The Wauja are an indigenous people of Brazil. They are Aruak speakers, who live in the region near the Upper Xingu River. They had a population of 487 in 2010.

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Waura Indians | Indian Cultures by Hands Around the …
With a tribe that surrounds the Piyulaga Lake area of Brazil, the Waura Indians have a long history that has been marked by harmony and peace with those around them.
Waura Language and the Waurá Indian Tribe (Wauja, …
Waura is an Arawakan language of South America, spoken by 250 people in Brazil. It is most closely related to Mehinaku; some linguists consider the two to be dialects ...
Wauja people - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Waurá artwork, National Museum of the American Indian · http://pib. socioambiental.org/en/povo/wauja/1115 · http://www.native-languages.org/Waura .htm ...
Waurá language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Waurá (Wauja) is an Arawakan language spoken in Brazil. It is "somewhat intelligible" with Mehináku (Ethnologue 2009).
Waurá - Countries and Their Cultures
The approximately 170 Waurá live in several small villages in the Indian reservation of Xingu Indian Park in Mato Grosso, Brazil. Historically, they lived in that ...
Brazilian tribe's quarup ritual – in pictures | World news | The Guardian
Aug 26, 2013 ... Reuters photographer Ueslei Marcelino visited the Waura tribe in Xingu national park, Mato Grosso state. Quarup is a ritual held over several ...
Waura | people | Encyclopedia Britannica
The Waurá women of the upper Xingu are famous for their pots and animal- shaped bowls. Of the historic tribes, the Tapajó of the Amazon had the richest style in ...
WALS Online - Language Waurá
Language Waurá. Showing 1 to 4 of 4 entries. Search: csv.csvm; atom; csv; xls; rdf ... Ruhlen: Waura. Routledge: Waurá-Meinaku. Other: Waura. Ethnologue ...
Indigenous Peoples of the World: The Waura - Intercontinental Cry
Help us tell the stories of the world's Indigenous Peoples. Time is running out! HELLO! CONNECT. 2000+ · 14193 · 8021. Indigenous Peoples Archive - Waura.
Waura in Brazil :: Joshua Project
See joshuaproject.net for more about - Waura in Brazil ::
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Books on the term Waura
Handbook of Amazonian Languages
Desmond C. Derbyshire, Geoffrey K. Pullum, 1998
Nugent, Bob L., and Vera Penteado Coelho 1991 Waura: a selection of drawings by the Waura Indians of the Alto-Xingu, Mato Grosso, Brazil. University Art Gallery , Sonoma State University, 7 November- 15 December, 1991. Rohnert Park ...
Handbook Amazonian Languages
Mouton De Gruyter, 1991
Richards, Jean 1923 "Dificuldades na analise dc possessafi nominal na lingua Waura," Série Lmistica 1:11-29 (Brasilia: Summer Institute of Linguistics}. 19'il'.i “Waura verb structure,” ms. (Portuguese version, ISISS, “A estrutura verbal Waura, " ...
The Indigenous Languages of South America: A Comprehensive Guide
Lyle Campbell, Verónica Grondona, 2012
Central branch Paresí group Paresí (Parecís, Paretí, Haliti) Brazil Saraveca* ( Sarave) Bolivia, Brazil Waurá group Waurá-Meinaku (Uara, Aura, Mahinacu) Brazil Ethnologue has Mehináku (Mehinaco, Mahinaku, Minaco) as a separate ...
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