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In botany, a tree is a plant with an elongated stem, or trunk, supporting leaves or branches.
In some usages, the definition of a tree may be narrower, including only woody plants, only plants that are usable as lumber, only plants above a specified height or only perennial species. At its broadest, trees include the taller palms, the tree ferns, bananas and bamboo.
A tree typically has many secondary branches supported clear of the ground by the trunk. This trunk typically contains woody tissue for strength, and vascular tissue to carry materials from one part of the tree to another. For most trees it is surrounded by a layer of bark which serves as a protective barrier. Below the ground, the roots branch and spread out widely; they serve to anchor the tree and extract moisture and nutrients from the soil. Above ground, the branches divide into smaller branches and shoots. The shoots typically bear leaves, which capture light energy and convert it into chemical energy by photosynthesis, providing the food needed by the tree for its growth and development.
Flowers and fruit may also be present, but some trees such as conifers instead have pollen cones and seed cones, and others such as tree ferns produce spores instead.
Trees tend to be long-lived, some reaching several thousand years old. The tallest known specimen on Earth is 115.6 m (379 ft) and they have a theoretical maximum height of 130 m (426 ft). Trees have been in existence on the Earth for 370 million years. Trees are not a taxonomic group but are a number of plant species that have independently evolved a woody trunk and branches as a way to tower above other plants and make full use of the sunlight.
Trees play a significant role in reducing erosion and moderating the climate. They remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and store large quantities of carbon in their tissues. Trees and forests provide a habitat for many species of animals and plants. Tropical rainforests are one of the most biodiverse habitats in the world. Trees provide shade and shelter, timber for construction, fuel for cooking and heating, and fruit for food as well as having many other uses. In parts of the world, forests are shrinking as trees are cleared to increase the amount of land available for agriculture. Because of their longevity and usefulness, trees have always been revered and they play a role in many of the world's mythologies.

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Do you know what is inside the trunk of a tree? Here is where you will find what each of the Wood layers are called and what they do, there is even a picture to ...
Tree Anatomy
A cross section of a tree trunk reveals it is composed of many layers (Figure 1). Each year a tree essentially grows a new "coat of wood" over the older wood.
Anatomy of a Tree—Tree Guide at arborday.org
The cambium cell layer is the growing part of the trunk. It annually produces new bark and new wood in response to hormones that pass down through the ...
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PlyWood layers (called veneers) are glued together, with adjacent plies having their wood grain at right angles to each other, to form a composite material.
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Engineered wood products are used in a variety of applications, from home ... of wood that are oriented lengthwise and then arranged in layers, laid up into mats ...
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Veneer beading is a thin layer of decorative edging placed around objects, such as jewelry boxes. Veneer is also used to replace decorative papers in Wood ...
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Engineered wood flooring is composed of two or more layers of wood in the form of a plank. The top layer (lamella) is the wood that is visible when the flooring is ...
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Glossary of Wood Related Terms | Wood University Online ...
Wood University ..... A prefabricated solid engineered wood panel made from at least three layers of solid-sawn lumber or structural composite lumber (SCL) that ...
Tree Anatomy
A cross section of a tree trunk reveals it is composed of many layers (Figure 1). ... Between the bark and wood is the cambium layer which is responsible for increases in ... Prepared by: Erv Evans, Consumer Horticulturist, NC State University ...
University of Karlsruhe ... layers. The stress distribution in and the deformation behaviour of solid wood panels ... 1 Build-up of solid wood panels with cross layer ...
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Ohio State University Extension Fact Sheet ... Stickers are used to separate the various lumber layers in a stack or pile. Stickers are boards specially cut for this ...
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Mulching with Wood/Bark Chips, Grass Clippings, and Rock
Mulching gardens with wood chips, bark chips, grass clippings and rock. ... Grass clippings make good mulch when applied in thin layers and allowed to dry .... Colorado Master Gardener Program, Colorado State University Extension.
[PDF]Mulching with Wood/Bark Chips, Grass Clippings, and Rock
Colorado Gardener Certificate Training. Colorado State University Extension. CMG GardenNotes #245. Mulching with Wood/Bark Chips,. Grass Clippings, and ...
Publications - Atmospheric Sciences
The seasonal cycle of planetary boundary layer depth determined using COSMIC radio occultation data. K.-M. Chan and R. Wood. Submitted to J. Geophys.
[PDF]Tree Growth, Forest Management, and Their Implications for Wood ...
Oregon State University • University of Idaho • Washington State University. Wood has long served as one of our most versatile and heavily used raw materials.
[PDF]Northern Arizona University "Wood Supply Analysis" : A February ...
... Northern Arizona University. 3 Department of Forest Resources, Oregon State University .... 4.1.1 Developing Forest Structure and Wood Volume Layers.
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Fine Woodworking on Bending Wood: 35 Articles
Fine Woodworking on Bending Wood: 35 Articles
Fine woodworking, 1985
Thin layers of wood are easy to bend into a variety of simple curves — that is, surfaces that bend in only one plane. ... It is done by gluing layers of wood face to face into relarively narrow staves, making each stave take the shape of a different ...
Wood Structure and Properties '06
Wood Structure and Properties '06
Jozef Kúdela, Stanislav Kurjatko, Rastislav Lagaňa, 2006
EQUIPMENT AND METHODS The thermal conductivity of various three-layered solid wood panels (BADER 2005, WEBER 2006) and wood-based materials ( fibre boards and plywood) was tested. The measurements were carried out with the ...
Understanding wood: a craftsman's guide to wood technology
Understanding wood: a craftsman's guide to wood technology
R. Bruce Hoadley, 2000
Raised grain results when wood is unevenly compressed during cutting, with resulting uneven springback. The extreme situation occurs on the pith side of flatsawn boards of uneven- grained conifers (Figure 9.17). The acutely angled layers of ...
Modern Physical Metallurgy and Materials Engineering: Science, ...
Modern Physical Metallurgy and Materials Engineering: Science, ...
Raymond E. Smallman, R. Ray J. Bishop, 1999
Differences in the wall structure, shape and size of the cells are responsible for the many different types of wood. Within the strong and elastic wall of each tracheid, different types of layers of cellulose microfibrils have been identified ( Figure ...
An encyclopædia of agriculture
An encyclopædia of agriculture
John Claudius Loudon, 1825
layer of wood and of bark, generated between the wood and bark of the former year, and covering the origin alt cone of wood, like the paper that covers a sugar- loaf : this is the fact of the mode of augmentation about which phytologists have ...
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