Temeșvar Province, Ottoman Empire
The Eyalet of Temeşvar (Ottoman Turkish: ایالت تمشوار; Eyālet-i Temešvār), known as Eyalet of Yanova after 1658, was a first-level administrative unit (eyalet) of the Ottoman Empire located in the Banat region of Central Europe.
Besides Banat, the province also included area north of the Mureş River, part of the Crişana region. Its territory is now divided between Hungary, Romania, and Serbia. Its capital was Temeşvar (Romanian: Timişoara).

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History of Timişoara - Wikipedia
Because of Timișoara's strategic location, the Ottomans desired to ... centre of an Ottoman province, the Province of Temeşvar .
Temeşvar Eyalet - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Eyalet of the Ottoman Empire ... The name of the province in Ottoman Turkish was Eyâlet-i Temeşvar or Eyâlet-i Tımışvar (in ... The Turkish name Temeşvar is given after the Hungarian one, Temesvár meaning "Castle on the Temes" (River).
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About Timișoara - Jazz TM
The Ottoman writer Mustafa Gelaldzade called Timişoara “the most important and ... the Ottoman fortress and thus the region became a province of the Habsburg ... 1552 – the Ottoman Empire conquers Timişoara and turns it into a “paşalîc”
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Aug 16, 2012 ... Media in category "Temeşvar Province, Ottoman Empire". The following 14 ... Temesvar Eyalet, Central europe 1683.png · Temesvar Eyalet ...
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Sep 28, 2013 ... English: Temesvar Eyalet in 1683. Tributary states of the Ottoman Empire are shown in pink. Date, 2011-09-06 18:17 (UTC). Source.
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According to the 2002 census, 67,566 people, approx. 0.3% of the total population, indicated that their religion was Islam. The vast majority of Romania's believers ...
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Transylvania - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Romans built new mines, roads and forts in the province. .... His military campaigns against the Ottoman Empire brought him the status of .... Bem's army was defeated decisively at the Battle of Timişoara (Temesvár, ..... Southeastern Europe Under Ottoman Rule, 1354–1804 (History of East Central Europe), University of ...
Banat - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The term "banat" or "banate" designated a frontier province led by a military .... up until 1552, when the region of Temesvár was taken by the Ottoman Empire. ... The Banat was incorporated into the Ottoman Empire in 1552, and became an ..... Cambridge University Press; ^ Smaranda Vultur, De l'Ouest à l'Est et de l'Est à ...
The Final Establishment of Ottoman Rule - coursesa.matrix.m...
... Chapter 3 of his Southeastern Europe under Ottoman Rule, 1354-1804, University of ... The expression "core" provinces needs some explanation. While the Ottoman Empire was a highly centralized state with strictly defined ... Besides Buda and Rumelia, the European mainland eyalets were Bosnia and Temesvar prior to ...
[PDF]A significant intellectual achievement.
From the Holy Roman Empire and the Ottomans to the Austro-Hungarian ... in the Balkans Irina Marin follows the history of the Banat of Temesvár, a province ... Visiting Professor of Romanian Studies, Georgetown University, Washington DC.
Temeşvar Eyalet - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
History. -, Established, 1552. -, Austro-Turkish War of 1716–1718, 1716 ... The name of the province in Ottoman Turkish was Eyâlet-i Temeşvar or Eyâlet-i ... The Turkish name Temeşvar is given after the Hungarian one, Temesvár meaning ...
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Encyclopedia of the Ottoman Empire
Encyclopedia of the Ottoman Empire
Gábor Ágoston, Bruce Alan Masters, 2009
However, due to its strategic location, the Ottomans occupied the area around Temesvár (Timişoara in present-day Romania) in 1552, and turned it into their second Ottoman province in Hungary, the beylerbeylik of Temeşvar. Throughout the ...
Guns for the Sultan: Military Power and the Weapons Industry ...
Guns for the Sultan: Military Power and the Weapons Industry ...
Gábor Ágoston, 2005
Military Power and the Weapons Industry in the Ottoman Empire Gábor Ágoston ... European 1 2 technology, transfer of 9, 45 tekalif-i orfiyye (Ottoman irregular tax) 100 Temesvar (H. Temesvar, R. Timisoara) 27, 98, 180,200 province of 136 ...
Elevating and Safeguarding Culture Using Tools of the ...
Elevating and Safeguarding Culture Using Tools of the ...
Tassos A. Mikropoulos
province of the Ottoman empire. ... The following year, the Ottoman troops occupied Visegrad. ... the second vizier Ahmet Paşa conquered Temesvar, and then the other fortresses of Banato, that immediately become the Ottoman provinces.
Geographical Dynamics of FDI in Romania
Geographical Dynamics of FDI in Romania
Istvan Oliver Egresi, 2008
This could be explained by Timisoara's proximity to Northeast Italy, from where most Italian investors originate. Over 80 percent of all Italian companies investing in Romania are headquartered in Northeast Italy and 20 percent are from the province of Veneto alone (Stocchiero n.d.). ... Timisoara had historically been part of other states (Hungary, the Ottoman Empire, and Austria) before being annexed by ...
Rise of the Ottoman Empire
Rise of the Ottoman Empire
Paul Wittek, Colin Heywood, 2013
... vilayet of Rumeli stopped at these limits; Western lands conquered later were organised into the new vilayets of Bosnia, Temesvar ... Rumeli, organised as it was in the vilayet of that name, was considered by the Turks to be an 'essential' province that formed, with the ... Romania's by far and eventually encompassed the whole domain of the Orthodox church on Ottoman soil in Europe, but did no more ...
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Temeșvar Province, Ottoman Empire
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Why write about a province that has long ceased to be and is currently divided between three states? Irina Marin explains why she wrote about the historic Habsburg province of the Banat of Temesvár Well-hidden behind the title Contested Frontiers in the Balkans: Ottoman and Habsburg Rivalries in Eastern Europe is a monograph of the Banat of Temesvár or, by its Romanian name, Banatul Timișoarei. Why write a book about a historical province that has long ceased to be one and is currently peacefully divided between Romania, Serbia and Hungary? Outside the region and a narrow circle of historians, the Banat is a classic Ruritania, a non-existent land for all the reality it has for outsiders.
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