A warlord is a person with power who has both military and civil control over a subnational area due to armed forces loyal to the warlord and not to a central authority. The term can also mean one who espouses the ideal that war is necessary, and has the means and authority to engage in war. Today, the word has a strong connotation that the person exercises far more power than his official title or rank legitimately permits. Under feudalism, by contrast, the local military leader may enjoy great autonomy and a personal army, and still derive legitimacy from formal fealty to a central authority.
Warlordism is a term coined to describe chaos at the end of the Qing Dynasty and the birth of the Republic of China, from the death of Yuan Shikai in 1916 until 1928. This period is called the warlord era of China. It can however be used to describe similar periods in other countries or epochs such as in Japan during the Sengoku period, or in China during the Three Kingdoms, or in Somalia during the Somali Civil War.
The word "warlord" entered the English language as a translation from the German word "Kriegsherr", which was an official title of the German Emperor. Its use for Chinese military commanders who had a regional power base and ruled independently of the central government dates from the early 1920s, with Bertram Lenox Simpson being one source, according to the Oxford English Dictionary.

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Warlord - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Warlordism is a term coined to describe chaos at the end of the Qing Dynasty and the birth of the Republic of China, from the death of Yuan Shikai in 1916 until ...
warlordism - definition of warlordism by the Free Online Dictionary ...
A military commander exercising civil power in a region, whether in nominal allegiance to the national government or in defiance of it.
Warlordism | Define Warlordism at Dictionary.com
a military leader, especially of a warlike nation. 2. a military commander who has seized power, especially in one section of a country. 3. tuchun.
Warlordism in Comparative Perspective - Harvard - Belfer Center for ...
When failed states are ruled by warlords, it impedes the development of stable and secure societies, thwarts economic growth, and threatens international ...
Warlordism in Comparative Perspective - MIT Press Journals
Warlordism plagues many weak and failed states, and the parochial and often brutal rule of war- lords deprives countries of the chance for lasting security and ...
Afghanistan: Experts Give Washington Failing Grade on Warlordism ...
Oct 26, 2011 ... After a decade of involvement in Afghanistan, it appears the United States hasn't learned a critical lesson. Warlordism has been a key ...
Definition of warlordism | Collins English Dictionary
He says he wants roads, schools, hospitals and an end to " Warlordism " using" whatever means necessary". Times, Sunday Times (2002). Sure, there's ...
Dymaxion: Venture Warlordism
Dymaxion.org. This piece was written for the “Wege aus der Demokratie?” (“Ways out of Democracy?”) issue of the University of Leipzig magazine “Powision”.
Beyond Warlordism. The Local Security Architecture in Afghanistan
ipg 2/2007. 136 Schetter et. al., Warlordism in Afghanistan. Introduction. Triggered by the terror attacks of 9/11, the subsequent international inter- vention in ...
Warlordism in China - Jstor
26. Warlordism in China. J.A.G. Roberts. The Review is pleased to include this succinct summary of the elements defining, and the debates surrounding, the ...
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Warlords, Strongman Governors, and the State in Afghanistan ...
This book pushes past canonical views of Warlordism and state building to consider the logic of ... Thomas Barfield, Professor of Anthropology, Boston University.
Warlords - Cornell University Press
Warlords are individuals who control small territories within weak states, using a combination of force and patronage. In this book, Kimberly Marten shows why ...
Kimberly Marten | Political Science
Her latest book, Warlords: Strong-Arm Brokers in Weak States (Cornell University Press, 2012), traces the development of Warlordism and its consequences in ...
Chinese Warlordism - Bibliography - University, Press, Soldiers, and ...
Ch'i, Hsi-sheng. Warlord Politics in China, 1916–1928. Stanford, Calif.: Stanford University Press, 1976. A classic, offering a comprehensive analysis of warlord ...
[PDF]Warlordism in China Author(s): J. A. G. Roberts Source ... - Conway
Warlordism of the period from 1916 to 1928 has been understood and ..... Ch'i, Warlord Politics in China 1916-1928, Stanford University Press, 1976; Donald ...
The Power of the Gun: The Emergence of Modern Chinese Warlordism
formerly eScholarship Editions, University of California Press logo · California Digital Library ... 6— The Anti-Monarchical War and the Inception of Warlordism ...
6 - The warlord era: politics and militarism under the Peking ...
Publisher: Cambridge University Press ... These two views will help us appraise the place of Warlordism in modern Chinese history. THE VIEW FROM THE ...
Multipolarity and Warlordism in the Ancient Mediterranean
Feb 11, 2013 ... Also, the role of 'warlords' or 'condottieri' in the promotion of interstate ... Polly Low (Manchester University, UK): State and warlord in Classical ...
Edward McCord | Department of History | The George Washington ...
He is the author of a book on the origins of Chinese Warlordism and has contributed to articles in ... Vancouver: University of British Columbia Press, 2011.
Edward A. McCord - gwu.edu - The George Washington University
Vancouver: University of British Columbia Press, 2011, pp. ... "Warlords against Warlordism: The Politics of Anti-Militarism in Early Twentieth Century China.
Books on the term Warlordism
The Power of the Gun: The Emergence of Modern Chinese Warlordism
Edward Allen McCord, 1993
With the role of the military in modern Chinese politics receiving renewed attention today, this work is especially timely.
Science and Football III
Thomas Reilly, J. Bangsbo, Mike Hughes, 1997
context for the rise of Warlordism was a lack of a political consensus following the Revolution of 1911 on the form of government that should replace the imperial system, as well as a lack of an agreement on who should have power in this new  ...
Civil-military Relations
Peter Karsten, 1998
Thus, an investigation into the origins of Chinese Warlordism should consider the conditions that provided the opportunity for military men to gain political power along with the motives of the men who took advantage of this opportunity.
Essays on Civil-military Relations, Military-industrial ...
Glen Segell, 1998
Drug Warlordism and Narcoterrorism has thus become a part of this underworld dictionary. In Africa in particularly, where government institutions have short histories and questionable legitimacy, officials may rationalize their takeover of ...
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