Khalkha (Mongol: Халх) is the largest subgroup of Mongol people in Mongolia since the 15th century. The Khalkha together with Chahar, Ordos and Tumed, were directly ruled by the Chinggisid Khans until the 20th century; unlike the Oirat people who were ruled by the Dzungar nobles or the Khorchins who were ruled by Khasar's descendants. There were originally two major Khalkha groups, of which each ruled by the direct male line descendants of Dayan Khan. The Baarin, Qongirat, Jaarut, Baigut, and the O'zeed became Dayan Khan's fifth son Achibolod's subjects, thus formed the Southern Five Halhs. The Kerait, Jalair, Olkhunut, Khatagin, Besut, Iljigin, Gorlos, Uriankhai, Sartuul, Tanghut, Khotogoid, Khuree, and Tsookhor became Dayan Khan's youngest (could be third) son Geresenje's (Mongolian: Гэрсэне Жалайр Хан) subjects, thus formed the "Аглагийн арван гурван хүрээ Халх" or The Thirteen Khalkhas of the Far North. There were also numerous direct descendants of Genghis Khan who had formed the ruling class of the Khalkha Mongols prior to the 20th century, but they were and still also regarded as Khalkha Mongols rather than belonging to a special unit. The Thirteen Khalkhas of the Far North are the major subethnic group of the independent state of Mongolia. They number 1,610,400, or 78.8 percent, of Mongolia's population (1989 figures). Khalkha dialect is the standard written language of Mongolia.

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(Linguistics / Languages) the dialect of Mongolian that is the official language of Mongolia. Thesaurus Legend: Synonyms Related Words Antonyms ...
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180 miles west. A pint with Gareth Thomas. And a plane ride from Cardiff to Anglesey. So ends the first day of Piers & Emma's proper holiday. They'... Xalx and ...
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Xalx boo morgol tuxai hamtadaa yariltsatsgaay. ... 2010 оны 12-р сарын 14, Нийтэлсэн Xalx. Xalx boo morgoliin tuxai hamtadaa yariltsatsgaay. Tweet. Share ...
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Xalx Mongols. (Also Khalkha). Eighty percent of the Mongolian population is of Xalx Mongol ethnicity. The name "Xalx" referred until the 15th-16th century to a ...
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Xalx. ... Xalx.net. Search this site. La casa. 242 1337 (X)alX(or)242. [twitter] [last.fm ] [facebook] [youtube] [linkedin] [psn] [github]. Sign in|Recent Site ...
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Xalx goliin dain 9r angi Presentation Transcript. Ñýäýâ :Õàëõ ãîëûí äàéí 9-ð àíãè Ìîíãîëûí Ò¿¿õ Ү.Баярмаа; ßïîíû ç¿ãýýñ Ìîíãîëûí òàëààð ÿâóóëñàí áîäëîãî 1932 он ...
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Remarkably High-Temperature Stability of Bi(Fe1−xAlx)O3–BaTiO3 ...
Apr 10, 2013 ... School of Material Science and Engineering, Guilin University of ... School of Materials Science and Engineering, Guangxi University, Nanning, ...
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[PDF]A magnetic, neutron diffraction, and Mossbauer ... - IEEE Xplore
of the Nd2Fe17-Xalx solid solutions. Gary J. Long. Department of Chemistry, University of Missouri-Rolia, Rolla, Missouri 65401-0249. G. K. Marasinghe, S.
On the ternary Laves phases Ti(Mn1-xAlx)2 with ... - Publication detail
On the ternary Laves phases Ti(Mn1-Xalx)2 with MgZn2-type. Persons: Xinlin Yan (Autor/-in) - University of Vienna, Department of Physical Chemistry ...
Li4+x(Si1–xAlx)O4 Solid Solution Mechanosynthesis and Kinetic ...
Mar 4, 2013 ... Al (Li4+x(Si1-Xalx)O4) or V (Li4-x(Si1-xVx)O4) were prepd. by solid state .... McCash, E. M. Surface Chemistry; Oxford University Press: Oxford, ...
Magnetic and dielectric properties of Yb(Mn1-xAlx)O3 thin films.
Magnetic and dielectric properties of Yb(Mn1-Xalx)O3 thin films. ... Graduate School of Engineering Osaka Prefecture University, Sakai, Osaka 599-8531, Japan.
[PDF]Magnetostructural Phase Transitions and Magnetocaloric Effects in ...
Feb 1, 2012 ... Magnetocaloric Effects in MnNiGe1-Xalx. Tampas Samanta. Southern Illinois University Carbondale. Igor Dubenko. Southern Illinois University ...
[PDF]Mössbauer study of permanent-magnet materials: Sm2Fe17-xAlx ...
Nov 21, 2006 ... Mössbauer study of permanent-magnet materials: Sm2Fe17-Xalx compounds. I.A. Al-Omari. University of Nebraska - Lincoln. Sitaram Jaswal ...
[PDF]Structural, thermal, and electronic properties of Fe2VSi1−xAlx
1Department of Physics, National Cheng Kung University, Tainan 70101, Taiwan ... Fe2VSi, we investigated the Fe2VSi1−Xalx series of compounds by ...
Formation of Cu(In1-xAlx)Se2 by selenising RF magnetron sputtered ...
Apr 11, 2013 ... Northumbria University · Prospectus ... Formation of Cu(In1-Xalx)Se2 by selenising RF magnetron sputtered Cu/Al/In precursor layers. Tools ...
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Hydrogen Materials Science and Chemistry of Metal Hydrides Ichms 2001
Hydrogen Materials Science and Chemistry of Metal Hydrides Ichms 2001
D.V. Schur, S.Yu. Zaginaichenko
Bratanich T.*, Bulanov V., Skorokhod V. Institute for Problems of Material Science of NASU, Krjijanovsky str. 3, Kiev, 03142, Ukraine ВЗАИМОДЕЙСТВИЕ ПОРОШКОВЫХ СИСТЕМ LaNi5-Xalx-Pd С ВОДОРОДОМ В ПРИСУТСТВИИ МОНО- ...
Selected Systems from Al-B-C to B-Hf-W
Selected Systems from Al-B-C to B-Hf-W
Günter Effenberg, 2009
Al in respectively μ, Nb19(Fe1–Xalx)21 and λ, Nb(Fe1–Xalx)2, at 1000°C is found by [1966Ram]. This large solubility in both phases, whereby Al mainly substitutes for the Fe atoms, is confirmed in the investigation of the ternary system by ...
Structure and Properties of Aperiodic Materials
Structure and Properties of Aperiodic Materials
Yoshiyuki Kawazoe, Yoshio Waseda, 2003
3.2 Structural Characteristics of La(TMi-Xalx)i3 Amorphous Alloys The structures of La(TMi-Xalx)i3 amorphous alloys differ from those of binary metallic amorphous alloy systems. Before the discussion, we therefore briefly explain the crystal ...
Biomimetic and Bioinspired Nanomaterials
Biomimetic and Bioinspired Nanomaterials
Challa S. S. R. Kumar, 2010
... group (charge density: x∼ 0.2–0.6 per unit) Montmorillonite Mx(Al2−xMgx)(Si4 )O10(OH)2·nH2O Beidellite Mx(Al2)(Si4−Xalx)O10(OH)2 · nH2O Nontronite Mx( Fe3+(Si4−Xalx)O10(OH)2· nH2O Saponite Mx(Mg3)(Si4−Xalx)O10(OH)2·nH2O ...
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Nanochemistry: Li4+x(Si1–xAlx)O4 Solid Solution Mechanosynthesis and Kinetic Analysis of the CO2 Chemisorption Process
José Ortiz-Landeros, Issis C. Romero-Ibarra, Carlos Gómez-Yáñez, Enrique Lima and Heriberto PfeifferThe Journal of Physical Chemistry C DOI: 10.
Some Properties of LaNi5-xAlx Metal Alloys and the Diffusion Coefficient and Solubility of Hydrogen in Cyclohexane
RCSB Protein Data Bank - RCSB PDB - 4INH Structure Summary
4INH: Structural basis of substrate specificity and protease inhibition in norwalk virus.
Примечательно Высокотемпературная устойчивость Bi (Fe1-xAlx) O3-BaTiO3 твердый раствор с почти нулевой температурный коэффициент пьезоэлектрических свойств | industry.shooshopping.com
发表于 2013 年 4 月 12 日 由 shoo.
The Preparation and Characterization of MgCu2 Type Laves Phase Mg(Cu1-XAlX)2
The Preparation and Characterization of MgCu2 Type Laves Phase Mg(Cu1-Xalx)2 | Good Mechanical Paper For Sale
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