Von Mises yield criterion
The von Mises yield criterion suggests that the yielding of materials begins when the second deviatoric stress invariant J_2 reaches a critical value. For this reason, it is sometimes called the J_2-plasticity or J_2 flow theory. It is part of a plasticity theory that applies best to ductile materials, such as metals. Prior to yield, material response is assumed to be elastic.
In materials science and engineering the von Mises yield criterion can be also formulated in terms of the von Mises stress or equivalent tensile stress, \sigma_v, a scalar stress value that can be computed from the Cauchy stress tensor. In this case, a material is said to start yielding when its von Mises stress reaches a critical value known as the yield strength, \sigma_y. The von Mises stress is used to predict yielding of materials under any loading condition from results of simple uniaxial tensile tests. The von Mises stress satisfies the property that two stress states with equal distortion energy have equal von Mises stress.
Because the von Mises yield criterion is independent of the first stress invariant, I_1, it is applicable for the analysis of plastic deformation for ductile materials such as metals, as the onset of yield for these materials does not depend on the hydrostatic component of the stress tensor.
Although formulated by Maxwell in 1865, it is generally attributed to Richard Edler von Mises (1913). Tytus Maksymilian Huber (1904), in a paper in Polish, anticipated to some extent this criterion. This criterion is also referred to as the MaxwellHuberHencky–von Mises theory.

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The Von Mises yield criterion suggests that the yielding of materials begins when the second deviatoric stress invariant J_2 reaches a critical value. For this ...
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This is the Von Mises yield criterion. We can also define a yield stress in terms of a pure shear, k. A pure shear stress can be represented in a Mohr's Circle, ...
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On the Application of von Mises' Yield Criterion to a Class of. Plane Strain Thermal Stress Problems. Ahmet N. ERASLAN. Middle East Technical University, ...
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May 1, 1988 ... The proposed yield function includes as limiting forms, both the classical yield criterion of Tresca and that of von Mises. It is shown that the ...
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2.1 Tresca yield surface; 2.2 von Mises yield surface; 2.3 Mohr–Coulomb yield surface; 2.4 Drucker–Prager yield surface ... The Von Mises yield criterion is expressed in the principal stresses as .... Cambridge University Press, 2012 .
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He gave the first university course on powered flight in 1913, and made and piloted ... von Mises developed a criterion for the yield stress of ductile materials that ...
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University of Delaware. Department of Civil and ... Remark: The Von Mises yield criterion shares several shortcomings with the Tresca model in connection with ...
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Some of the commonly used yield criteria/ failure criteria are 1. Von Mises yield criterion 2. ... 14.3.1 Von Mises yield criterion von Mises (1913) suggested that yielding will occur when the second invariant of the deviatoric stress tensor, J2, ...
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Modern Physical Metallurgy and Materials Engineering: Science, ...
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Eliminating 03 from the von Mises criterion, the yield criterion becomes and the plane strain yield stress, i.e. when 02 = 0, ... For the Tresca criterion the yield surface reduces to a hexagon Figure 7.48 TVie von Mises yield ellipse and Tresca ...
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2.2 Yield Criteria The octahedral strain is given by: 2 c oct 3 222 • (e e) (e e) (e e) 12 23 31 (Eq 2.26c) or 2 c oct 3 The main reason ... When the von Mises equivalent stress is adopted as the effective stress (Eq 1.27a to r 1.28b), the material is ...
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Another yield criterion, proposed by von Mises, is derived considering the strain energy that develops at a material point. In the von Mises Criterion, the Equivalent Stress or von Mises Stress, σo , is first calculated. In three-dimensions, the von ...
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Cold and Hot Forging: Fundamentals and Applications
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In uniaxial tension or compression (points A and B), the von Mises and Tresca yield criteria exhibit the same values; i.e., when r1 F/A and r2 r3 0, Eq 5.6(a) gives : 1 2 2r ̄r,orr ̄r (Eq 5.7) 11 2 which is the same as that obtained from Eq 5.3.
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Von Mises yield criterion
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The problem of deducing mathematical relationships for predicting the conditions at which plastic yielding begins when a material is subjected to a complex state of stress is an important consideration in the field of plasticity. In uniaxial loading, plastic flow begins at the yield stress, and it is to be expected that yielding under a situation of combined stresses is related to some particular combination of the principal stresses.
Von Mises yield criteria
Von Mises yield criterionContinuum mechanicsthe Von Mises yield criterion[1] suggests that the yielding of materials begins when the second deviatoric stress invariant J2 reaches a critical value.
Consider a rod being subjected to tension in uni-axial tension test then it undergoes deformation when the stress applied exceeds elastic limit then it starts undergoing plastic deformation an at yield point the value of tension stress is equal to the yield stress an we can determine the stress at which plastic deformation starts consider the same rod subjected to triaxial stresses that is it is subjected to stresses in the y-axis and also in the z-axis then a combination of stresses may lead to yielding or plastic deformation so when triaxial or bi-axial stresses are applied we never know at what stress yielding of the material starts so the prediction of the stress value at which yielding occurs is given by yield criteria there are 2 basic criterions that are generally followed in calculating the yield stress there are 1. Von Mises yield criterion 2.
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