Aneuploidy is an abnormal number of chromosomes within a cell, and is a type of chromosome abnormality. An extra or missing chromosome is a common cause of genetic disorders (birth defects). Some cancer cells also have abnormal numbers of chromosomes. Aneuploidy occurs during cell division when the chromosomes do not separate properly between the two cells. Chromosome abnormalities occur in 1 of 160 live births.This generally happens when cytokinesis starts occurring while karyokinesis is still under the process. Most cases of aneuploidy result in termination of the developing fetus, but there can be cases of live birth; the most common extra chromosomes among live births are 21, 18 and 13.
Different species have different numbers of normal chromosomes and thus the term "aneuploidy" refers to the chromosome number being different for that species.

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Biology of Women
Ethel Sloane, 2002
Expected Genotype XXX XXY XO YO (inviable) XXY XYY XXX Klinefelter's syndrome 1/800 males Double-Y syndrome 1/700. 140 CHAPTER 5 Sex Chromosome Abnormalities 119 121 123.
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