Crustaceans may pass through a number of larval and immature stages between hatching from their eggs and reaching their adult form. Each of the stages is separated by a moult, in which the hard exoskeleton is shed to allow the animal to grow. The larvae of crustaceans often bear little resemblance to the adult, and there are still cases where it is not known what larvae will grow into what adults. This is especially true of crustaceans which live as benthic adults (on the sea bed), but where the larvae are planktonic and therefore more easily caught.
Many crustacean larvae were not immediately recognised as larvae when they were discovered, and were described as new genera and species. The names of these genera have become generalised to cover specific larval stages across wide groups of crustaceans, such as zoea and nauplius. Other terms described forms which are only found in particular groups, such as the glaucothoe of hermit crabs, or the phyllosoma of slipper lobsters and spiny lobsters.

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Zoea - Definition and More from the Free…
Definition of Zoea: a free-swimming planktonic larval form of many decapod crustaceans and especially crabs that has a relatively large cephalothorax, conspicuous ...
zoea - definition of zoea by the Free Online Dictionary, Thesaurus ...
n. pl. zo·e·ae (- ) or zo·e·as. A larval form of crabs and other decapod crustaceans , characterized by one or more spines on the carapace and rudimentary limbs ...
Crustacean larvae - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The genus Zoea was initially described by Louis Augustin Guillaume Bosc in 1802 for an animal now known to be the larva of a crab. The Zoea stage (plural: ...
Zoea | Define Zoea at Dictionary.com
any of the free-swimming larva of certain crustaceans, as the crab, having rudimentary legs and a spiny carapace. Origin: 1820–30; < Neo-Latin, equivalent to ...
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Aquascope|Facts|Zoea larvae - Vattenkikaren
Appearance: Crab Zoea larvae have a strong and almost spherical carapace to which the legs it uses for swimming are attached. Legs are absent on the long ...
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The first zoea of Porcellana / by WK Brooks and EB Wilson.
The first Zoea of Porcellana / by W.K. Brooks and E. B. Wilson. ... Publication info. Baltimore, MD :Johns Hopkins University,1883. 1883 ...
[PDF]On the First Zoea of Lauridromia indica (Gray, 1831), with an ... - Jstor
and samples of the Zoeae have been deposited in the Zo- ological Reference Collection of the Raffles Museum, Na- tional University of Singapore (ZRC ...
ofZoology, Duke University,Durham, NC 27706. AisTRAcr. Zoea larvae of the estuarine crab Rhithropanopeus harrisii were maintained in constant conditions ...
This Zoea of a porcelain crab (Petrolisthes eriomerus, 3 mm in length) is well ... The Zoea uses its first two pairs of thoracic appendages, the maxillipeds, to swim, ...
[PDF]The First Zoeas of Actaeodes hirsutissimus (Riippell, 1830) and A ...
*Faculty ofMarine Sciences, King Abdulaziz University,. Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. ABS,RACr. The first Zoea of Actaeodeshirsutissimus (Riippell. 1830) is described.
[PDF]Zoeal Morphology of the Sesarmine Crab, Helice leachi (HESS ...
a student of Y. Nakasone of the University of the Ryukyus, engaged in a study of the biology of H. leachi there, and attempted to rear the Zoeal larvae. His rearing ...
[PDF]First zoeal stages of Epigrapsus politus Heller, E. notatus ( Heller ...
‡Department of Life Science, National Tsing Hua University, Hsinchu,. Taiwan ... A series of typical morphological features is proposed for the Zoea larvae of this ...
Details - The first zoea of Porcellana / by WK Brooks and EB Wilson.
The first Zoea of Porcellana / by W.K. Brooks and E. B. Wilson. ... Publication info. Baltimore, MD :Johns Hopkins University,1883. 1883 ...
University of the Philippines Visayas
Ingestion of Brachionus and Artemia nauplii by Zoea larvae of Charybdis feriatus ... College of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences, University of the Philippines in the ...
Morphology of Coenophthalmus tridentatus first zoea (Crustacea ...
Zoea I morphology is described for the first time and compared with known Zoeae of other portunid species. © Oxford University Press 2004; all rights reserved ...
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The Biology of Squat Lobsters
The Biology of Squat Lobsters
Gary Poore, Shane Ahyong, Joanne Taylor, 2011
Table 4.2: Comparison of number of Zoeal stages, mode of feeding, duration of Zoeal stages and corresponding rearing temperatures No of Zoeal Duration Rearing Species Feeding mode stages (days) temperature (°C) Reference Family ...
Scientific Investigations
Scientific Investigations
Scotland. Fishery Board, 1904
52. Fig, £3. Fig. 54. Fig. 55. Fit;. 5R. PLATE I. All the Figures are of the First Zoea. ... Abdomen, 5th joint, Zoea, second stage, ventral view, Propodite and daetylopodite joints of the fourth pereiopod, Zoea first stage, . . . . Telson, Zoea, third stage, ...
Larvae of Anomuran and Brachyuran Crabs of North Carolina: A Guide ...
Larvae of Anomuran and Brachyuran Crabs of North Carolina: A Guide ...
Stephan Gregory Bullard, 2003
stage III and IV Zoeae appear to be relatively short compared to those of stage I and II Zoeae: it is possible that this is due to laboratory rearing ... Zoea IV: With 9 swimming setae on maxilliped 1 and 1 1 swimming setae on maxilliped 2. Total of ...
Annual Report of the Fishery Board for Scotland for the Year Ended
Annual Report of the Fishery Board for Scotland for the Year Ended
Fishery Board for Scotland, 1905
Abdomen, Zoea, first stage, ventral view, jr=ganglion, Abdomen, 2nd and 3rd joints, Zoea, first stage, side view, ... Abdomen, 5th joint, Zoea, second stage, ventral view, Propodite and dactylopodite joints of the fourth pereiopod, Zoea first stage, ...
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so the packing pompom crab dropped a ton of larvae last night and tonight the skunk cleaner shrimp dropped a ton of shrimplets. Didn't think the shrimp produced miniature clones, thought they had a larval stage too. Really sucks cause I thought the shrimp had a larval stage so didn't bother much when I saw the female shrimp berried up. well guess what I read was wrong cause the look like miniature shrimp to me.
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The carapace needs to get thicker and we’re still missing all the feeding appendages and hairs and whatnot….
Invertebrate Embryology: Zoea larva of a brachyuran crab
Among plankton sampled on April 16, 2011 by our Embryology class, I found a few crustacean larvae in the Zoea stage. The top picture is a regular bright-field photomicrograph, and the bottom one is a dark-field image.
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