Xerocomus is a genus of fungi that is related to Boletus. Many mycologists do not recognize the distinction; however, several molecular studies have demonstrated that they are two distinct genera, with clear morphological differences. The genus Xerocomus has been further divided into Xerocomellus and Hemileccinum by Šutara (2008). The members of the Xerocomellus genus are more closely related to Boletus than true Xerocomus is, which is relatively distantly related to Boletus and more closely related to Phylloporus.
Most members of Xerocomus are edible.
Ladurner and Simonini published a monograph on Xerocomus in 2003. In 2008, Hills included 18 species found in Britain, not including some species sometimes treated as Xerocomus, including Boletus pulverulentus and Boletus impolitus.Molecular phylogenetic studies strongly imply that Xerocomus is a heterogeneous genus of polyphyletic origin.

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Xerocomus subtomentosus - Wikipedia, the free …
Xerocomus subtomentosus, commonly known as suede bolete, brown and yellow bolet, boring brown bolete or yellow-cracked bolete, is a species of edible ...
California Fungi: Xerocomellus chrysenteron
Xerocomellus chrysenteron (Bull.) Šutara Czech Mycol. 60(1): 49. 2008. Common Name: none. Synonym: Boletus chyrsenteron Bull.; Xerocomus chrysenteron (Bull.)
Xerocomus - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Xerocomus is a genus of fungi that is related to Boletus. Many mycologists do not recognize the distinction; however, several molecular studies have ...
Xerocomus « boletales.com
Xerocomus Quél. Recent molecular studies have shown that Xerocomus in its current circumscription is likely an artificial grouping and it is possible that it will be ...
X. communis « boletales.com
Note that Boletus impolitus and Boletus depilatus that were shown to be close to Xerocomus subtomentosus and its allies, are here retained in Boletus for ...
The genus (Xerocomus)
The genus (Xerocomus) is notoriously difficult. There is a rather big confusion with regard to species concept and the names to use for them. This is partly due to ...
California Fungi: Xerocomus subtomentosus - MykoWeb
Cap 4-12 cm broad, convex, becoming nearly plane in age, sometimes slightly depressed at the disc; margin incurved, then decurved, at times upturned at ...
California Fungi: Xerocomellus truncatus - MykoWeb
Synonyms: Boletus truncatus (Singer, Snell, & Dick) Pouzar; Xerocomus truncatus Singer, Snell, & Dick. Pileus. Cap 5-10 cm broad, convex, broadly convex to ...
Xerocomus s. l. in the light of the present state of knowledge
The definition of the generic limits of Xerocomus s. l. and particularly the ... group. In agreement with these facts, the European species of Xerocomus s. l. whose ...
Boletus spadiceus (MushroomExpert.Com)
... Smith, Smith & Weber, 1981; Phillips, 1991/2005; Both, 1993; Bessette, Roody & Bessette, 2000.) Herb. Kuo 08100701. Xerocomus spadiceus is a synonym.
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California Fungi: Xerocomellus chrysenteron - MykoWeb
Synonym: Boletus chyrsenteron Bull.; Xerocomus chrysenteron (Bull.) Quélet. Pileus. Cap 4-9 cm ... University of Michigan Press: Ann Arbor, MI. 426 p. Šutara, J.
California Fungi: Xerocomus subtomentosus - MykoWeb
Xerocomus subtomentosus. (Photo: © Michael Wood). Xerocomus subtomentosus (L.: Fries) Quélet ... University of Michigan Press: Ann Arbor, MI. 426 p. Thiers ...
Boletus zelleri - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Boletus zelleri, commonly known as Zeller's Bolete, is an edible species of mushroom ... on specimens he found on the campus of the University of Washington.
Xerocomus illudens - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Xerocomus illudens is a species of bolete fungus in the Boletaceae family. Described as new to .... Syracuse, New York: Syracuse University Press. pp. 121 –2.
[PDF]New species of Xerocomus (Boletales) from the Guiana ... - Mycologia
Department of Plant Pathology, University of Florida,. Gainesville, Florida 32611. Abstract: Xerocomus cyaneibrunnescens, Xerocomus potaroensis, and ...
New species of Xerocomus (Boletales) from the Guiana ... - Mycologia
Abstract. Xerocomus cyaneibrunnescens, Xerocomus potaroensis, and Xerocomus parvogracilis (Boletales, Basidiomycota) are ... Stanford University Libraries'.
Mercury in Bay Bolete (Xerocomus badius): bioconcentration by ...
Mercury in Bay Bolete (Xerocomus badius): bioconcentration by fungus and ... University of Gdansk, Institute of Environmental Sciences & Public Health ...
Xerocomus silwoodensis - Imperial College London
He explained the significance of the discovery: "I suspect that it is unique for a new species to be named after a university campus, and I'm delighted that ...
Concentration of selected trace elements in Xerocomus badius ...
Concentration of selected trace elements in Xerocomus badius mushroom bodies - a ... (1)Department of Chemistry, Poznań University of Life Sciences,, Poland.
New species of Xerocomus (Boletales) from the Guiana Shield, with ...
18 Oct 2012 ... (1)Department of Agriculture, Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry, University of Guyana, Georgetown, Guyana. Xerocomus cyaneibrunnescens ...
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Systematics and Evolution of Porcini and Clavarioid Mushrooms
Bryn Tjader Mason Dentinger, 2007
(TH8408) MlOQi — Tylopilus rubrobrunneus I — I 1 — Tylopilus intermedius 1 Porphyrellus porphyrosporus — Strobilomyces strobilaceus Boletellus "exiguus" Xerocomus sp. (TH8821) fWtf#"0Cl°67991) ^ -"-tuffs var. clavipes f(///S ...
Fungus-insect Relationships: Perspectives in Ecology and ...
Quentin Wheeler, Meredith Blackwell, 1984
29/80 PLA; Xerocomus spadiceus Sept/21/80 CCNHA; Xerocomus subto- mentosus June/25/81 UMBS; Xerocomus truncatus Aug/14/81 UMBS. Mycetophila pinguis Loew Gyrodon merulioides Aug/21/81 CLSP. Mycetophila signatoides ...
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A personnel favourite, and would put it up there with the cep, the taste is great but the main reason I favour it is that it suffers much much less from larvae infestation and slug attacks, the squirrels have a taste for it though so there will be a few bite marks about.What to observe.the cap.chestnut brown and smooth,suede like when young, grows up to 10-12cmthe tubes. off white,yellow to green with age.the stem.
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Boletus definition, any mushroomlike fungus of the genus Boletus, having an easily separable layer of tubes on the underside of the cap or pileus. See more.
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