"Womyn" is one of several alternative spellings of the word "women" used by some feminists, and users of online boards such as 4chan's /b/ to mock the before mentioned feminists. There are many alternative spellings, including "womban" and "womon" (singular), and "wimmin" (plural). Writers who use alternative spellings see them as an expression of female independence and a repudiation of traditions that define females by reference to a male norm.

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Womin Media
Womin Media creates innovative, interactive and inspired programming and experiences for today's woman—smart, empowering products that celebrate the ...
Is it acceptable to use “womyn” or “womin” instead of “women”?
Feb 19, 2013 ... I have often seen/heard these two terms in many articles and speeches about Feminism or women's rights issues. I couldn't find them in any ...
On Lesbian Separatism - Women, wimmin, womyn, womin, whippets ...
Mar 30, 1999 ... Radical Tradition - Women, wimmin, womyn, Womin, whippets - On Lesbian Separatism.
Womin Media | Facebook
Womin Media is a woman-owned media, marketing and management company dedicated to creating smart, empowering programming and experiences for ...
womin media (wominmedia) on Pinterest
We are experts in designing and executing revenue strategies around smart, empowered programming for smart, empowered women. Womin is using Pinterest, ...
Womin X - Women Motorcycle Riders - WominX.net
Womin X LLC - Promoting women motorcycle riders and the original women motorcycle website fully dedicated to women riders from around the globe!
WoMin Information | All Nations Church
Through the mission of All Nations Church, the mandate of Womin is to provide opportunities for women to come to know the Lord Jesus Christ, grow spiritually, ...
World of Womin
Health, wealth and success for women with natural healing. Dr Szuson Wong is a leading natural practitioner and innovative success coach dedicated to helping ...
Root Womin's sets on SoundCloud - Hear the world's sounds
Root Womin Root Womin, Gulf of Mexico Bioregion, United States ... mellow with an edge 6 tracks, 31.50 Root Womin on January 18, 2013 03:42. Share ...
Womin - YouTube
Apr 15, 2011 ... Womin/cleveland state university singersby burtonbeerman1 67 views; 12: ... complete performance Womin for dance and interactive music and ...
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Texas Woman's University: TWU Home
Texas Woman's University is a public university with campuses in Denton, Dallas, and Houston, Texas, offering bachelor's, master's, doctoral and online degrees ...
College of Nursing - Texas Woman's University
The TWU College of Nursing offers undergraduate, master's, and doctoral ...
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Please join us in congratulating all of our Houston Campus award recipients, ...
List of current and historical women's universities and colleges ...
This is a list of current and historical women's colleges. A women's college is an institution of higher education where enrollment is all-female. In the United ...
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Our students say there's something special about “The W." You might think they' re talking about our ranking among the top Southern public master's universities ...
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Women's University Club Home Page
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North Carolina: A Guide to the Old North State
North Carolina: A Guide to the Old North State
Federal Writers' Project
Margit Carpenter age 87 dide jun 5 1875 ware good Womin to pore when she ware amind to be. She did not have no bed to slep on she slep on her skin to mak lik hard times. No Womin has to li on her skin when she war marrid. Joe Sing age ...
Biennial Report of the State Commission in Lunacy
Biennial Report of the State Commission in Lunacy
California. Commission in Lunacy, 1918
IlI Womin I i O a i I O l I I I i i n I I I I I I I a i I I I I 11 Womin — I I l I I I i oI 1 Ts I I O 1 I T I zs I I 1 J 1 II1 Womin — 1 1 I I I 4 I Il i T I I I i l i I I aO I w I I l I I II I 1 I I I 1 iI I d I l I I I I I II I I I I I O 1Il o i i □ i I T a i I I I 1 1 I I aI I l I O I i o 1i Womin I I i I I a I I I I I ...
Carrying on in the Lesbian and Gay South
Carrying on in the Lesbian and Gay South
John Howard, 1997
When River City Womin played at Mother's Brew, their love songs and political messages reached a large cross section of women. A Louisville lesbian remembered her first experience with the band: I had heard of River City Womin and the ...
The Definitive Journals of Lewis & Clark: Down the Columbia to ...
The Definitive Journals of Lewis & Clark: Down the Columbia to ...
Gary E. Moulton, 2002
Smokeing. eating or their Womin; about the latter. they Speak without reserve in their presence. of their every part. and of the most farmiliar Connection. they do not hold the virtue of their Womin in high estimation. and will even prostitute their ...
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