Yesoteric is a widely distributed, multi-volume bootleg compilation of music by the band Yes and other related artists which circulated beginning in the early 1990s among fans. It was initially distributed on cassettes, and later on CDs, and was often associated with the Yes fan newsletter Notes From the Edge.
With Rhino's official Yes CD re-releases surfacing in the early 2000s, followed by the release of the In A Word box set, much of the unreleased studio material was released as bonus tracks, in much higher quality, effectively negating the need for the existence of the Yesoteric set's studio material, though it still circulates largely due to the live material that exists in the "Chronicles" section of the collection.

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Yesoteric is a widely distributed, multi-volume bootleg compilation of music by the band Yes and other related artists which circulated beginning in the early ...
An Archeological Dig Through the Yesoteric Tapes -
I can hear readers who weren't fanatical Yes followers with internet access during the 1990s asking "What the heck is Yesoteric"? This page will seek to answer ...
Yesoteric Volume 1 "B-Sides And Remixes" (2CD) Studio Recordings * Yesoteric ... Yesoteric Volume 3 "Solos And Related Groups" (2CD) Studio Recordings ...!.htm
What ever happened to the material on 'Yesoteric'? - EUNOIA
The Yesoteric Tape collection was a most laudable effort started by fans, through the Notes From The Edge e-mail newsletter as a reaction to bootsellers, in an ...
Solos And Related
Yesoteric, the "official unofficial" source for Yes bootleg material, showcased a variety of solo pre-Yes tracks on its third installment. The absence of any Jon ...
ABWH & Asia
Yesoteric Volume Two, as the above listing suggests, is devoted to rare tracks by Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe and Asia. Although some of the ABWH ...
Yessolo 1
For the eleventh volume of the Yesoteric series, Jeremy Weissenberger compiled an assortment of solo pieces by various Yes members. Some of these pieces ...
Yesoteric collection [Archive] - The place for YES ...
Hey, I have the Yesoteric collection, and I am about to copy it to my computer. Is it still a no no to trade this? My version consists of 24 tapes and ...
Yesoteric's stream on SoundCloud - Hear the world's sounds
Yesoteric. Play. Alternative\ Rock · Habilitate. Posted 1 year ago1 year. This playlist has no tracks yet. Like Playlist Repost Playlist Share. 1 like1. 1. The World  ...
10 Yesoteric: Styvyn: MP3 Downloads
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