War correspondents 1942-1943
This is a partial list of war correspondents who reported from North Africa or Italy in 1942-43, during World War II. Some of the names are taken from the war journal of Eric Lloyd Williams, a correspondent for Reuters and the South African Press Association during the war, and from a radio broadcast he made in 1944.
- James Aldridge, New York Times
- Bruce Anderson, South African Broadcasting Corporation
- Graham (G E) Beamish, New Zealand correspondent
- Jack Belden, Life
- Paul Bewsher, Daily Mail
- Homer Bigart, New York Herald Tribune
- Eric Bigio, Daily Express
- Hal Boyle, Associated Press
- Sam Brewer, Chicago Tribune

Alan Moorehead (left) and Alexander Clifford (right) during the North African Campaign
- Christopher Buckley, Daily Telegraph
- Norman Clark, News Chronicle
- Alexander Clifford, Daily Mail
- Edward Harry Crockett, Associated Press
- Walter Cronkite, United Press
- Daniel De Luce, Associated Press
- Richard Dimbleby, BBC
- Robert Dunnett, BBC
- Frank Gervasi, Collier’s Weekly
- Frank Gillard, BBC
- Hank Gorrell, United Press
- Les Green, South African Broadcasting Corporation
- Matthew Halton, Toronto Star, CBC
- Guy Harriot, Sydney Morning Herald
- Bruce Hewitt, New Zealand Press Association
- Russell Hill, New York Herald Tribune

Ernie Pyle on board the USS Cabot
- Geoffrey Hoare, The Times
- Clare Hollingworth, Daily Express, Chicago Daily News
- Alaric Jacob, Daily Express
- Denis Johnston, BBC
- Philip Jordan, News Chronicle
- Ed Kennedy, Associated Press
- George Lait, International News Service
- Ronald Legge, Daily Telegraph
- Alexander Gault MacGowan, The Sun (New York)
- Denis Martin, Daily Herald
- Frank Martin, Associated Press
- Richard McMillan, United Press
- Drew Middleton, New York Times
- Ronald Monson, Daily Express and Australian newspapers
- Alan Moorehead, Daily Express
- Chester Morrison, CBS
- Leonard Mosley, Allied Newspapers
- William Munday, Australian Newspapers
- Gerald Norman, The Times
- John (Tex) O'Reilly, New York Herald Tribune
- Ernie Pyle, Scripps-Howard Newspapers
- Quentin Reynolds, Collier’s Weekly
- Frederick Salisbury, Daily Herald
- Nestor Solodovnik, Tass News Agency
- Norman Soong, Chinese press
- Edmund Stevens, Christian Science Monitor
- Bill Stoneman, Chicago Daily News
- John Sutherland, South African Press Association
- Jack Thompson, Chicago Tribune
- George Tucker, Associated Press
- Ralph Walling, Reuters
- Don Whitehead, Associated Press
- Eric Lloyd Williams, Reuters/South African Press Association
- Harry Zinder, Time
- Harold Guard - United Press

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This is a partial list of war correspondents who reported from North Africa or Italy in 1942-43, during World War II. Some of the names are taken from the war ...
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This is a partial list of war correspondents who reported from North Africa or Italy in 1942-43, during World War II. Some of th...
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War correspondents 1942–43 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This is a partial list of war correspondents who reported from North Africa or Italy in 1942-43, during World War II. Some of the names are taken from the war ...
Raw XML File (19k) - University of Texas Libraries - The University ...
Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin Consisting of ... 2K112 Dear Mary, the letters of a war correspondent, 1942-1943.
PAYNE, PIERRE STEPHEN ROBERT, 1911-1983 - University of ...
Shipwright's apprentice, 1932-1933; war correspondent in Spain, 1938; armament ... Taught at Fuhtan University, 1942-1943; Lienta University, 1943- 1946; ...
John A. Scali - Nixon Presidential Library & Museum
1942 B.S., in Journalism, Boston University. 1942 Reporter, Boston Herald. 1942-1943 Reporter, Boston Bureau of the United Press. 1942 July-1943 May ... 1943- 1945 War Correspondent, Office of Coordination of Inter-American Affairs.
Amazon.com: An Army at Dawn: The War in North Africa (1942-1943 ...
Amazon.com: An Army at Dawn: The War in North Africa (1942-1943) (The ... He was a reporter, foreign correspondent, war correspondent, and senior editor at ...
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... as a journalist, including World War II war correspondent, and Ohio University ... photographs and his combat helmet. public dynaxml 1940 1941 1942 1943 ...
Barbara Rosenblatt Burnett scrapbook - Stanford University ...
... a fellow journalism student and war correspondent who died in World War II. ... 1938 1939 1940 1941 1942 1943 barbara rosenblatt burnett scrapbook burnett ...
Statesmen - Canton Greats - cantonohio.gov
After receiving a Bachelor's Degree in 1870 at the University of Michigan and pursuing law ... of the United Press and for the Boston Herald Traveler from 1942-1943. From 1943-45 he served as an Associated Press War Correspondent in the ...
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South Pacific Diary, 1942-1943
Mack Morriss
... surrender canceled the need for the story.9 All told, Morriss saw a much bigger slice of the war than did most enlisted ... war, when The Best from Yank, the Army Weekly was published, Ira Wolfert, Pulitzer Prize-winning war correspondent ...
Hell's Kitchen Tulagi 1942-1943
Thomas Larson, 2003
I invited him to have dinner at our mess on Tulagi. He was a fine fellow and had a fascinating job as a war correspondent. December 4th, 1942. A TROPICAL RAIN STORM AND A NIGHT BATTLE. I spent the day while not on watch at the radio ...
Historical Dictionary of War Journalism
Mitchel P. Roth, James Stuart Olson, 1997
Women War Correspondents in the Vietnam War, 1961-1975. ... Born in London and educated at the Universities of London and Chicago, he became a war correspondent in North ... He also covered the 1942-1943 New Guinea campaign .
The Theatre Book of the Year, 1942-1943
George Jean Nathan, Charles Angoff, 1975
DECEMBER 29, 1942 A play by Konstantin Simonov, twenty-seven-year-old war correspondent for Krasnaia Zvezda, the Red Army newspaper, in the American acting version by Clifford Odets. Produced for quick failure by the Theatre Guild.
Such is War: El Alamein Campaign 1942-1943
Cecil Anderson, Jeanie Cox, Joscelyn Lobegeiger, 2014
El Alamein Campaign 1942-1943 Cecil Anderson Jeanie Cox, Joscelyn Lobegeiger ... Through his diaries Cecil Anderson becomes an unofficial, uncensored war correspondent. Evocative word pictures portray action-packed warfare, the ...
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War correspondents 1942–1943 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia War correspondents 1942–1943From Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaJump to: navigation,searchThis is a partial list of war correspondents who reported from North Africa or ...
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