War evacuations
Emergency evacuation is the immediate and rapid movement of people away from the threat or actual occurrence of a hazard. Examples range from the small scale evacuation of a building due to a bomb threat or fire to the large scale evacuation of a district because of a flood, bombardment or approaching weather system. In situations involving hazardous materials or possible contamination, evacuees may be decontaminated prior to being transported out of the contaminated area.

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Evacuations of civilians in Britain during World War II - Wikipedia ...
The evacuation of civilians in Britain during the Second World War was designed to save civilians in Britain, particularly children, from the risk of the aerial ...
List of World War II evacuations - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Several instances of evacuations (including both emergency evacuations and forced migrations) occurred during and after World War II. This transport-related ...
Evacuations of children in Germany during World War II - Wikipedia ...
The evacuation of children in Germany during the World War II was designed to save children in Nazi Germany from the risk of the aerial bombing of cities, ...
War evacuations - The Free Dictionary
e·vac·u·a·tion ( -v k y - sh n). n. 1. The act of evacuating or the condition of being evacuated. 2. Physiology. a. Discharge of waste materials from the excretory ...
BBC - Primary History - World War 2 - Evacuation
BBC Primary History - Children of World War 2 - Evacuation.
Children and World War Two - History Learning Site
Children were massively affected by World War Two. Nearly two million children were evacuated from their homes at the start of World War Two; children had to ...
Evacuation During World War Two - Homework Help
Evacuation means leaving a place. During the Second World War, many children living in big cities and towns were moved temporarily from their homes to ...
Evacuation - JohnDClare.net
Chesham at War: evacuation · An extract from Norman Longmate's fantastic book : How We Lived Then. The government knew that cities would be bombed, and ...
Evacuations of civilians in Britain during World War II | Facebook
Evacuations of civilians in Britain during World War II. 23 likes · 1 talking about this. The evacuation of civilians in Britain during the Second World War was ...
Children of the wartime evacuation | Life and style | The Guardian
Mar 12, 2011 ... Millions of British city children were evacuated to safer places during the second world war. Some hated living away from their families – others ...
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The 8th Evacuation Hospital | www.hsl.virginia.edu
The 8th Evacuation Hospital. The University of Virginia in World War II. Story of the 8th Evac. UVa & the World Wars · Formation of the 8th Evac · Deployment in ...
Hospital at War: The 95th Evacuation Hospital in World War II ...
Hospital at War: The 95th Evacuation Hospital in World War II (Williams-Ford Texas A&M University Military History Series) [Zachary Friedenberg] on ...
Evacuation during World War Two - Museum Box - E2BN
Jan 29, 2013 ... Evacuation during World War Two, a Box created with the E2BN Museum Box, by RoeUniClaire from Roehampton University on 29 Jan 2013.
University Students Evacuated Due to War - United with Israel
The Home Front Command visited the classes of Ben-Gurion University students with a megaphone and told students to evacuate the city immediately.
World War II evacuation and expulsion - Wikipedia, the free ...
Some of the territories were evacuated during the war or before it, as part of the ..... at the end of the Second World War, European University Institute, Florense.
To the Tashkent Station - Cornell University Press
Sep 17, 2009 ... Their success helped determine the outcome of the war in Europe. To the Tashkent Station brilliantly reconstructs the evacuation of over ...
Nuclear Reactor Facility Evacuated In Austin Alex Jones' Infowars ...
Sep 14, 2012 ... A research facility at the University of Texas in Austin that houses an active ... President Powers was notified and it was decided to evacuate all of the ... Joel Skousen Gives Fair Warning about the Elite's Plans for Nuclear War.
Did U.S. university plan to create an intellectually superior race of ...
Feb 13, 2012 ... The university offered to evacuate children of Oxford University staff in ... A very cold war: A new TV show remembers the sailors who braved ...
Civil War relics cause of evacuation at Kennesaw State University ...
Aug 30, 2010 ... KENNESAW, Ga. (Aug. 30, 2010) — As a precautionary measure, a single building on the campus of Kennesaw State University was ...
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Who Will Take Our Children?: The British Evacuation Program of ...
Who Will Take Our Children?: The British Evacuation Program of ...
Carlton Jackson, 2008
domestic evacuations in World War II to be different from anything that had gone before. At no time in their history were the big English cities so vulnerable to attacks from the air. This fact provided the impetus for large- scale evacuations, ...
For Their Own Good: Civilian Evacuations in Germany and France, ...
For Their Own Good: Civilian Evacuations in Germany and France, ...
Julia Torrie, 2010
A truly cross-national comparison in a field dominated by accounts of one country or the other, this book provides a unique historical context for addressing current concerns about the impact of air raids and military occupations on ...
Hospital at War: The 95th Evacuation Hospital in World War II
Hospital at War: The 95th Evacuation Hospital in World War II
Zachary Friedenberg, 2004
Hospital at War is the story of the 95th Evac Hospital as told by Zachary Friedenberg, a young surgeon at the time, fresh out of his internship. He tells the story of how the men and women of the 95th survived the war.
To the Tashkent Station: Evacuation and Survival in the Soviet ...
To the Tashkent Station: Evacuation and Survival in the Soviet ...
Rebecca Manley, 2012
This magisterial work is the first in-depth study of this crucial but neglected episode in the history of twentieth-century population displacement, World War II, and the Soviet Union.
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Hungarian authorities evacuated around 1,000 people on Thursday after an unexploded World War II shell was discovered embedded in the roof of Budapest's
Macmerry Primary school evacuated after World War Two grenades found | News | Edinburgh | STV
Macmerry Primary school in Tranent, East Lothian has been evacuated after a bag World War Two grenades was found during building work.