Vitico or (German) Witiko of Prčice (Czech Vítek z Prčice) (c.1120–1194) was the father of the Vítkovci clan, and the subject of a historical novel by Adalbert Stifter.

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Vitico or (German) Witiko of Prčice (Czech Vítek z Prčice) (c.1120-1194) was the father of the Vítkovci clan, and the subject of a historical novel by Adalbert Stifter ...
Witiko (novel) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Witiko is a historical novel by Austrian writer Adalbert Stifter about the founding of the Kingdom of Bohemia in the 12th-century. Published in several volumes ...
Witiko by Adalbert Stifter - Reviews, Discussion, Bookclubs, Lists
Witiko has 8 ratings and 0 reviews. Set around the events of the succession struggle of 1142 in medieval Bohemia the main character, Witiko, the traditio...
Witiko - definition of Witiko by the Free Online Dictionary, Thesaurus ...
(Spirituality, New Age, Astrology & Self-help / Alternative Belief Systems) pl -gos ( among Algonquian Indians) an evil spirit or cannibal. 2. (Life Sciences & Allied ...
Witiko (Wihtiko, Wihtikow) - Native Languages of the Americas
Information and legends about the Native American mythological figure Witiko ( Wihtiko), a man-eating ice giant of Cree folklore.
Witiko (work by Stifter) -- Encyclopedia…
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Reviving Witiko (Windigo): An Ethnohistory of “Cannibal Monsters ...
An ethnohistorical examination of the Algonquian Witiko (windigo) phe- ... traditions of Athabasca Cree and Métis elders, reveals that a Witiko “condition” ...
Witiko Wladika - YouTube
Most Brutal Dubstep Drops 2013. Extra Tags: Dubstep DJ Mix Audio Mixing (recorded Music) Bass Drum Remix Sound Dance Drum Bass Jungle Rouge Style E...
Amazon.com: Witiko (9783039109517): Adalbert Stifter, Wendell ...
Witiko [Adalbert Stifter, Wendell Frye] on Amazon.com. *FREE* super saver shipping on qualifying offers.
The Cree Witiko Psychosis - Jstor
some other northern Canadian tribes is the " Witiko malady ". This peculiar form of ... a Witiko who has a heart of ice or who vomits ice.' This short paper gives ...
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[PDF]Reviving Witiko (Windigo): An Ethnohistory of “Cannibal Monsters ...
Nathan D. Carlson, University of Alberta. Abstract. An ethnohistorical examination of the Algonquian Witiko (windigo) phe- nomenon, utilizing both previously ...
Literary Encyclopedia | Witiko. Eine Erzählung
Sep 22, 2006 ... Eine Erzählung [Witiko. A Narrative]. (1452 words). Duncan Smith (Emeritus Professor, Brown University). Tweet. Since its publication in three ...
Adalbert Stifter and the Idyll: A Study of Witiko American University ...
Adalbert Stifter and the Idyll: A Study of Witiko American University Studies Series 1: Germanic Languages and Literature: Amazon.co.uk: Barbara Suzanne ...
Witiko : Stifter, Adalbert, 1805-1868 : Free Download & Streaming ...
Witiko (1900). Author: Stifter, Adalbert, 1805-1868. Publisher: ... Book contributor: Robarts - University of Toronto Collection: robarts; toronto. Full catalog record: ...
Witiko - Englisch - Peter Lang Verlagsgruppe
Witiko. Translated by Wendell Frye Second Printing. Year of Publication: 2006 ... He received his BA degree from Clark University, his M.A. from Middlebury ...
[PDF]The Cree Witiko Psychosis - Jstor
Catholic University of America. A very typical psychosis occurring among the eastern Cree and some other northern Canadian tribes is the " Witiko malady ".
Wendigo - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
... Witiko, wihtikow, and numerous other variants) is a creature appearing in the legends of the Algonquian peoples. ..... Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press.
Holdings: Witiko; | Brown University Library
Brown University Homepage · Brown University Library Homepage. Search: Everything, -- Books+ (all ... Witiko; mit einer Einführung von Dr. Hans Schumacher.
Adalbert Stifter and the idyll : a study of Witiko - University of Utah ...
Title: Adalbert Stifter and the idyll : a study of Witiko; Creator: Barbara S. Grossmann Stone 1951-; Creation Date: c1990; Publisher: New York : P. Lang; Subjects: ...
Witiko : The Oxford Companion to German Literature Oxford Reference
Publisher: Oxford University Press. Print Publication Date: 1997. Print ISBN-13: 9780198158967. Published to Oxford Reference: 2005. Current Online Version: ...
Books on the term Witiko
Adalbert Stifter's late prose: the mania for moderation
Adalbert Stifter's late prose: the mania for moderation
Helena Ragg-Kirkby, 2000
characters themselves are conveyed is equally disturbing: by so obsessively asserting the absoluteness of identity, the style of Witiko confirms that man's existence, too, is a void. It is again by means of repetition that Stifter seeks to affirm ...
White Man's Gonna Getcha: The Colonial Challenge to the Crees in ...
White Man's Gonna Getcha: The Colonial Challenge to the Crees in ...
Toby Morantz, 2002
Cannibalism is one aspect of the Cree/Algonquian complex Witiko phenomenon. The Witiko (or windigo in Ojibwa dialect) is a monster- like creature that may eat humans or possess them spiritually so that they become cannibals. Writers ...
Anthropologica - 2004
Anthropologica - 2004
Another synthetic account is contained in the Dictionary of North American Mythology (Gill and Sullivan, 1992: 345), also worth quoting at length: Witiko — Fearsome anthropomorphic cannibal beings. During famine, humans can become ...
Home Is the Hunter: The James Bay Cree and Their Land
Home Is the Hunter: The James Bay Cree and Their Land
Hans M. Carlson
Lou Marano, “Windigo Psychosis: The Anatomy of an Emic-Etic Confusion,” Current Anthropology 23, 4 (1982): 385-412; J.M. Cooper, “The Cree Witiko Psychosis,” Primitive Man 6 (1936): 20-21; Robert A. Brightman, “The Windigo in the ...
Adalbert Stifter: A Critical Study
Adalbert Stifter: A Critical Study
Eric A. Blackall, 2011
But Witiko has been involved in an unfortunate incident when riding with his Duke and the Emperor from Nuremberg to Prague. ... Witiko refuses to kill them because the rebel Wladislaw is the son of Sobéslaw, who had been Duke and whose ...
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The Goalie's Anxiety: Simple and Quiet: Stifter's Witiko Rides and Stands
Nerves jangling, uneasy for several days, unable to concentrate on my writing, I turn to the Austrian Adalbert Stifter's 1867 historical novel, rumored to be the most boring book ever written. This should slow me down, I thought, this ought to order my thoughts and give them weight the way good sentences can.
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