Yellow Fluorescent Protein (YFP) is a genetic mutant of green fluorescent protein (GFP) originally derived from the jellyfish Aequorea victoria. Its excitation peak is 514 nm and its emission peak is 527 nm.
Like the parent GFP, YFP is a useful tool in cell and molecular biology thanks to its properties useful for fluorescence microscopy.
Three improved versions of YFP are Citrine, Venus, and Ypet. They have reduced chloride sensitivity, faster maturation, and increased brightness (defined as the product of the extinction coefficient and quantum yield). Typically, YFP serves as the acceptor for genetically-encoded FRET sensors of which the most likely donor FP is monomeric cyan fluorescent protein (mCFP). The red-shift relative to GFP is caused by a Pi-Pi stacking interaction as a result of the T203Y substitution introduced by mutation, which essentially increases the polarizability of the local chromophore environment as well as providing additional electron density into the chromophore.
"Venus" contains a novel amino acid substitution –F46L– which accelerates the oxidation of the chromophore at 37°C, the rate limiting step of maturation. The protein has other substitutions (F64L/ M153T/ V163A/ S175G), permitting Venus to fold well and giving it relative tolerance to acidosis and Cl-.

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YPet Sequence and Map - SnapGene
Yellow fluorescent protein optimized for FRET with CPet.
Addgene - YPET-GGA3 Plasmid Data
The fluorescent protein YPet was added to the amino terminus of amino acids 148-303 from GGA3. Vector backbone: pEF4-myc-HisA (Search Vector Database ) ...
Addgene - pBabe-Ypet-PBD Plasmid Data
Plasmid 24533: pBabe-YPet-PBD. Gene/insert name: ... Fusion protein or tag: YPet. Terminal: N terminal on insert. Vector backbone: pBabe-sin-tet-CMV-puro ...
Advances in fluorescent protein technology
Dec 15, 2007 ... Many of the cyan and yellow FP mutations introduced near the termini of the proteins resulted during the CYPet and YPet mutagenesis efforts ...
Experiment ~ ECFP/YPet is the best FRET pair for live cell imaging ...
Nov 5, 2008 ... ECFP/YPet is the best FRET pair for live cell imaging, however the high sensitivity replies on the dimerization of the fluorescent proteins.
YPET Spring 2012 | The Eastern Tibet Training Institute
Through its Spring 2012 Youth Pre-Employment Training (YPet) class, ETTI recruited, trained and graduated 28 students. The class comprised students from ...
Yellow fluorescent protein - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Three improved versions of YFP are Citrine, Venus, and YPet. They have reduced chloride sensitivity, faster maturation, and increased brightness (product of the ...
An experimental study of GFP-based FRET, with application to ...
We suspected that dimerization of the YPet–CYPet might be the problem, so we introduced the monomerizing mutation A206K (Zacharias et al. 2002), first in ...
FlyBase Recombinant Construct Report: P{UAS-YPEt-Zyx}
Symbol, P{UAS-YPet-Zyx}, FlyBase ID, FBtp0041103. Feature type, transgenic_transposon. Size, Expression data. Associated insertions, 0 available. Molecular ...
Evolutionary optimization of fluorescent proteins for intracellular ...
Feb 6, 2005 ... The resulting pair, CYPet-YPet, exhibited a 20-fold ratiometric FRET signal ... The CYPet-YPet energy transfer pair provides substantially ...
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Reviews in Fluorescence 2008
Reviews in Fluorescence 2008
Chris D. Geddes, 2010
The CYPetYPet pair enables generation of a wide variety of high FRET efficiency protease probes. ... The improved efficiency of CYPetYPet also extends the range of substrate lengths that can be used as linkers between the fluorescent ...
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Methods in bioengineering: systems analysis of biological networks
Methods in bioengineering: systems analysis of biological networks
A. Jayaraman, J. Hahn, 2009
Use EcoRI/BamHI digested and phosphatase treated pCYPet-YPet-N1 from step 13 of Section as the vector and the gel ... The end result of this step should be the final FRET construct, pCYPet-WWElk1-YPet-N1, which contains both ...
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Handbook of Single-molecule Biophysics
Handbook of Single-molecule Biophysics
Peter. Hinterdorfer, Antoine. Van Oijen, 2009
Nevertheless, YPet is superior for single-molecule imaging because it is the brightest YFP available, with a very high ... It was based on another bright YFP variant, Topaz [63], which was the brightest YFP before the appearance of YPet.
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The Attraction Factor - 4 Simple Yet Powerful Principles That Will Melt Any Man's Heart
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Fluorescent Proteins
Fluorescent Proteins
Kevin F. Sullivan, 2007
Development of an Indicator for a Protein–Protein Interaction Using CYPet and YPet Caspase-activated DNase (CAD) is ... To visualize the spatiotemporal pattern of CAD activation, we used the (GGGGS)3 linker to fuse CYPet and YPet with ...
Entwined with You: A Crossfire Novel (Crossfire Book 3)
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Illuminating Spatiotemporal Regulation of Cyclic AMP Signaling ...
Illuminating Spatiotemporal Regulation of Cyclic AMP Signaling ...
Lisa M. DiPilato, 2009
This pair, named CYPet and YPet, shows a 20- fold ratiometric FRET signal change and was designed for use in ... Upon incorporation into the ICUE design, CYPet-YPet ICUE (containing the ADEP- Epacl insert) exhibited a maximum percent ...
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