The W88 is a United States thermonuclear warhead, with an estimated yield of 475 kilotons (kt), and is small enough to fit on MIRVed missiles. The W88 was designed at the Los Alamos National Laboratory in the 1970s. In 1999, the director of Los Alamos who had presided over its design described it as "the most advanced U.S. nuclear warhead."
The Trident II submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM) can be armed with up to eight W88 warheads (Mark 5 re-entry vehicle) or eight 100 kt W76 warheads (Mark 4 re-entry vehicle), but it is limited to 4 warheads under the Strategic Offensive Reductions Treaty.

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The W88 is a United States thermonuclear warhead, with an estimated yield of 475 kilotons (kt), and is small enough to fit on MIRVed missiles. The W88 was ...
The W88 Warhead - The Nuclear Weapon Archive
Oct 1, 1997 ... The W88 warhead belongs to the newest missile warhead family, sharing a design similar to the W87. It was designed for use on the Trident II ...
W88 - GlobalSecurity.org
Jul 24, 2011 ... W88. The W88 is a warhead used by the Navy on the Trident II missile. The W-88 is a miniaturized, tapered thermonuclear warhead. It is the ...
Throttling/Regulating Single Seat Valves - W68/W88/W98 ...
This modular family of throttling or pressure control valves are the ultimate in easy cleaning, high pressure, low maintenance design.
AirNav: W88 - Air Harbor Airport
Complete aeronautical information about Air Harbor Airport (Greensboro, NC, USA), including location, runways, taxiways, navaids, radio frequencies, FBO ...
Rebuilt W88 Warhead Formally Accepted For Use In U.S. Nuclear ...
Sep 27, 2007 ... WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The Department of Energy's National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) announced today that the first W88 ...
PRC and the W88 Warhead - Federation of American Scientists
Sep 20, 2012 ... In 2006, the Department of Energy formally declassified the already widely publicized fact "That the People's Republic of China obtained some ...
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(W88) Air Harbor - FlightStats
In-depth information on (W88) Air Harbor including departures/arrivals, weather, and delays.
The W88 is designed for multiple warhead use. It has a 475 kiloton yield, which is small compared to the Russian 100 megaton warheads.
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University of South Alabama Main Campus Psychology Clinic, ...
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[PDF]1663 Polar Warnings A Lifelike Machine W88 Pit Certification The ...
W88 Certification without Testing ..... near the cone-shaped re-entry vehicle for the W88 warhead. ..... Center for Isotopes in Medicine, part of the University of ...
Cullman Church of Christ » w88
6 days 18 hours 15 minutes 6 seconds till Faulkner University Chorus! ... W88. February 25th, 2013. Posted by: lanasmoore. Posted In: W88 · facebook google ...
[PDF]W88-0046. Goulooze, William (1903-1955). Records, 1936-1955 ...
Oct 19, 2012 ... Repository citation: Hope College, "W88-0046. Goulooze ... University, Amsterdam, the Netherlands (1950, Th.D.); licensed and ordained in ...
W88-949 | Lau | 01331602 | Johnstone Supply
Center Disc: Concave; Diameter: 10-5/8"; Drive Type: Direct; Hub Bore: 1/2"; Mfg. #: 01331602; Rot.: CW; Width: 10-5/8";. Order # : W88-949; Mfg. # : 01331602 ...
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A convenient spy: Wen Ho Lee and the politics of nuclear espionage
A convenient spy: Wen Ho Lee and the politics of nuclear espionage
Dan Stober, Ian Hoffman, 2001
The Chinese knew that its primary was shaped differently from that of the W88, and that unlike the W88 it used insensitive high explosives, so it was less susceptible to accidental detonation. Information about insensitive high explosives, ...
Report of the Corporation Commission
Report of the Corporation Commission
North Carolina. Corporation Commission, 1904
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W. C. Fields: A Biography
W. C. Fields: A Biography
The legend of W. C. Fields has persisted for more than half a century--the gin-guzzling misanthrope about whom Leo Rosten famously said, “Any man who hates dogs and babies can’t be all bad.” But there was another Fields, the man behind the character of the red-nosed card sharp, who wrote, directed, and performed in some of the most enduring comedie...
Marc Blitzstein: A Bio-bibliography
Marc Blitzstein: A Bio-bibliography
Leonard Lehrman, 2005
perfs W88#1.l July 1946, Great Barrington MA, MB performs W88#1, described in Ml 1. 1 1994 Rorcin, Ned, Knowing when to stop : a memoir, p.296: "Now here he was in Barrington, cajoling, whispering, rapping, his new song, which" LB "was ...
Large Meteorite Impacts Three
Large Meteorite Impacts Three
T. Kenkmann, Friedrich Horz, Alex Deutsch, 2005
APPENDIX Locations of Albion Formation Outcrops (1) Albion Island N18° 07.84 ′ W88° 41.13′ Belize (2) Armenia N17° 08.93′ W88° 44.07′ Belize (3) Johnson Quarry N18° 29.73′W88° 30.89′ México (4) SacxánN18° 27.96′ W88° ...
The Ecology of Aquatic Insects of Alabama's Coastal Streams
The Ecology of Aquatic Insects of Alabama's Coastal Streams
Christopher R. Bedwell, 2009
Site Location Summer Fall 1 Williams Creek N30°51.189' W88°11.666' / / 2 Magee Creek N30°49.387' W88°09.387' / / 3 Red Break Creek N30°52.028' W88 °13.329' / / 4 Log Creek N30°55.474' W88°l 1.020' / / 5 Sandhill Creek N30° 58.788' ...
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Learn HTML and CSS with w3Schools
A fast, simple tutorial from the leading Web developer instruction siteW3Schools.com is the number one online education source for beginning Web developers. This book packages W3Schools content in an attractive two-color design that gets beginning Web developers and designers up and running with the core Web development technologies. To-the-point t...
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Declassification Declassified: PRC and the W88 Warhead - Secrecy News
In 2006, the Department of Energy formally declassified the already widely publicized fact "That the People's Republic of China obtained some Restricted Da
F/W88-89. Women go for menswear - Swide
Barocco meets Neorealismo. A masculine suit on women, the first pinstripe ensemble with a baroque spin that definitely underlines femininity: this was the edgy challenge Domenico and Stefano were ready to face back in 1988.
to7698946 - The feeling of comfort to the wearer of Nuo Z-W88 Bluetooth headset arrival - technology channel hex
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Cutting the W88 - The Right Target
The House Energy and Water Appropriations Subcommittee has taken a step toward sanity in the U.S. nuclear weapons complex. The Subcommittee is now saying that there is no more money for building plutonium pits, which are at the core of...
【C】木製ブラインド【MOKUBE】もくべ W88×H108 仕切り 日除け カーテン オフィス 事務所 さっし 【代...: 楽天市場カーペット ランキング
【C】木製ブラインド【MOKUBE】もくべ W88×H108 仕切り 日除け カーテン オフィス 事務所 さっし 【代...,楽天市場からカーペット、マット、ラグ、防音カーペット、い草などのランキングを連載しています
Congress Receives Nuclear Warhead Plan - FAS Strategic Security Blog
A white paper describes plans for a joint warhead. By Hans M. Kristensen The National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) has sent Congress a
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