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Words and Sounds Tour was a music tour in 2001 by American recording artist Jill Scott. The Words and Sounds tour started on January 27, in Atlanta, GA through the end of February. By the spring Jill Scott ended her headlining tour during the winter, she was invited to join rock singer Sting on his US tour. Scott was featured as Sting's opening act for his itinerary of shows for the month of May. Jill Scott was hospitalized for an illness a day after the tour kicked off on May 5, in D.C. She was treated and released with orders to rest for a week, as she would miss the first few shows. She soon recovered and joined Sting on May 15, when the tour arrived in Madison, WI at the Kohl Center. Scott resumed a North America second leg tour in July with dates scheduled through the summer.
The tour was later packaged as a two disc CD-set entitled Experience: Jill Scott 826+. The show on Aug. 26th was recorded in Washington, D.C. at DAR Constitution Hall. Disc One includes the actual concert, while Disc Two showcases new material including poetry spoken to music known as "Thickness".

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2.1 2000–2009: Words and Sounds albums (2000, 2004 and 2007); 2.2 2010– 2012: Hidden Beach lawsuit, The Light of the Sun (2011), and tour; 2.3 ...
Words and Sounds Tour - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Words And Sounds Tour was a music tour in 2001 by American recording artist Jill Scott. The Words And Sounds Tour started on January 27, in Atlanta, GA ...
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Words And Sounds Tour was a music tour in 2001 by American recording artist Jill Scott. The Words And Sounds Tour started on January 27, in Atlanta, GA ...
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2.1 2000–2009: Words and Sounds albums (2000, 2004 and 2007); 2.2 2010– 2012: Hidden Beach lawsuit, The Light of the Sun (2011), and tour; 2.3 2013- present: ... After graduating from high school, Scott attended Temple University while ...
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