Upanayana is the initiation ritual by which initiates are invested with a sacred thread, to symbolize the transference of spiritual knowledge.

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14, Tulu, Brahmopadesha, Upanayana, Noola Madimme ಮುಂಜಿ,ನೂಲ ಮದಿಮ್ಮೆ, Yagnopaveeta ನಿವಾ. 15, Gujarati, Janoi જનોઈ, Yagnopavit
YAGNOPAVIT - rootshunt
Yagnopavit is a joint word made of two fragments - Yagna and Upvitam. Yagna means a sacrificial ceremony and Upvitam means sacred thread. Therefore ...
Yagnopavit is a joint word made of two fragments - Yagna and Upvitam. Yagna means a sacrificial ceremony and Upvitam means sacred thread.
"Yagnopavit". - Sanatan Mandir Cultural Centre
May 25, 2013 ... What we in Gujarat call "Janoi" is derived from the Sanskrit words "Upnayan" or "Yagnopavit". Yagnopavit is ajoint word made of two fragments ...
Shree Swaminarayan Temple Cardiff - Janoi Yagnopavit
Ghanshyam is now seven years old and it is time to give Him a 'Janoi' (sacred thread) or Yagnopavit. Dharmadev calls a learned Brahmin to find an auspicious  ...
Amazon.com : Janoi, Sacred Thread, Yagnopavit, Janeau (Pack of 4 ...
Amazon.com : Janoi, Sacred Thread, Yagnopavit, Janeau (Pack of 4) : Other Products : Everything Else.
Mekhal - Kashmiri Pandit's Association
Mekhal / Upanayana/ Yagnopavit. In the ancient times a child was initiated into the pursuit of secular knowledge (like astronomy, mathematics, metaphysics, ...
Yagnopavit - Marriage Cards
a Yagnopavit card with ganesh and batuk cutting depicted on the main card. .. ₹ 25.00. Add to Wish List. Add to Compare. Yagnopavit04. a ganesh threefold card  ...
Futurewinds: New Yagnopavit Dharan mantra - Blog Archive
Aug 17, 2008 ... Take the new Yagnopavit and chant these mantras "Aapo Hishtha!" and perform abhishekam with water on Yagnopavit. Chanta these mantra ...
Yagnopavit Sanskar Ceremony - Catching-A-Moment
Yagnopavit Sanskar Ceremony - Catching-A-Moment ... Yagnopavit Sanskar Ceremony. Spirituality. Yagnopavit Sanskar Ceremony. Slideshow Buy Photos.
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In Gujarat, the sacred thread is known as the "janoi." ... જનોઈ, Yagnopavit ... and Family Life, Wilfrid Laurier University Press, ISBN 978-1550581041, page 67 ...
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Janoi Edwards is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Janoi Edwards and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes  ...
Cristina Janoi | Babes-Bolyai University - Academia.edu
Jan 29, 2015 ... Cristina Janoi, Babes-Bolyai University, Geografie Umana si Turism Department, Faculty Member. Studies L'amour dure trois ans, ...
On Campus: Janoi Edwards & Kazim Habib - Young Liberals of ...
Sep 17, 2014 ... Meet Janoi, Kazim & Waterloo Young Liberals volunteers ... A big thanks and congratulations to the University of Waterloo Young Liberals!
Janoi Name Meaning & Janoi Family History at Ancestry.com
Source: Dictionary of American Family Names ©2013, Oxford University Press. 37 Historical Documents with Janoi on Ancestry: 18 Birth, Marriage, and Deaths ...
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Dev Sanskriti University · Dev Sanskriti University Foundation, Inc. All World Gayatri Pariwar - Hindi website · Akhand Jyoti Magazine · Free Books and Literature.
Yagnopavit - WOW.com
Dec 12, 2014 ... In Gujarat, the sacred thread is known as the "janoi. .... Death before dying: the Sufi poems of Sultan Bahu, University of California Press, 1998, ...
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Bhagwan Swaminarayan, 2006
The teachings of the shaastra include dharma, legal procedures, tyaagis, tap, and moksh. One of the eight shaastras accepted as trustworthy by Swaaminaaraayan Bhagvaan. Yagnopavit A sacred white thread, worn from the left shoulder to ...
Kashmiri Pandits: Looking to the Future
M. K. Kaw, 2001
Their religious temperament can be traced from the "Vanvuri which is a compulsory item to be sung on marriages and Yagnopavit. It begins with the prayer to God: Vll+dH. Jiftw ^RT* tfcrt The deep faith in religion can also be discerned from the ...
Culture and Political History of Kashmir
P. N. K. Bamzai, 1994
The oldest lady of the house does this, all the while repeating the phrase "shokh ta punasun" (happiness and more children). The Yagnopavit or sacred-thread ceremony is one of the most important ceremonies in the life of a Kashmiri Pandit.
Tribal Roots of Hinduism
Shiv Kumar Tiwari, 2002
Shiv Kumar Tiwari. 314 rribal Roots of Hinduism STRANGE DEITY STONE SCULPTURE (5th - 6th Cent. A.D.) Place. Fig. 11.1: A Tribal with Yagnopavit. Fig. 11.3: Contemporary Tribal Religious Art. Chapter 11 A Tribal with Yagnopavit.
Eve's Weekly
tomed to seeing girls on the stage. My primary task therefore was to help them appreciate merit and the quality of items." Ironically, the greatest opposition Savita encountered to her programmes was from her own father. Although a keen  ...
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What is the significance of Yagnopavit in the life of teenage boys? | Words of Sparsh
What is this special ritual named the Yagnopavit? This specific ritual is conducted in the Hindu religion for boys aged from the age of 9-10 years to about 15-16 years. The Yagnopavit is an occasion of extreme happiness for all those that are connected to the ritual. The ritual basically is conducted for teenage Hindu…
Yagnopavit | Brahmanarthay
Registration Form of Samuh Janoi Mahotsav by Samast Gujarati Brahm Samaj Vapi 2015 Registration Form of Samuh Janoi Mahotsav by Samast Gujarati Brahm Samaj Vapi 2015 Also take a look here: Samuh Vivah Samuh Yagnopavit, ….
Anant's Yagnopavit Sanskar - Janeau (Thread Ceremony)
Hi Friends & Family, I hope you all are planing your summer holidays and attending Anant's Mekhal/Janeau in Delhi on August 4 and 5th is part of it. I have added Wikipedia link for friends who do not the meaning and significance of the ceremony..
Futurewinds: New Yagnopavit Dharan mantra
New Yagnopavit Dharan Procedure--------------------------------After taking bath, sit on a clean mat/rug and do aachaman. Take the new Yagnopavit and chant these mantras "Aapo Hishtha!" and perform abhishekam with water on Yagnopavit.Chanta these mantra before wearing the Yagnopavit." Om Yagnopavitam Param Pavitram Prajpateryatsahajam Purastaat| Ayushya Magrayam Pratimushcharu Shubhram Yagnopavitam Balamastu Tejah|| Yagnopavitamasi Yagnyasya Tva Yagnopaviteno Panhamami"After chanting this mantra, wear the new Yagnopavit and atleast 20 times chant the "Gayatri Mantra".
lalkshminarayan's Blog Post: Yagnopavit
knramesh: Yagnopavit
Courtesy: Sri.Venganoor balakrishnaPower in the sacred threadApr 03, 2012 - Dr Venganoor BalakrishnanA yagyopavit is a sacred-thread traditionally worn by Hindus,especially by the Brahmins, and certain other castes.The yagyopavit sanskar is one of the 16 sanskars prescribed for theHindus. The Manusmriti says that a child's first birth is from thewomb of the mother and the second birth is when the yagyopavit is wornfor the first time.The yagyopavit sanskar isolates the fruits of the karmas of one'sprevious births and to start afresh with new account of good deeds.Manusmriti says that nobody is entitled to perform any other sanskarwithout having gone through the yagyopavit sanskar.After undergoing this sanskar, a boy becomes entitled to otherreligious rites.
BRAHMSENA: All Batuks Taking Yagnopavit.
...............bhavnagar brahmin event.
Lohanayuvakpragatimandal: LOHANA YUVAK PRAGATI MANDAL Rajkot-invites..for 45 Samuh Lagna, Yagnopavit & Mega Blood Donation Camp on 26-02-sunday at Race Course Ground Rajkot
Jay jalaram 45 th Samuh Lagna Yagno Pavit & Mega Blood Donation Camp By Lohana Yuvak Pragati Mandal Rajkot on dtd 26-2012 at Race Course Ground Rajkot; Yagnopavit Mandap Murhat 6.30 a.m. Kashi Yatra 9.15 a.m.
Upanayana Samskara for Girls – Janoi or Sacred Thread Ceremony for Women ~ Hindu Blog
Wearing of sacred thread, also known as Janoi, is mainly reserved for the Hindu males. Upanayana Samskara for girls and women is very rarely performed.