An X window manager is a window manager which runs on top of the X Window System, a windowing system mainly used on Unix-like systems.
Unlike the Mac OS (Apple Macintosh) and Microsoft Windows platforms (excepting Microsoft Windows explorer.exe shell replacements) which have historically provided a vendor-controlled, fixed set of ways to control how windows and panes display on a screen, and how the user may interact with them, window management for the X Window System was deliberately kept separate from the software providing the graphical display. The user can choose between various third-party window managers, which differ from one another in several ways, including:
- customizability of appearance and functionality:
textual menus used to start programs and/or change options
docks and other graphical ways to start programs
multiple desktops and virtual desktops (desktops larger than the physical monitor size), and pagers to switch between them
- consumption of memory and other system resources
- degree of integration with a desktop environment, which provides a more complete interface to the operating system, and provides a range of integrated utilities and applications.

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Available with smoked plexi- glass or solid front door. Performance Value Wall Mount Enclosures. XWM-2320-GD. XWM-2320-SD. XWM-2109-GD. Belden.
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White Hmong-English Dictionary
Ernest E. Heimbach, 1979
413 av xuav Loose ground with small stones. zeb xuav Coarse sand (cf. 'suab zeb'). xuav kauv Whistling. xeeb XWM To come of age. . XWM - XWM txhiam XWM Garden vegetables (as opposed to field crops). 414 7. XWM kavXWM (tus) (cf. 'kav' ).
An Introduction to Hmong Culture
An Introduction to Hmong Culture
Ya Po Cha, 2010
Presenting a holistic perspective of the Hmong way of life, this book touches on every aspect of the Hmong culture, including an overview of their history and traditions, relationships between Hmong parents and their children, the rites and traditions of Hmong wedding and funeral ceremonies, the celebration of the Hmong New Year, home restrictions ...
Hmong American Concepts of Health
Dia Cha, 2004
The mother and father thus called them, as well, and scolded, “XWM Kab, we worship you in our house because you are supposed to watch over our family members and our house. But you failed in your duty. You let our daughter sneak away.
Fundamentals of School Scheduling
Gwen Schroth, Anita M. Pankake, Paul Terry, 1997
o.qo.qo.4 o ~F p- on a > > > No wu> q mw—_J~m_a_
Hmong American Concepts of Health, Healing, and Conventional ...
Dia Cha, 2003
Inasmuch as child rearing and family life are so important to the Hmong, the Dab Pog has become the most-worshipped spirit, together with the house spirit couple , the XWM Kab, who were sent to earth to watch over Hmong homes and protect ...
Zaj Tshoob
Zaj Tshoob
Phau ntawv zaj tshoob no muaj cov zaj tshoob ua tshoob loj thiab tshoob me xws li: -Tshoob nqes tsev tshoob zawj. -Zaj tshoob txhiaj tw tshoob ntuj tsim teb raug koj txhiaj kuv txhais kuv txhiaj koj txhais. -Zaj tshoob tos ntawm qhov rooj kom qhua tuaj qhib qhov rooj thiab tsa niam txiv txhiaj meej pem xeeb ncej dab ncej qhua. -Zaj tshoob tuam choj...
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