Xesam (eXtEnsible Search And Metadata) is a specification promoted by freedesktop.org which aims to provide a unified framework for desktop search. It defines both the API provided by services, and the protocol to query them.

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Xesam (eXtEnsible Search And Metadata) is a specification promoted by freedesktop.org which aims to provide a unified framework for desktop search.
xesam:artist - Freedesktop.org
18 Sep 2013 ... It is recommended that Xesam metadata fields (prefixed by "Xesam:") are used wherever possible. This allows for natural extension of the ...
Xesam Info Page - Lists - Freedesktop.org
Xesam is short for eXtEnsible Search And Metadata specification. ... Subscribing to Xesam. Subscribe to Xesam by filling out the following form. You will be sent ...
Category: Xesam - Flavio Castelli
Category: Xesam. ... 2008. My Current Tasks. Jan 18 2008 posted in kde, strigi, Xesam. 2007. Strigi Gains Full Xesam Queries Support. Aug 31 2007 posted in ...
Xesam vs. Nepomuk – It is Settled | Trueg's Blog
29 Apr 2009 ... Update: Since there seems to be some confusion: This blog discusses the Xesam ontology, not the desktop search API! For a long time now we ...
xesam.el - MIT
Furthermore, there must be at least one search engine ;; running, which supports the Xesam interface. Beagle and strigi have ;; been tested; tracker, pinot and ...
Index of /pub/gnome/sources/beagle-xesam
Index of /pub/gnome/sources/beagle-Xesam. Icon Name Last modified Size. [ PARENTDIR] Parent Directory - [DIR] 0.1/ 2009-07-14 15:48 - [DIR] 0.2/ 2009-07- 14 ...
Index of /mirror/gnome.org/sources/beagle-xesam
Index of /mirror/gnome.org/sources/beagle-Xesam. Icon Name Last modified Size . [PARENTDIR] Parent Directory - [DIR] 0.1/ 2009-07-14 15:48 - [DIR] ...
Ubuntu – Details of package beagle-xesam in lucid
Xesam API/support for Beagle. ... Xesam API/support for Beagle. This package provides a Xesam adaptor for Beagle indexing tool.
Xesam - ACM Digital Library
High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! Xesam is a specification promoted by freedesktop.org which aims to provide a unified framework for desktop search.
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UNIVERSITY OF SCRANTON. SPRING 2015 SEMESTER FINAL EXAM SCHEDULE. [Finalized 11-FEB-2015]. Exam Day →. Exam Time ↓. [A]. Monday.
Iranian University Entrance Exam - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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Jesse Russell, Ronald Cohn, 2012
High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! Xesam (eXtEnsible Search And Metadata) is a specification promoted by freedesktop.org which aims to provide a unified framework for desktop search.
The Semantic Web -- ISWC 2011: 10th International Semantic ...
Lora Aroyo, Chris Welty, Harith Alani, 2011
It also defines an 1 http://www.semanticdesktop.org/ontologies/ 2 http://Xesam.org /main/XesamOntology - is used in Nepomuk-KDE. extension to RDF called Nepomuk Representational Language (NRL)3, which adds. Linking Semantic ...
Vouleutērion, Or A Practical Demonstration of ...
William Greenwood, 1675
You shall also enquire, if any assaults be committcd, whereby bloodshed ensuethro the disiurbance of the people of this Kingdome ctwhich are here enquirable. 1K.g.fb.1-. _\ . - 31. You shall fur-"ther enquire if any Xesam: were committed ...
Sri Ramacaritamanasa:
Tulasīdāsa, R.C. Prasad, 1999
'4 7.635335 363.53st $31463" mamammmma “0463:1314 -=3 'Afififi'AfiRRQmG- m, AYODHYAK_ AN, DA 7 “GREEK: means M6353 Na'lfiiaxw M6538: “fifififin'lu' lfifixa 745%“. muwssv/zm'Xesam *xee'aY/zuea'wm'x Qé'fi'li'xfi'fi WNQ-'i'iQ m I M ...
Intelligent Computing and Information Science: International ...
Ran Chen, 2010
... f(x)=XX|100(x, -x') + (x,-1)*] (-100,100) f(1) = 0 i=1 D -10,10)" Oy – f(x)=XIx - 10cos(2xx)+10) ( ) f;(0)=0 i=1 D D - -600,600)" Oy – f(x)=#Xx: -IIcose')+1 ( ) f(0)=0 i=1 i=1 Wi D D -32,32)" Oy – f (x)=–20exp(-0.2 (#) -exp'Xesam): 20+ e ( ) f (0) = 0 +,-, ...
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