Water Lily
The phrase "water lily" is used to describe aquatic plants of the following families, which have lily pads:
- Nymphaeaceae, /ˌnɪmfiːˈeɪsiː/ is a family of flowering plants
- Nuphar lutea, the yellow water lily
- Nelumbonaceae (Nelumbo), also called "Lotus"
"Water lily" may also be a reference to the following in popular culture:
- Water Lilies, a famous painting series by Claude Monet
- Water Lilies (film) (Naissance des pieuvres), a 2007 film by Céline Sciamma
- Water Lily Acoustics, a record label
- Waterlily (novel), a 1988 ethnographic novel by Ella Cara Deloria
- Lily pads, military slang for Cooperative Security Location
- Lilypad, a futuristic concept for artificial islands or floating cities, envisioned by architect Vincent Callebaut
- LilyPad Arduino
- Waterlillies, a male-female electronica–pop–trip hop duo from the 1990s

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Water lily - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Water Lily or Water Lilies may refer to: in aquatic plants: Members of family Nymphaeaceae Members of the genus Nelumbo Some members of the genus …
Water Lilies - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Water Lilies (or Nymphéas) is a series of approximately 250 oil paintings by French Impressionist Claude Monet (1840–1926). The paintings depict Monet's flower ...
water lily -- Encyclopedia Britannica
Water Lily (family Nymphaeaceae), any of 58 species in 6 genera of freshwater plants native to the temperate and tropical parts of the world. Most species of water ...
Non-native Invasive Freshwater Plants - Fragrant Water Lily ...
Description and control of Fragrant Waterlily, an exotic invasive in Washington.
Non-native Invasive Freshwater Plants - Fragrant Water Lily ...
The fragrant Water Lily, along with other Nymphaea species, is a premier plant for cultivation in containers and ornamental ponds. Most Nymphaea varieties are ...
MoMA | The Collection | Claude Monet. Water Lilies. 1914-26
Water Lilies. 1914–26. History of Monet's Water Lilies. PLAYING · Claude Monet Reflections of Clouds on the Water-Lily Pond c. 1920. History of Monet's ...
Nymphaeaceae - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Nymphaeaceae /ˌnɪmfiːˈeɪsiː/ is a family of flowering plants. Members of this family are commonly called water lilies and live as rhizomatous aquatic herbs  ...
White Water Lily, Fragrant Water Lily « AQUAPLANT
The white Water Lily is a perennial plant that often form dense colonies. The leaves arise on flexible stalks from large thick rhizomes. The leaves are more round ...
Water lily - Better Homes and Gardens
Water lilies offer a floating mat of foliage crowned with resplendent blooms that open every morning, then close for the afternoon (though night-blooming water ...
IWGS: International Waterlily & Water Gardening Society
Dedicated to the preservation, proliferation, and positive identification of all members of the Nymphaea complex. Membership includes subscription to the Water ...
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Water Lily in science
White Water Lily, Fragrant Water Lily « AQUAPLANT
The white Water Lily is a perennial plant that often form dense colonies. The leaves arise on flexible stalks from large thick rhizomes. The leaves are more round ...
Yellow Water Lily, Mexican Water Lily « AQUAPLANT
Yellow Water Lily can be cut and the rhizomes can be dug up but physical control is difficult because it can reestablish from seeds or remaining rhizomes.
Yellow water lily - Center for Aquatic and Invasive Plants - University ...
Images and description of Fragrant Waterlily, a native plant in Florida.
Nymphaea odorata Fragrant Water Lily - EDIS - University of Florida
Introduction. Fragrant waterlily is widely distributed in quiet pools and ponds in North and Central America (Fig. 1). The variety gigantea occurs throughout ...
Nymphaea odorata (American white water lily) | NPIN
Apr 16, 2014 ... American white Water Lily, Fragrant white Water Lily, Fragrant Water Lily, White Water Lily, Sweet-scented white Water Lily, Sweet-scented Water Lily.
Winterizing Water Lilies - Colorado State University Extension
Hardy water lilies grow as far north as Alaska and over-winter easily in Denver and other Colorado locations.
White Water Lily - Mississippi State University Extension Service
White Water Lily (Nymphaea odorata) has round, generally floating leaves with a deep notch. Flowers usually float on water surface and are white or yellow.
Nymphaea - University of Vermont
Common name: Water Lily. Family: Nymphaeaceae, Water Lily. Height x width: 6- 12" x 1-18' spread depending on cultivar. Growth rate: moderate. Foliage: ...
[PDF]King County Best Management Practices for Fragrant Water Lily ...
Fragrant Water Lily. Nymphaea odorata. Class C Noxious Weed. Nymphaeaceae . Control Recommended. Legal Status in King County: Fragrant Water Lily is a ...
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Ella Cara Deloria, 2009
This new Bison Books edition features an introduction by Susan Gardner and an index.
Water Lily
Water Lily
Susanna Jones, 2011
Runa is a young Japanese high school teacher leaving the country to avoid the scandal she has created by sleeping with one of her students.
Water Lily
Water Lily
Sherrie Hansen, 2010
The last thing Michelle wants to do is dredge up a lot of old memories and relive a part of her past that wasn't that great in the first place. Will the murky waters of the past destroy their dreams of a future, or will a Water Lily rise?
The Water Lily Fairy
The Water Lily Fairy
Mary Ann Vitale, 2011
The Water Lily Fairy is a story of a fairy who was curious about the people in Corleone, Sicily.
Water Lily
Water Lily
Terri Farley, 2008
After a tsunami destroys her grandfather's ranch in Hawaii, Darby must help her friend, Cade, find his mother, who has been missing since the storm.
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Water Lily
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Websites & Blogs Victoria Adventure Kit Knotts’ wonderful site is filled with wide-ranging information to assist in your aquatic endeavors. Water Gardeners International Kit Knotts provides extensive information at her free-membership-required site Full Service Aquatics Blog Seasoned pond installer, Mike Gannon, delivers timely information on everything pond related. From pond maintenance to pond fish to waterlily care and more!.
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Two gorgeous Victoria water lilies (Victoria ‘Longwood Hybrid’) are stealing the show this summer in Bok Tower Gardens' reflection pool near the Singing Tow
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A highlight of our summer display, massive water-platters and more than 100 types of colorful day- and night-blooming tropical and hardy waterlilies put on a spectacular show. Tucked into a protected courtyard (accessed via the Conservatory), this stunning outdoor Garden features aquatic plants from all over the world. The Garden is open from May 24 through mid-October. Peak bloom occurs mid-July through September (depending on weather). The Waterlily Display is now closed for the season.
Water Lily Fansub
Actualizacion: Eroica - Capitulo 9.
It was a happy and sad day today as we completed the sale on Waterlily. We met her new owners at Great Haywood and completed the paperwork.
35 Beautiful Water Lily Pictures
Water lilies come in so many bright colors, and they reside in the most beautiful surroundings; the perfect combination for the perfect shot. Take a look at
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