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The Kawall's Amazon (Amazona kawalli), also known as the White-faced Amazon, White-cheeked Amazon or Kawall's Parrot, is a relatively large species of parrot in the Psittacidae family. It is endemic to the south-central Amazon in Brazil, where mainly found in Igapo and other wooded habitats near rivers.

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Violet Factor & Whitefaced Violet |…
There are great variations in the body color from one violet to another. It is the violet rump that shows the bird carries violet factor. Whiteface also can
White-fronted Amazon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Like other large parrots, the White-fronted Parrot has a long potential life span, ... Juveniles have pale grey irises and less red on their face and the white area is ...
Pionus - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Pionus. White-crowned Parrot, Pionus senilis ... The Speckle-faced Parrot is often split into two species, while a small number of authorities have suggested the ...
White Fronted Amazon Parrots - Spectacled Amazon Parrots as Pets ...
White Fronted or Spectacled Amazon Parrots are beautiful and captivating, but it takes the right person to keep one of these birds as a pet. If you want a White ...
genetics question...peach face baby lovebirds be white face ...
my lovebirds had a clutch of 5, born from Nov.21-30. both parents are peach face, but 2 of my babies 'look' white face,.... I am quite surprised ...
White-fronted Amazon (Amazona albifrons) | Parrot Encyclopedia
A.a. albifrons: male-body green, the feathers edged dusty black; red lores and red area around eyes; white forehead and forecrown; carpal edge and primary ...
Dipper (White-Faced Cockatiel)- Pending Adoption! - Shelton and ...
... Washington. We accept parrots of all ages, species, sizes, special needs, behavioral problems, etc. ... Dipper is a White-faced, male Cockatiel. Dipper is a very ...
The White Fronted Amazon
The White Fronted Amazon is very curious about its environment, though it may be shyer than many other popular parrot species. This species should be well ...
IMG_1749 Feb. 16 White-faced parrot digiscoped and cropped(1 ...
Feb 16, 2012 ... This photo was digiscoped, where I took a picture by holding a camera up to a spotting scope. Then I cropped all the vignetting out. The bird ...
Parrot Parrot | Guide to Parrots Lovebirds Budgies Senegal Amazon ...
A guide to buying and keeping parrots with information on toxins, dangers, ... We raise a few select color mutations of peachfaced lovebirds, hand-raising them ...
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Bathing and Showering for Pet Parrots - The Parrot University
a baby parrot's first introduction to water may establish his lifelong opinion of ... have the disadvantage of showing the dirt easier because of their white feathers, but ... Throughout the entire procedure, keep your face close to the baby and tell ...
About Parrot University
About Parrot University. Parrot University is located in the Pineville Towne Market at 321 So. ... A White-capped Pionus (Emma Ruth), Cockatiel (Sydney), and two Peach-faced Lovebirds (Sweet Peaches and “Lil Bird) joined Cheeko. Reading ...
Cockatiel Rescue -- Main Page
(760)688-6941 05-30-2013; Huntersville, NC. Grey PARROT. Parrot University ( 704)889-2325, (704)589-4935 05-29-2013; Long Island (Islip), NY. White faced ...
Parrots - University of Miami
all these parrots are wild or feral populations ... 2. red-faced parakeet ... erythrogenys) and white-eyed parakeet (Aratinga leucopthalmus ), University of Miami, ...
White-headed capuchin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
It is mostly black, but with a pink face and white on much of the front part of the body, giving it ..... Rica in particular is noted for hunting squirrels, magpies, White- crowned Parrots and baby coatis. .... Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press. p.
List of Amazon parrots - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Yellow-faced Parrot, Alipiopsitta xanthops, was traditionally placed within the Amazon parrot ... 28 cm (11 in) long, mostly green, white face markings and white forehead, blue forecrown, pink .... Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge.
[PDF]University of Costa Rica/ MEP/ CRUSA First Grade - Cyber Lab
University of Costa Rica/ MEP/ CRUSA. First Grade ... Content: Coati, gorilla, anaconda, white Bengal tiger, blue-yellow parrot, white-faced capuchin monkey, ...
Psittacus erithacus - Animal Diversity Web - University of Michigan
African grey parrots (Psittacus erithacus) span the forest belt of central and West ... These birds have bare white face patches and sometimes bright, usually pale, ...
Bird Harness for Blue Crown?? - Parrot Forum - Parrot Owner's ...
Parrots: Lovebirds: breeder American Cinnamon♀White Face ... Aviator Flight Harness and Elastic Leash by Parrot University I would like to be ...
Parrot Project of Los Angeles - Nature Ali
Researching Parrots in the Wilds of California's Suburban Jungles ... Pigeon ( Columba livia), have become faced with a new invader—parrots. ... White-fronted Parrot (A. albifrons), and Yellow-headed Parrot (A. oratrix) ... Karen started working on Parrot Project in 1995 while a student at California State University, Long ...
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The African Grey Parrot Handbook
The African Grey Parrot Handbook
Mattie Sue Athan, 2000
The African grey parrot has a bare white face patch and sometimes bright, usually pale, silvery- yellow eyes. Both subspecies produce powder down for preening, not unlike the powder on cockatoo feathers. Many of the bird's gray contour ...
The Complete Guide to Finding the Birds of Australia
The Complete Guide to Finding the Birds of Australia
Richard Thomas, Sarah Thomas, David Andrew, 2011
Fernwren, atherton Scrubwren, mountain Thornbill, White-streaked honeyeater, Yellow-spotted honeyeater, Bridled ... metallic Starling (summer), Black- throated Finch, Blue-faced parrot-Finch, Olive-backed Sunbird, pale White-eye As this ...
Sandgrouse to cuckoos
Sandgrouse to cuckoos
Josep del Hoyo, Andrew Elliott, Jordi Sargatal, 1997
Treron griseicauda 1 97 wallacii, Ptilinopus 210 wallicus, Pezoporus 384 Wart- pigeon 227 Warty-faced Blue-pigeon 227 ... 1 White-eyed Imperial-pigeon 229 White-eyed Parakeet 430 White-faced Amazon 474 White-faced Black Cuckoo- dove ...
Fodor's Panama, 2nd Edition (Travel Guide)
Fodor's Panama, 2nd Edition (Travel Guide)
"In terms of comprehensiveness of coverage, the very accessible format, and the enthusiastic tone, this series remains one of the best on the market." –Booklist "Fodor's super-informative guidebooks are known for accuracy and attention to detail…" –The Sacramento Bee "The Fodor's guides are notable for their ratin...
Australian Parakeet Handbook, the New
Australian Parakeet Handbook, the New
Matthew M. Vriends, 1992
Simply by replacing "yellow" in Table I for the following mutations, the results are at your fingertips: Barnard's parakeet — Bourke's parakeet — Cockatiel blue fallow yellow pied silver white face Sex-linked recessive inheritance: The easiest ...
National Geographic Field Guide to the Birds of North America, ...
National Geographic Field Guide to the Birds of North America, ...
Jon L. Dunn, Jonathan Alderfer, 2006
ABA accepts White- winged, Yellow-chevroned, Monk, and Green Parakeets; Red- crowned Parrot; and Budgerigar. Species: 364 ... Now outnumbers White- winged in south of California and Florida. ... extensive gray on face and underparts.
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