WWO is a Polish hip hop group. The letters in the group's name originally stood for W Witrynach Odbicia.
The two members of the group which originally started the underground project, which was WWO ("W Witrynach Odbicia") or ("On The Rebound"), were: Sokół and Jędker (rapper) establishing themselves underground in 1996 releasing singles like 'Flippery' and 'Kolenda' which were made on tape and sold underground. The group claim these singles were made purely for themselves, for their own pleasure and enjoyment of hip-hop. WWO is part of a wider crew called ZIP skład, the members of which are: Jędker, Sokół, Pono, Felipe, Mieron, Jaźwa, Koro and Fu. WWO's first album release was called "Masz i Pomyśl". In that album featured 600V (who is also a DJ for TeDe), Włodi and Pele from Ewenement, Deszczu Strugi, and the rest of ZIP Skład, Majki and Korzeń, Waco, Karton, Kuba, and others. After this album the group came into conflict with their record label "BMG Poland" and due to legal reasons could no continue producing under their current name. They had a choice: either give up entirely or continue under a different name. Thus is December 2001 WWO ("W Witrynach Odbicia") ceased to exist and the group continued under their new name "W Wyjątkowych Okolicznościach". In this group Deszczu Strugi joined the other two members, mentioned above. He has been acclaimed as arguably one of the best hip-hop DJs in Poland. He has also performed for various other Polish hip-hop groups such as Mor W.A. and TrzyHa.
The first album of WWO was published by BMG. Sokół became the co-owner of Prosto Music Label and Prosto Clothing. The new group then released their second album in October 2002 titled "We Własnej Osobie". Their best-known hits include "Nie bój się zmiany na lepsze", "Sen", "Każdy ponad każdym" or "Damy radę". Their texts are in Polish. The two latest albums were both released in late 2005, titled "Witam Was w Rzeczywistości" and "Życie Na Kredycie".

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