talosian (mirror). The Talosians were the sentient...
Talosian (mirror) - Memory Beta, non-canon Star Trek Wiki
For the primary universe counterpart, see Talosian. In the mirror universe, the Talosians were...
The Cage (Star Trek: The Original Series) - Wikipedia, the free ...
Captivated by her beauty, Pike is caught off guard and is captured by the Talosians, a race of humanoids with bulbous heads who live beneath the planet's  ...
Talosians. Talosian 20K Talos IV has not been completely explored and the Stellar Fleet has furnished few newses to regard. The results of the contact with ...
Talosians - Notes
Mar 15, 2013 ... One of the more mysterious species the Federation has encountered, the Talosian culture dates back hundreds of thousands of years. In the ...
Talosian - STF
Mar 6, 2002 ... One of the more mysterious species the Federation has encountered, the Talosian culture dates back hundreds of thousands of years.
talosians | Every Star Trek Ever
Jul 18, 2012 ... It looks like they've cut out some of the bits about the other aliens in the Talosian cages. For the most part, it's all the same. Although I never ...
USS Sirius Mission to Talos - An Orbiter…
This is my simulation of an expedition by the Galaxy Class Starship USS Sirius to the Talos star system. The Talosians are a humanoid species characterized ...
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Alien Life: Martian dry lake beds and could 'Talosians' exist?
Jul 10, 2010 ... g Intelligence - Researchers at the University of California, San Diego ... g Imagining - Star Trek's very first alien, the Talosians, pose quite an ...
Talosians - medical-answers.org
The Talosians are a humanoid species characterized by large crania and bald heads. ... ABC News' calls to University Medical Center in El Paso were .
List of Star Trek races - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Check date values in: |date= (help); ^ Diana M. A. Relke (2006). "Drones, Clones, and Alpha Babes: Retrofitting Star Trek's Humanism, Post-9/11". University of ...
What SETI is (or was) searching for and Star Trek's Talosians | Portal ...
May 1, 2011 ... What SETI is (or was) searching for and Star Trek's Talosians ... See article.g Intelligence - Researchers at Brown University have found that ...
The Cage Page - StarTrek History
Shown on the right is character actress Meg Wyllie, who played the Talosian known ..... He then attended Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois where he ...
Talosian's Medals - Newgrounds.com
Talosian's Medals. This user has not earned any medals. ... Welcome to the College University series, created by Mike and Andy Parker! Next Section. 212: 90:0.
Edam Astrun - Memory Beta, non-canon Star Trek Wiki
With the assistance of the Talosians, Astrun was able to commandeer a ... son into a violent beast, and insisted that Edam transfer to the University of Betazed.
[OCC] Lost in Dreams - Page 6 - Steve Jackson Games Forums
Originally Posted by Talosian View Post ... aspect of it during his studies in a respectable British University, he placated his father, an old school ...
The World's Best Photos of talosian - Flickr Hive Mind
Talosians 12.11.64 (birdofthegalaxy) Tags: startrek television 35mm scifi ... red shot back convention row front group school class villain university martian 7 ...
Martian dry lake beds and could 'Talosians' exist? | Portal to the ...
Jul 10, 2010 ... See article.g Intelligence - Researchers at the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine have found that women and men eat ...
Books on the term Talosians
A Brief Guide to Star Trek
A Brief Guide to Star Trek
Brian J. Robb, 2012
Captured by the Talosians (large headed mute creatures, now humanoid in form) ,Pikeis incarcerated with Vina, in fact the solesurvivor of the Columbia crash. The remaining Enterprise landing crew see the encampment vanish, realising itto ...
The Nitpicker's Guide for Classic Trekkers
The Nitpicker's Guide for Classic Trekkers
Phil Farrand, 2010
Now this must-have book for all Trekkers -- which covers every episode of the original series, the pilot, and all six movies -- reveals all the bloopers, continuity errors, plot oversights, equipment malfunctions, and goof-ups that ...
Star Trek: The Original Series: Burning Dreams
Star Trek: The Original Series: Burning Dreams
Margaret Wander Bonanno, 2006
Before James T. Kirk, another captain stood on the bridge of the U.S.S. Enterprise™, spearheading its mission of exploration into the uncharted reaches of the galaxy. He was a man driven to perfection, a brooding soul whose haunted eyes reflected the burden of the impossible standards he set for himself, and for whom his longtime science officer, S...
Digital Delirium
Digital Delirium
Arthur Kroker, Marilouise Kroker, 1997
When Pike concentrares all his feelings on his hatred of the Talosians, the processor-generared force field which surtounds Pike's cage breaks down. Pike is able to datt our of the cage and ting his hands atound the Talosian leadet's neck.
Star Trek Reader's Reference to the Novels: 1980-1983
Star Trek Reader's Reference to the Novels: 1980-1983
Alva Underwood, 2011
SEE Talosians. The Federation imposed Order No. 7 following Captain Pike's recommendation that the planet be placed under “immediate and unconditional quarantine, with severe penalties established for any contact or communication with ...
Amia Kettier, 2007
Eridia was a Talosian. In appearance, she was much like an Earthling, except for the tell-tale orange irises that all Talosians had. The Talosian's eyes were eerie because they refracted light in a way that almost made them seem to glow. Once  ...
Star Trek The Collectibles
Star Trek The Collectibles
Steve Kelley, 2008
This book provides a wide-range of Star Trek treasures you can appreciate whether you're a devoted Trekkie or a novice collector of this epic American science-fiction franchise.Then the pages of this spectacular guide, you'll discover more than 1,500 color photos including memorabilia direct from Paramount Studios warehouses. In addition,...
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She has an illusion and you have reality. May you find your way as pleasant. — Head Talosian, "The Cage" Itchy's increased cranial capacity in "Planet of the Aches" (this is the episode Bart watches from his room in "Bart of Darkness") apes the depiction of the mighty Talosians in the original Star Trek pilot.…
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Either this is a grooming gone bad or the Talosians from Star Trek have crossed over into canine blood lines with telepathic abilities. You know the worst thing about Canine Talosians? You never know what they are thinking. They just stare at you.
Planet of Origin: Talos III (Note: This might be an hommage or a reference to the 1964 Star Trek pilot episode "The Cage", which takes place on Talos IV)Talosians are a sexuate humanoid species who are believed to have developed interstellar space travel as of the 21st century. At least some of them possess shapeshifting abilities to some extent, being able to switch between two forms, a social one, which looks much like a regular human with green hair, and a hunting form.
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Another show created by Gene that I love watching is Earth: Final Conflict and I have recently noticed the way in which the Taelons were created. It...
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What star captain worth his salt wouldn't be imagining what it would be like to use a Talosian for boxing practice?.
The Dragon's Cache: We Are What Our Deeds Make Us: The Talosians
In the Star Trek pilot episode The Cage, Captain Christopher Pike is captured by the Talosians, who impose upon him a series of dreams either drawn from his recent experience or his repressed desires. He returns from his latest dream to find not only Vena in his cell, but also his personal yeoman and Number One, his second-in-command.