Waikikamukau (/waɪkɪkɑːmuːkaʊ/, as if saying "Why kick a moo-cow") is a generic name for a small rural town or locality in New Zealand. New Zealanders use the name as a placeholder name for "any town" or to denote a non-specific but remote rural town. It has a similar connotation as the New Zealand term wop-wops, or other English terms of "the Boondocks" or "Timbuktu". The name is a joking reference to the frequency of New Zealand place names starting with "Wai" (Māori for water, and used in the names of many rivers and nearby towns).
Waikikamukau is reputed to specifically refer to the town of Waipukurau in the North Island. The origins are hazy but one account is that the American servicemen stationed in NZ during the Second World War found it difficult to pronounce the place name and thus jokingly called it Waikikamukau.
It was used as the name of a successful racehorse in the 1990s; Brighton (Sussex, England) has the Wai Kika Moo Kau cafe which serves vegan and vegetarian food.
Waikikamukau was also used as the setting for a Nickelodeon telemovie, Rocket Power: Race Across New Zealand.

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Whykickamoocow: Curious New Zealand Place Names. New Zealand: Random House. ISBN 1-86941-807-7. ^ "Waikikamukau Horse Pedigree". Thoroughbred ...
Is whykickamoocow a place? - Yahoo! Answers
No, not really, it's an "imaginary" place name that New Zealanders use to mean " any place" and although the pronunciation is why-kick-a-moo-cow ...
Whykickamoocow: Curious New Zealand Place Names by Nicola ...
Whykickamoocow has 2 ratings and 1 review. Kathleen said: I took a long time to read this book - for one thing it isn't a novel so it's not a turn-the-pa...
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Whykickamoocow: The secret of silly horse names - CNN.com
Nov 14, 2012 ... Naming a thoroughbred is a fine art subject to strict international rules, with the power to sway punters and shape the horse's legacy.
Whykickamoocow: The secret of silly horse names | Sports - KCRA ...
Nov 15, 2012 ... Say these names as fast as you can: Hoof Hearted, Whykickamoocow, Oh no it's my mother-in-law, Maythehorsebewithyou.
Whykickamoocow Horse Pedigree
Thoroughbred pedigree for Whykickamoocow, progeny, and ...
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Full ratings, statistics and LolKing score for Whykickamoocow, a summoner on the North America region.
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Whykickamoocow Indeed. ... 3/20. GETTY IMAGES · Tweet. Whykickamoocow Indeed. GETTY IMAGES. Back to: The funniest racehorse names. Click here.
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Whykickamoocow. :). 1 likes · 0 talking about this · 1 ... Places near Whykickamoocow. :). Alfred's Kitchen ... Like · Edith Cowan University · College & University ...
Is whykickamoocow a place? - Yahoo! Answers
Financial Aid · Higher Education (University +) · Home Schooling · Homework Help · Other - Education · Preschool · Primary & Secondary ...
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Nov 25, 2008 ... Whykickamoocow comes to Paremoremo ... There are some prisoners doing Massey University papers and some that need reading and writing ...
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Whykickamoocow: Horse name secrets ... CHEYENNE -- A bill to keep secret the names of the finalists for president of the University of Wyoming passed its first ...
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All about Get: Whykickamoocow by Nicola McCloy. LibraryThing is a ... Bethany University Bookstore, 800 Bethany Drive, 22.0 mi. 831-438-3800 x3177 ...
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249, Queensland University of Technology Whykickamoocow, 119. 250, Pitcher Partners Melbourne Team 2 Youngsters, 119. 251, Shell International Ltd ...
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Nonsensical Nickel Squirrels, 166. 703, Queensland University of Technology Whykickamoocow, 166. 704, Attorney-General's Department South Australia ...
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Whykickamoocow: “ aw ” ... 10:00 pm. Whykickamoocow: aw ...
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YOUR BOOKSTORE ON CAMPUS - 100% STUDENT OWNED University of Auckland - City ... Title Return to Whykickamoocow, RRP / List Price: $20.99 ...
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... Unit (2), Universities & Tertiary Education Colleges (79), Upholsterers (250), Upholstering Supplies (12) .... Whykickamoocow Promotions & Entertainment ...
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Whykickamoocow: Curious New Zealand Place Names
Whykickamoocow: Curious New Zealand Place Names
Nicola McCloy, 2006
Why name a river after dog dung? Most New Zealanders have no idea where the name of the town they live in came from. This book tells the tales behind some of the most intriguing place names in this country.
Return to Whykickamoocow: More Curious New Zealand Placenames
Return to Whykickamoocow: More Curious New Zealand Placenames
Nicola Mccloy, 2007
The new collection follows the style of the original book Whykickamoocow. Written in an accessible and interesting style, this is more a light social history than an exhaustive dictionary of place names.
Made in New Zealand: Stories of Iconic Kiwi Brands
Made in New Zealand: Stories of Iconic Kiwi Brands
Nicola McCloy, 2008
This appealing, whimisical book is a light social history in the style of Whykickamoocow. Instead of placenames it delves into the stories behind some of New Zealand's iconic products, stores and brands.
Running Hot
Running Hot
Lisa Tamati, Nicola McCloy, 2011
The first Australasian woman to take on Badwater - the world's toughest race through Death Valley - Lisa Tamati's incredible journey of ultra-running endurance, heartbreak and resilience is an astounding read for athletes as well as the ...
Travellin' Mama: A Parent's Guide to
Ditching the Routine, Seeing ...
Travellin' Mama: A Parent's Guide to Ditching the Routine, Seeing ...
Nancy Harper, 2012
My favourite, not-quite-real but now mythical name that brings in all the common Kiwi pronunciation problems is Whykickamoocow. Then there is (and I swear these are for real) Titwangaflaps Street, Binggabonggabollocks Avenue and the ...
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Whykickamoocow: The secret of silly horse names
Say these names as fast as you can: Hoof Hearted, Whykickamoocow, Oh no it's my mother-in-law, Maythehorsebewithyou. | daily mail, horse racing, brough scott
A Hebridean in New Zealand: Whykickamoocow and Waipu?
I know, it should be 'Mille' but, hey, who cares, it is a wonderful link with Scotland and Gaeldom. Whykickamoocow (pronounced Waikikamukau) is an absolutely splendid book by Nicola McCloy about curious New Zealand place names.
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Whykickamoocow: The secret of silly horse namesCNNAnd if you want to name your horse after a person or company, you've got to have their permission. British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher famously turned down a request by the late Clement Freud -- a former celebrity chef, politician and grandson of .
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November 14 2012 by Webmaster in Sports Facts |No Comments Whykickamoocow: The secret of silly horse namesCNNThe International Federation of Horseracing Authorities has put the champion horse on its eternally protected list, alongside such greats as Australian gelding Phar Lap and U. S.
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