Word.com (webzine), 1995-2000
Launched in 1995 by Carey Earle, Tom Livaccari and Dan Pelson, Word Magazine was one of the earliest and most influential e-zines. For over five years, Word created original stories, interviews, games, applications, music, interactive objects and art, and community spaces. Word published new content daily, and each story was treated as a unique interface design experiment. Word was also a pioneer in the use of online advertising and was the first website to integrate "microsites" into brand advertising online.
Word's editorial team was originally led by Vibe Magazine founding editor Jonathan Van Meter and creative director Jaime Levy. Marisa Bowe took over as Editor-in-Chief prior to the site's June 1995 launch and Yoshi Sodeoka became Creative Director in early 1996. Daron Murphy was a founding senior editor. Jason Mohr was a senior designer. Later senior editors included Sabin Streeter and Rose Kernochan. Streeter, Bowe, Murphy, and Kernochan later co-edited a book of interviews with Americans about their jobs--inspired by Studs Terkel's Working, called Gig
Word won awards from I.D. Magazine and Print Magazine, among others and was placed in the permanent collection of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the Walker Art Center and the Museum of the Moving Image.
Word was originally owned by Icon CMT until its sale in April 1998 to Zapata Corporation. Zapata closed Word.com in August, 2000.

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Launched in 1995 by Carey Earle, Tom Livaccari and Dan Pelson, Word Magazine was one of the earliest and most influential e-zines. For over five years, Word ...
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"WORD.COM, Webzine" 1995-2000. Launched in 1995, Word.com was one of the oldest and most influential online magazines. For over five years under the art ...
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13 Aŭg 2011 ... This is a automatic machine translation of the Word.com (webzine), 1995-2000 article on the English Wikipedia. It was produced by GramTrans ...
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Oct 8, 2006 ... the only Weekly Word-origin Webzine ... Almond, Jordan, Dictionary of Word Origins -- A Dictionary of the ... Bierce, Ambrose, The Devil's Dictionary, Oxford, Oxford University Press, 1999. .... Copyright © 1995-2000 TIERE ...
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Mar 18, 2013 ... Toyo Ito & Associates Architects, Sendai Mediatheque, 1995-2000, Sendai-shi, Miyagi, Japan. ... Ito graduated from Tokyo University's Department of Architecture in 1965 and began ... Innovative is a word often used to describe Toyo Ito's works. .... Urbanista.org is a new webzine of critical perspectives on ...
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Apr 3, 2013 ... degree in Economics from Leeds University (United Kingdom). ... She is a former patron of the BBC World Service Trust, the charitable arm of the. BBC, and a former ... Cooperation and Humanitarian Affairs (1995-2000). He began ...... Moreover, he set up the English version of Le Taurillon webzine under ...
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SEARCH WEBSITE. Search. Close. The University of New South Wales - Sydney - Canberra - Australia Built Environment ...
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New Media in the Muslim World: The Emerging Public Sphere
New Media in the Muslim World: The Emerging Public Sphere
Dale F Eickelman, Jon W. Anderson, 2003
Others, like web portals, on-line newsletters, and webzines are better adapted to the still uncertain market for on-line ... played major roles in what can be called the incubation period of information technologies in the Arab world (1995-2000).
Digital Scholarship in the Tenure, Promotion, and Review Process /
Digital Scholarship in the Tenure, Promotion, and Review Process /
Deborah L. Andersen, 2004
"Quantity of Books Sold and Value of U.S. Domestic Consumer Expenditures: 1995-2000." Statistical Abstract of the ... High Energy Physics Libraries Webzine 6 (March 2002). library.cern.ch/HEPLW/6/papers/2. Volery, Thierry. ... W3C, World Wide Web Consortium. www.w3.org/Consortium/#background. . " Cascading Style ...
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Creativity and Cognition
Creativity and Cognition
ACM Digital Library, 2005
... of all kinds including fiction, poetry, hypertexts, cyberculture and theory, conferences, journals, and webzines. In May ... This paper gives an account of the first five years of trAce, 1995-2000, and looks to the future from the vantage point of 2005. ... After much scouring of dictionaries and emailing back and forth, the word 'trAce' appeared as an accidental typo in an email and somehow seemed to stick.
The Bride of Anguished English: A Bonanza of Bloopers, Blunders, ...
The Bride of Anguished English: A Bonanza of Bloopers, Blunders, ...
Richard Lederer, 2002
Gathers humorous examples of errors of the English language spoken, written, or heard in the classroom, the courtroom, church, and government offices.
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Word.com (webzine), 1995-2000
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1995 – 2000 BP 001 Intensified – Boss a botheration/ Look pon you 500 copies BP 002 Ska Trek -Jamboree/ Pee Pee Cluck Cluck 500 copies BP 003 The In Citers – Come on train/ You were the one 500 copies BP 004 Intensified – Fat Cat/ You better run 500 copies BP 005 The Ferrymen – Whole world/ The story is always the same 500 copies BP 006 Ocean 11 – Let’s start again/Can’t forget about you 500 copies BP 007 La Thorpe Brass – I don’t know/ Reggae man 500 copies BP 008 The Adjusters – Rebel Jam 500 copies BP 009 Intensified – Tell me baby/ Glamour Girl 1000 copies BP 010 A: Rocker T By yourside B: Rocker T & Agent Jay Dub more 500 copies BP 011 A: King Django & Rocker T Wayfarer’s Prayer B: King Django No Trial 500 copies About these ads end){break;}} return true; } if ( typeof GA_googleAddAttr == 'function' ) { GA_googleAddAttr("AdOpt", "1"); GA_googleAddAttr("Origin", "other"); GA_googleAddAttr("LangId", "1"); GA_googleAddAttr("Domain", "redstar73. wordpress.
THE YES-MEN Prosody cd 2000 Ma Raf Yo / What´s Wrong / I Won´t Run / Would In a Room / Your Hanging / You´re So Bad / Fawlty Rocks / Fraticide / Stripping Music / Acid Reign / Casting Stones / A Dog Is For Christmas / Beating Around The Bush* / Anglo Girl Desire**bonus tracks Produced by Sean Greenway, Mike Alonso & The Yes-Men. The Yes-Men: Stewart Leafinger Cunningham: lead guitar & backing vocals / Jay Curley: bass / Sean Greenway: guitar, vocals, bass, percussion & keyboards / Mark Hirst: drums & percussion.
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KI Media: Cambodia: Portrait of Hunger
Written on October 13, 2010By Natasha BurgeConducive Chronicle Today is my second day exploring world hunger as part of Conducive Chronicle’s 21 Days for Hunger. Last May, when I did my first world hunger series, I mimicked the diet of the world’s hungriest people for the entire seven days of my journey.
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The economy of Ireland has transformed in recent years from an agricultural focus to a modern knowledge economy, focusing on services and high-tech industries and dependent on trade, industry and investment. Economic growth in Ireland averaged a (relatively high) 10% from 1995?2000, and 7% from 2001?2004.