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Waciny Laredj (Arabic: واسيني الأعرج, pronounced Wasini al-A'raj) (born 8 August 1954) is an Algerian novelist, short story writer and academic. He was born in Sidi Bou Jnan in Tlemcen province. He obtained a BA in Arabic literature from the University of Algiers and then went off to Syria to pursue postgraduate studies, aided by a government scholarship. He obtained an MA and a PhD from the University of Damascus.
Having finished his studies, he returned to Algeria and took up an academic position at his alma mater, the University of Algiers. He continued to teach there till 1994. The outbreak of civil war in Algeria in the 1990s forced Laredj to leave the country. After a short time in Tunisia, he moved to France and joined the faculty of the Université Paris III-New Sorbonne, where he taught Arabic literature.
As a writer, Laredj is well known throughout the Arabic- and French-speaking countries, although less so in the Anglophone world. Beginning in the early 1980s, he has published more than a dozen books. His novels often deal with the troubled history of his native Algeria. Several of his works have been translated into French. At least two of his books were available in French before they were available in Arabic.
Laredj and his wife Zineb Laouedj, have collaborated on an anthology on African literature in French, titled Anthologie de la nouvelle narration africaine. In the past, Laredj has produced literary programmes for Algerian television. He has also contributed a regular column to the Algerian newspaper El Watan.

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واسيني الأعرج Wasini Al Araj‎, Paris, France. 19572 likes · 185 talking about this.‎ جامعي وروائي. يشغل اليوم منصب أستاذ كرسي بجامعتي الجزائر المركزية والسوربون ...
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14 تموز (يوليو) 2011 ... مولده ونشأتُهُ: ولد واسيني الأعرج من 8 ـ8 ـ 1954 بقرية سيدي بوجنان الحدودية ، إحدى ضواحي مدينة تلمسان . تعليمه : تلقى تعليمه في الجزائر، ونال ...
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Wasini al-Aʿraj was born on 8 August 1954, in the village of Sidi-bou-Jnan, near Tlemcen, Algeria. He received his Ph.D. in Arabic literature from the University ...
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May 17, 2012 ... Wasini Al-A'raj at Nas Decameron salon Wasini Al-A'raj Guested at “Nas Decameron” Salon The writer's prediction of future events… is the ...
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Jul 11, 2010 ... This photo belongs to. POINT |'s photostream (38) · عندما تُحاط برابطة من طُلاب الأسنان :p · academic life · Wasini Al Araj · Canon · iphone ...
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Wasini al-Araj 1954 - Algerian novelist and critic. Wasini al-Araj was born on 8 August 1954, in the village of Sidi-bou-Jnan, near Tlemcen , Algeria.
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Waciny Laredj (Arabic: واسيني الأعرج, pronounced Wasini al-A'raj) (born 8 August ... He obtained a BA in Arabic literature from the University of Algiers and then ...
ARAJ, WASINI AL- [1954-]: An entry from Macmillan Reference ...
Wasini al-Aʿraj was born on 8 August 1954, in the village of Sidi-bou-Jnan, near Tlemcen, Algeria. He received his Ph.D. in Arabic literature from the University ...
A'raj, Wasini al - Online Encyclopedia
Novelist and university professor Wasini al-A'raj is one of the most prolific of the second generation of post-independence Algerian writers. He is a prominent ...
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Nov 13, 2013 ... The Egyptian judge and novelist Achraf Al-Achmawi is to be honoured at ... discussion forums at the Sharjah University and the Mohamed Al-Fateh School ... novelist Youssef Al-Qaeed, Algerian novelist Wasini al-Araj, Kuwaiti ...
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Jan 11, 2012 ... After the end of the Ayam al-Film al-Moltazem film festival in Algiers and the ... Meanwhile, novelist Wasini al-Araj proposed that his book, Kitab ...
Announcments Archive - Page 8 - Petra University
12/8/2013, University of Petra welcomes the novelist Wasini al-Araj. 12/8/ ... 11/ 26/2013, University of Petra's ninth festival of Arab heritage and folk arts. 12/4/ ...
Announcments Archive - Page 9 - University of Petra
Welcome to Petra University (UOP), a university where students really enjoy the ... 12/8/2013, University of Petra welcomes the novelist Wasini al-Araj. 12/8/ ...
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A Consuming Fever of History: A Study of Five Urgent ...
Nezar Ajaj Andary, 2008
writes of al-Hakim, "It was he that pushed Egypt in the tragic abyss of fanatical madness and irrational murder, transforming the ... Wasini al-'Araj, the Algerian novelist, uses the image of al-Hakim in his work Rami lil Maya to represent the ...
Encyclopedia of the Modern Middle East
Reeva S. Simon, Philip Mattar, Richard W. Bulliet, 1996
204 ARAJ, WASINI AL- COBBAN, HELENA. The Palestinian Liberation Organization: People, Power and Politics. Cambridge and New York, 1984. COWERS, ANDREW, and TONY WALKER. Behind the Myth: Yasser Arafat and the Palestinian ...
Politics, Language, and Gender in the Algerian Arabic Novel
Debbie Cox, 2002
25 Malley, op.cit.p.217 26 Interview with Wattâr in El Moudjahid 3. ... political context is supported by Wasini al-Araj in his Mulahaffi naqdivah hawla al-riwavah al-Jazi'irlyah al-Ad&b 4-5, 1979, pp.44-47, by Ghali Shukri in Adab al- muqawamah ...
Reference Books Bulletin
... to al-Araj Wasini, an Algerian novelist born in 1954, A sample of other entries shows the diverse coverage — books and bookbinding, artistic prose, Al-larida ( an important newspaper), censorship in Arabic literature, Tunisia Most entries end ...
Book Review Digest
Most of the entries are devoted to writers, ranging from Aristotle, regarded by many Islamic philosophers as the first teacher, to al-Araj Wasini, an Algerian novelist born in 1954. . . . Most entries end with lists of further reading." (Booklist) Index.
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